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Can drinking help you have a longer life?
During a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science a study was presented that shows how moderate drinking can lead to longer life.

A team from University of California has been studying people who live until their 90s since 2003. They asked about the people's dietary habits, medical history ... continue reading
Trump endorses the dumbest and worst candidate in history
Trump has just endorsed Mitt Romney for senate seat in Utah, the man he called the dumbest and worst candidate in history during the 2016 presidential campaign. Can't the man just make up his mind?

He tweeted ".@MittRomney has announced he is running for the Senate from the wonderful State of Utah. He will make a gr... continue reading
Trump hopes Oprah will run for president to ridicule her
Another day, another Tweet. Same Trump. The latest tweet comes as a response to Oprah's statements in 60 Minutes.

She said "One year into Donald Trump's presidency, Americans remain divided, often unwilling to listen to what the other side has to say," while introducing a panelist. She also asked a few questions Tru... continue reading
Iranian plane with 65 people on board still not found
The Aseman Airlines plane that disappeared from radar screens yesterday is still lost, rescue teams are yet to find it. The plane got lost yesterday 50 minutes after the start of its journey from Tehran to Yasuj. The plane most likely went down in the mountains which makes it difficult to find the wreckage.

The temp... continue reading
Travel to Egypt: Things that will surprise you
Visiting Egypt is a journey to a magnificent past and to a complex but captivating culture. This Middle-Eastern and African country has had one of the most interesting civilizations in history. Its essence can still be felt today when stopping by its ancient sites or navigating in the Nile.

Tourism is crucial to Eg... continue reading
Mitt Romney to run for a U.S. Senate seat in Utah
While no official announcements have yet been made, according to sources familiar with Romney's plans, the former presidential nominee will be running for a US senate seat in Utah.

His official announcement was expected on Thursday but it has been postponed because of the school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead... continue reading
Which Hell's Kitchen Will Turn Up at Cheltenham Festival?
Hell's Kitchen will be aiming to bounce back from a disappointing performance in his last outing at the Chanelle Pharma Handicap Chase. Harry Fry's charge was considered the favourite for the event, but pulled up towards the end of the meet.

Despite his failure, the bay gelding's team will be eyeing Cheltenham Festi... continue reading
Trump's attorneys worried Trump might lie under oath
This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone anymore, but if your own attorneys can't trust you to tell the truth just for an hour, you know you've got a problem. According to The New York Times President Donald Trump's attorneys are trying to avoid the Trump's interview with Mueller as they are afraid he would lie unde... continue reading
World's Last Climate Denier claims ice caps are at record levels
Donald Trump, a man from the movie Idiocracy (or might as well be), the man who's still stuck with climate change being a hoax spread by China idea, now claims not only that the climate change is a hoax and ice caps are not melting, but also that they are actually now setting records levels.

In an interview with Pie... continue reading
$24 million for refrigerators? Only for Air Force One
Air Force One will be receiving upgrades and replacements for refrigerators that are expected to cost American taxpayers nearly $24 million.

Air Force spokesman said that "The current rear lower lobe cold chiller units being replaced are the original commercial equipment delivered with the aircraft in 1990. The uni... continue reading
2018 Cheltenham Gold Cup tips - Might Bite destined for further Cheltenham success
When discussing the Cheltenham Festival, the Gold Cup is usually the first sub-topic that springs to mind. National Hunt racing's showpiece event has been won by many of the sport's most famous figures and this years' renewal promises to be just as exciting, just as unpredictable and just as spectacular as the history ... continue reading
Trump says citizenship for Dreams is possible
Trump is now agreeing that young immigrants brought to United States as children should have a pathway to citizenship. Or so one might think. As with everything else in case of this guy, there's a catch, or $25 billion plus some. As Superbious reports, Trump has given Dems a ransom note.

Trump said that he'd give th... continue reading
Survey: Most Americans support legalized abortion
While the issue of abortion still seems to be sort of taboo in the United States of 45, according to Pew Research Center 57% of Americans are supportive of legal abortion. The number varies depending on which religious group was asked. Among atheists, which could be called sort of a religion as well, the support is 87%... continue reading
Chelsea Manning to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland
Chelsea Manning has filed her candidacy to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland, challenging Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin in this year's election. She'll be running as a democrat.

She declared her intentions a week ago with the Federal Election Commission. She has not openly talked about here Senate campaign much yet, but she... continue reading
US firm to launch "no find, no fee" search for MH370
A private tech company Ocean Infinity has just landed a contract with the Malaysian government to search for the flight MH370 that went missing in March 2014. The contract is "no-find, no-fee" which means that if the company is unable to find the plane, they won't get paid.

The company will only get paid should the... continue reading
Another totally unqualified person is considering running for president
Oprah Winfrey, known most by getting his guests to cry in her show, is allegedly considering running for president of the United States according to CNN, channel that spoke to two of her friends.

While no definite decision has been made, this sounds like Trump's win has really made everyone think they could become t... continue reading
Has the world really found its true Genius?
"Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart," adding that he "would qualify as not smart, but genius ... and a very stable genius at that!" Who the self-proclaimed genius is, can be found from the movie Idiocracy, or near the red button.

His statemen... continue reading
Most UK parties want second Brexit referendum
While only 14 percent of Conservatives are in favor of holding a second Brexit vote, the other main parties are hugely in favor of it. To put it in numbers, 91 percent of Liberal Democrats are for it, 87 percent of Scottish National party, and 78 percent of Labour party. At least these are the results based on YouGov s... continue reading
Victim Surcharge: Everything You Need to Know about the Penalty
Let's begin with a clear definition of what a victim surcharge entails.

A victim surcharge is a monetary penalty that offenders must pay when they are sentenced. This penalty is imposed automatically, and the money collected from the offenders is used to help the victims of crimes through specific programs or servic... continue reading
2017 was the safest year in aviation history
According to The Aviation Safety Network 2017 was the safest year in aviation history, with total of 10 fatal airliner accidents with 44 onboard fatalities. Out of which nobody died in a commercial jet accident.

In 2016 there were 16 accidents and 303 fatalities.

We're now at day 400 with no passenger jet liner ... continue reading
What If Your Sports Injury Was Due To An Intentional Attempt To Cause Harm?
When you play sports, you do so with the awareness of the risk that you can get hurt. That's just a part of playing sports. But being accidentally injured on the ball field is much different from having another player intentionally do something to harm you. The difference between an accident where no one is responsible... continue reading
Lanzarote Weather: A complete guide of what the weather is really like
Lanzarote and the other Canary Islands are described as having the "World's best climate." and that claim is probably true. They do not suffer from any extremes of weather and the winters are like the warmest British or Irish summer days. During the summer, they rarely suffer from the stifling heat, which you can find ... continue reading
How well do you really know your Christmas songs?
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And we are all over that bad boy! We could not be more excited about the prospect of chowing down on mince pies, washing it down with a hearty helping of mulled wine, visiting family and friends and generally having a jolly ole time.

If you're anything like us then you ha... continue reading
Musk's mega-battery activated, in 60 days
In September Musk made a bet on Twitter, saying that he can solve the power problem in South Australia in 100 days, or it will be built free of charge to the state. The countdown to 100 days started on September 30. Now, after just 60 days, the project has been completed.

The 100-megawatt battery, three times more p... continue reading
The Best Android Games to Play Right Now
Android smartphones and tablets dominate the market, and Android games are hot property ahead of the Christmas season. The sheer variety of exciting Android games currently available is overwhelming. It's possible to enjoy any number of genres, styles, and themes with these stellar games. We've compiled a listing of th... continue reading
Bali Airport closed due to volcano eruption
Indonasian authorities have closed Bali's airport due to erupting volcano. Tens of thousands od travelers are stranded.

Yesterday, while there were already ash clouds affecting the air travel, it was still possible to use the airport, but today it's gotten too dangerous for the aircrafts as the ashes from Mount Agun... continue reading
Travel tips and advice for first time Cuba trips
Cubа іѕ a trulу unіquе рlасе. No оthеr country gіvеѕ ѕuсh a ѕtrоng 'tіmе warp' fееlіng, іnvіtіng tоurіѕtѕ tо ѕtе ... continue reading
Elon Musk to help get Puerto Rico's Lights Back on?
Elon musk tweeted on Thursday that Tesla can help Puerto Rico with a long-term solution in getting the island's lights back on, by rebuilding Puerto Rico's electrical grid which was devastated by the recent hurricanes, specifically hurricane Maria, which struck on Sept. 20.

He tweeted that "The Tesla team has done t... continue reading
When Anti-abortion congressman urges mistress to get an abortion
Post-Gazette reported that a Pennsylvania Republican who's always been anti-abortion, as his voting record confirms, told his mistress to get an abortion. The messages proving that were obtained by the Post-Gazette. The Republican congressman in question is Tim Murphy.

The woman, for a reason, accused Murphy of hypo... continue reading
Jared Kushner did Hillary Clinton?
Jared Kushner's lawyer acknowledged on Sunday that Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, did Hillary Clinton, in the sense that....he used his personal email account when conducting official government business.

The news of Kushner's private email account use was first reported by Politico, followed by the lawyer's statemen... continue reading
Fun games to play on the Internet for free!
With autumn sadly loitering just around the corner, it's time to accept that soon we'll all be snuggling up inside the house - just waiting for Christmas to arrive! Fortunately your fun and games doesn't have to end just because the seasons are about to change - there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself in the com... continue reading
One Week in Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, at 6.5 million residents is Malaysia's federal capital and largest city. Think of it as a giant cultural melting pot. As you can imagine a city that large has no shortage of things to see and places to go, so if you're in the area and can find a cheap air ticket, this is definitely a travel destination no... continue reading
Hollywood stars raise more than $14m for hurricane victims
Hollywood stars held a one-hour televised benefit on Tuesday to raise money for hurricane Harvey and Irma victims. By the time the show was over, they had raised $14.5 million for the victims.

During the show the stars were singing and telling heartwarming survival stories. Some of the stars were on set, some of the... continue reading
Good news for smokers? Moving every half an hour is healthy
According to a new research, if you're sitting for long periods of time, exercise is not enough to avoid health risks. Instead, regular movement is needed, once every half an hour is perfect. Moving at least every half an hour should be enough to limit the health effects of jobs requiring to sit all day.

Based on th... continue reading
Finest online gaming technology
Most online casino gaming companies will only use the finest online gaming technology. It can be difficult for a lot of people to see all of the work that goes into the design of online casino games today. Many of these games are just the sorts of products that reflect countless hours of work and a lot of money. People... continue reading
Children living near fast food joints more likely to get obese
Researchers from the University of the West of England conducted a study tracking the weight of more than 1500 primary school students aged 4-11 to see if the distance to the nearest fast food joint has any effect on children's weight. And surprise, surprise, it does. The study 'revealed' that children living near fas... continue reading
Can a computer tell if you're gay?
It seems it can, and with up to 91% accuracy, if you were to believe Stanford University researchers Yilun Wang and Michal Kosinski, people who developed an AI that used deep neural networks to extract features from around 35k facial images and classified them by sexual orientation.

Compared to human judges of faci... continue reading
Why Is Social Media Important to CEOs?
Many people believe CEOs are the people who boss others around while they sit in their luxury offices drinking whisky and, to some extent, they are. However, CEOs are also hardworking individuals who don't get to where they are without being faced with numerous obstacles along the way. CEOs oversee decision making and ... continue reading
The Justice Department confirms Trump lied
The Justice Department says nobody cared enough about Trump to bug Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential election.

The Justice Department's court filing late Friday confirms that they don't have any evidence whatsoever that Trump Tower has been a target of Obama's surveillance during the 2016 presidential electi... continue reading
The Worst Religious Charlatans
People should be wary of religious charlatans, those colorful, flamboyant, and deceiving characters, who are leading millions of people deliberately speed straight down to hell (that is a good way of putting it, right?). Religious charlatans are today's most popular televangelists and ministers. They are practicing the... continue reading
Google is paying $3 billion a year to be Safari's Default Search Engine
While the number can't be confirmed, Google might be paying $3 billion a year to Apple to be Safari browser's default search engine.

Although most of the time the two tech giants seem to be big competitors, in case of the default search engine choice, the companies seem to be working together. According to reports,... continue reading
Enormous Asteroid Florence to fly by Earth Earth Sept. 1
Enormous Asteroid named Florence will be flying past Earth on September 1. It's the largest object ever to pass Earth since NASA started tracking the asteroids flying past us.

While in layman's terms the asteroid isn't that big, measuring only 4.4 kilometers (2.7. miles) across, it's big enough that if it would col... continue reading
Secret Service to run out of money to protect Trump Sept. 30
Based on a statement by Secret Service on Monday, they will be running out of money to protect Trump on September 30. Director Randolph "Tex" Alles said that "The Secret Service estimates that roughly 1,100 employees will work overtime hours in excess of statutory pay caps during calendar year 2017. To remedy this ongo... continue reading
The Golfing Handicap System: What is It?
"Don't forget about my handicap!" - you've probably heard this term bandied about in golfing terms, but don't have the slightest idea what it could mean. You may have played golf for little while and but have been too chicken to ask what it means, or you've yet to try your first game but you may have overheard a friend... continue reading
As Business Advisory Councils members quit, Trump says it was his decision to dissolve the councils
Another day, still the same Trump. As members of Trump's Business Councils quit, both from Manufacturing Council and Strategic and Policy Forum, Trump tweeted that "Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all!" As if it was h... continue reading
Daniel Craig to return as James Bond
Daniel Craig has confirmed the rumors that he will be returning to the cinema as James Bond. It will be his fifth Bond film and it's expected to be in cinemas November 8, 2019. The previous Bond movies he played the secret agent (read more on - how to spot a spy) were Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Sola... continue reading
Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Go for Healthy Snacks
Having a healthy snack in between meals is an effective way to get the additional nutrients in your diet. Snacking also prevent you from overeating when having your regular meal. Most Americans get an average of 24% of their calories each day from snack food. This is a big amount, thus it is crucial to choose healthy s... continue reading
Scientists discover 91 new volcanoes
Scientists have just discovered 91 new volcanoes, volcanoes that they previously didn't know existed. The new volcanoes were identified in West Antarctica. Together with the previously known 47 volcanoes, this means it's the region with the largest concentration of volcanoes on Earth.

All of the "new" volcanoes were... continue reading
Netflix signs Shonda Rhimes
The brain behind TV series such as Scandal and Grey's Anatomy has decided to leave ABC Studios after 15 years and join forces with Netflix. She has just signed a multi-year production deal with the streaming company.

Ted Sarandos from Netflix said that "Her work is gripping, inventive, pulse-pounding, heart-stopping... continue reading
Manafort's home raided by FBI
Washington Post reports that on the night of July 26 FBI agents raided the home of Paul Manafort, the former campaign chairman of President Trump. During the raid the agents seized a number of documents related to the investigation of Russian meddling of the presidential election campaign.

According to the warrant, ... continue reading
New blow to Trump: The climate change is real. Still.
Trump has been in the opposition of climate change since the beginning of time...well, pretty much. Although, let's be honest, he's not really been in the opposition, he simply doesn't believe in it (then again, he does seem to believe in the little green man governing Earth). When talking about climate change, or glob... continue reading
Getting started with E-sports betting
The past couple of years, eSports have been a very hot topic to discuss as the industry is rapidly growing and seems to have no stop to it. While some see limitations, others claim that competitive video games will replace traditional sports in the future. Only time will tell if this is the reality we're facing or not,... continue reading
Britain needs 3000 more border guards
According to a senior union official Britain currently isn't able to guard their borders against migrants properly, and need at least 3000 more Border Force guards by the time Brexit happens.

Lucy Moreton from the Borders, Immigration and Customs Union said that right the Border Force is understaffed, and that they ... continue reading
The lazy man's guide to grooming
Whether we like it or not, there are grooming rituals that every man needs to carry out to look smart and presentable. But if you have a busy schedule and can't find the time, or you're just plain lazy, you might not think you have the time for a bit of self care. We're here to help even the most bone idle men stay fee... continue reading
Seattle opens up its doors to the biggest esports tournament ever
Yesterday marked the beginning of the biggest ever esports tournament.

Taking place at the Key Arena in Seattle, The International 2017 (TI17) has one of the biggest prize pools, not just in esports history but also in sporting history.

With a main event final prize pool of $23,285,768, the winning team will take... continue reading
Anthony Scaramucci out after just 10 days
Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci, an American financier and political figure, who sort of took over Sean Spicer's job on July 21, has been forced out of the building, with no real chance of return.

"Anthony Scaramucci will be leaving his role as White House Communications Director. Mr. Scaramucci felt it was best to g... continue reading
US to cut nicotine level in cigarettes?
A proposal by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was unveiled on Friday. The government proposes cutting nicotine level in cigarettes to non-addictive.

The Big Tobacco is obviously not too happy about the proposal, shares of all the major tobacco companies in both the US and UK fell heavily after the news came o... continue reading
The first challenger to Trump in 2020 - US Rep. John Delaney of Maryland
US Rep. John Delaney of Maryland has just announced that he'll be running for president in 2020. John Delaney is a Democrat who has served in Maryland three terms, as a former banker he's (one of) the wealthiest members in Congress.

He said on Friday that he won't be running for re-election next year, but instead wi... continue reading
A group of Republicans ask for a new special counsel to investigate Clinton
As a group of Republicans wants a separate special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton and James Comey, maybe Democrats should get back to investigating former president George W. Bush and consider handing him over to ICC.

Twenty Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee have asked the Justice Departme... continue reading
Rod Stewart paid travel costs for kids with disabilities
The singer Rod Stewart paid the travel cost for children with disabilities so that they could go to DC to protest Medicaid cuts.

Three weeks ago the parents of the kids had chartered a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to go to Washington. However, the cost of the trip was $30 000 and they had only managed to raise as little... continue reading
Stephen Colbert to produce a Trump show
Stephen Colbert and the network it will be running on have announced that they'll be producing and animated series about Donald Trump, the president. It will be a half-hour long animated series and it will be running on Showtime.

"The fresh, cutting-edge comedy will present the truish adventures of Trump's confidant... continue reading
Court orders Apple to pay $506 million to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
U.S. District Court Judge William Conley just ordered Apple to pay $506 million to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation for patent infringement. Around half of the money, $234 million of it is actually owed by Apple from a different verdict back in 2015.

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation or in short, WARF, is... continue reading
TSA announces new rules that have been in place in Europe for ages
The Transportation Security Administration has just announced a change in the way electronics bigger than a phone are checked at airports. Specifically, they need to be put in a separate bin when going through airport screening. They say that it's part of an effort to strengthen screening procedures for carry-on luggag... continue reading
Former GOP megadonor disgusted with Trump and the Republicans following him
Former GOP megadonor, Mike Fernandez, has now spent more than a year to try to wake the Republicans up, spending millions of dollars for ads against the man. While he used to be a huge supporter of GOP, he left supporting the club because of Trump.

I am out of the political process. Too disgusted, too expensive, too... continue reading
A look into the new Canadian weed law
Canada is set to have a new cannabis law in place by no later than July 2018. While it's legal already now to buy weed online in Canada, at least when we talk about medical marijuana through authorized distributors, the new law will also make dispensaries legal and much more.

The proposed new Cannabis Act is going t... continue reading
Top Tips For Starting Your Own Business
If you are looking to start your own business, there are a million and one things that seem to crop up and many obstacles that need to be overcome. With more and more people owning their own business, competition can be fierce. You will hear people giving you completely contradictory advice and searching the internet i... continue reading
Building your own man cave (without getting in trouble)
Man cave's (or mantuary's, the criminally underused alternative) are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. According to recent studies, spending time alone is beneficial to men's stress levels, which means creating your very own space in the home is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day! If you... continue reading
2240-square-mile Iceberg just broke off of Antarctica
The iceberg, roughly 20 times bigger than the tiny island of Malta (population roughly 500 000) has just broken off of Antarctica. It happened within the past few days.

While the iceberg doesn't pose any immediate threat to sea levels, it's a huge one - weighing around 1 trillion tons. Scientists have been monitorin... continue reading
How To Give Up Social Smoking for Summer
We've all been there, when it comes to summertime and the sun comes out you'll find that you're down the pub more than you're at your own home - it's understandable, we never see any sun for all the other months of the year! A habit you do not want to be getting into, however, is socially smoking.

It's tempting to ... continue reading
Chinese moon experiment starts now
Four Beijing University student have just started a 200-day experiment of living inside a self-sustainable space station. Although the space station is located just in the suburbs of Beijing, the environment they will be living in should be very close to the one potentially located on moon one day. China hopes to land ... continue reading
How Much Is Your Life Like a TV Show?
TV shows are made to be either extremely relatable to real life, or extreme opposites. But in a media world based on product placement, relatability is key. And leaving aside the commercial aspect of TV series, being able to relate to characters can be quite an amazing experience.
Sitcoms are the best possibl... continue reading
More than 100 killed in Chicago during Fourth of July weekend
According to Chicago Police Department the city of Chicago experienced the most violent Fourth of July weekend with at least fifteen people killed and 86 people wounded.

"The mood here is frustration," said chief police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

The Department is now conducting a comprehensive review. In 2013 ... continue reading
Volvo says good bye to pure internal combustion engines
The Volvo Car Group has just announced that starting from 2019 all of their new cars will be fully electric, or hybrid.

The Swedish car-maker has decided that none of their new models that will be launched from 2019 will be powered purely by the internal combustion engine, making the company the first major automak... continue reading
41 states said no to Kobach's request to release voter data
According to CNN, more than 80% of the states have said no to Kobach's request to release the voter data which, among other things, includes the names, addresses, party affiliations as well as voting record since 2006. After Trump's administration receives the data, the data would be made public.

Although 41 states ... continue reading
Why you should avoid signing into apps using your social media accounts
When deciding to create a new account in some old or new social media app, we are usually offered multiple options for the new account creation and login - either manual sign up and log in, or you can sing up/log in through one of your social media accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google, or anything else. Using your... continue reading
Germany legalises same-sex marriages
Germany has just legalised same-sex marriage after a majority of German MPs voted for legalising it. This new law will give gay men and women full marital rights as well as the permission to adopt children. Up until now same-sex couples had the chance to form a civil union.

According to a recent poll in Germany, 83%... continue reading
Trump's voter-fraud commission wants your info and make it public
Trump and his voter-fraud commission has sent a letter to all 50 states asking for their full voter-roll data. The data they are asking would include the name of the voter, the address, date of birth, party affiliation, and of course, voting history since 2006 for every voter.

And while you're at it, maybe you want ... continue reading
Have you ever thought about buying life insurance?
No. This story is not about life insurance. In general it has actually nothing to do with life insurance. But then again it sort of does. And weed.

Around ten years ago we went to Morocco with a friend, but on our way back, we realised that we hadn't been the smartest crayons in the box. While we did manage to buy v... continue reading
A few memories from travelling to Morocco
A few years ago we decided to go travelling, somewhere, didn't really matter where as long as it was a warm destination and ideally wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg to get there. Our decision ended up being Morocco. My mate from uni who I was travelling with, had been there before, and before getting there he gave me ... continue reading
NASA to provide proof of alien life?
According to the hacker network Anonymous, NASA is about to provide evidence of alien life.

Anonymous made a video announcement talking about the recent discovery of 219 new planets outside our Solar System and Thomas Zurbuchen's (NASA) statement in April which said that "Taking into account all of the different act... continue reading
Of faith and religion
Religion, it's a strange thing. So many people find comfort in it while others use it to justify their cruel actions. Lately, for obvious reasons, there's lots of talk about the cruelty of Islam as opposed to Christianity. Let's get one thing straight, while there might not be the same amount of call to cruelty against... continue reading
Change the World with a Biomedical Engineering Degree
Have you always wanted to change the world for the better? If so, then why not consider getting your master of engineering in biomedical engineering degree? Today, we are going to learn how this degree is helping to change the world in several different ways.

Non-Invasive Biopsy for Skin Cancer Detection
If yo... continue reading
Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico
The city of San Juan was founded in 1509 as a walled city protected by multiple forts. Due to it's strategic location it was considered the Gibraltar of the West Indies and over the course of history withstood multiple attacks both from the Dutch and British. Today it is an amazing city and the perfect base for a Puert... continue reading
Weed can be good but there's a time and place for everything
If you like to puff every once in a while, why not, especially if you live in a place where it is legalised. I personally love the smell of it. And of course, if it's good weed, it's sometimes nice to smoke as well, but there's a time and place for everything, same as with alcohol.

In United States recreational mari... continue reading
Gun violence in America kills 1200 times more people than terrorists
Lately there's lots of talk about the Muslim threat, Muslim terrorists and everything related. While there understandably is a problem, a problem that needs to be dealt with, people, especially people at the top like Donald Trump, seem to forget to look at the number of people killed by Muslim terrorists and compare it... continue reading
Russia to treat U.S. planes as targets
Followed by Americans shooting down a Syrian government fighter jet yesterday, Russia's defence ministry says they will treat all U.S. and U.S.-led coalition planes in Syria (west of the Euphrates River) as targets.

The (current) conflict started when it was confirmed by U.S. military that they shot down a Syrian j... continue reading
Castro government: US is in no 'condition to lecture us' on human rights
After Donald Trump announced on Friday that he is reversing the Obama administration's plans to normalize relations with Cuba, Cuba's government answered that United States shouldn't be lecturing Cuba on human rights, based on the country's own record on the issue.

Trump is working hard to undo the progress that has... continue reading
65.6 million people are displaced worldwide
According to UN refugee agency, there are now roughly 150 times more people displaced in the world than there are people in the tiny nation of Malta. The number of people in Malta is roughly 440 000 while the number of displaced people (refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced people) is 65.6 million, up 300k f... continue reading
Fox News is not "Fair and Balanced" any more
"Fair and Balanced" used to be the slogan of Fox News, set around the time the station was founded back in 1996. Last year Fox News quietly chose to let the slogan go and switch it with the new one. The new slogan - "Most Watched. Most Trusted".

While every thinking person can understand that Fox News has never been... continue reading
Don't have a fever while pregnant (study)
According to a study, the risk of having a baby with autism can increase remarkably if you have a fever during your pregnancy, especially during the second trimester.

The study was published this week by Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. The researchers observed children in Norway between 1999 ... continue reading
US against Qatar but not its Money
Last week, after Qatar's neighbours broke diplomatic ties as well as trade and transportation with the country due to its support of terrorism, Trump was happy with the move, saying that it's "the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!" On Friday Trump actually accused Qatar of being a "high-level" sponsor of... continue reading
Youtube "star" Austin Jones likes them young
Youtube pop singer Austin Jones is being held in jail in Chicago after he was charged with child pornography. Allegedly he coerced two 14-year old fans to send him sexually explicit videos of themselves. Jones was charged on two felony counts of production of child pornography, and if convicted, each of those counts ca... continue reading
Why is STEM Education So Important?
It takes careers and backgrounds of all sorts to make our hectic world and economy spin. Every year, countless millions of people enter the workforce with a variety of skill-sets and professional preferences, but not all career fields are currently benefiting from increased college attainment rates.

The fields of s... continue reading
Top tips for setting up your own website
Thanks to a number of incredibly intuitive tools and sites that feature web-based programming there has never been a better time to get your very own website setup in next to no time at all.

No longer is it a necessity to seek out the skills and expertise of a professional web developer, thanks to an incredible arr... continue reading
3 shocking ways people steal your information
Despite chips in credit cards and other precautions, identity theft remains on the rise. According to the Insurance Information Institute, identity theft cost consumers $15.3 billion in 2015 and affected 13.1 million Americans. In 2016, those numbers jumped to $16 billion in losses and 15.4 million compromised consumer... continue reading
How will technology be used in the future?
Technology has been progressing at an alarming rate. Just 30 years ago nobody had a cell phone and now people are taking their travel photos with flying drones!

How will technology be used in the upcoming future? One of the greatest minds of our time, Elon Musk, seems to have a few predictions for the coming years ... continue reading
Last Chance to See - natural wonders that might not be around forever...
It's a heartbreaking fact that many of the planet's most beautiful natural habitats are threatened by human activity. Many of them face complete annihilation and may well not be around for our grandchildren to enjoy. Here are some of the top spots to enjoy (responsibly!) while you still have the chance.

Snowcapped... continue reading
The need to win feeds British betting industry
Even though the betting scene has changed a lot over the past decades, the roots of betting go back centuries. People have always had the need to compete with each other in one form or another, and betting against other people, or the casinos, is nothing new. What is new is the scale in which it's being done today. Bas... continue reading
Sahan Africa (Matthew Bryden): Trafficking and smuggling routes
According to the study of Sahan, three main routes are taken by migrants and refugees, in which there are a number of smuggling and trafficking networks.

The First route: The central Mediterranean route
This route goes through Sudan and Libya via ways of Humera and Metema. Smugglers offer free rides to lure client... continue reading
7 Destinations in the World to See the Best Street Art
Bogota, Colombia
Bogota is one of the best destinations in the world to see street art. There is even a free street art walking tour in the city which attracts dozens of people every single day. The street art is colorful, enormous and super symbolic and meaningful. The free walking tour provides the much need... continue reading
How T-Mobile is Competing With the Big Guys
T-Mobile has been climbing its way to the top over the last several years. The Un-carrier has always aimed to provide cheaper prices than its competitors, but hasn't always provided the same service. However, that's not the case today. T-Mobile is competing with the big guys in almost every way.

Unlimited Plans
T-M... continue reading
Best research essay topics: choose the one that works for you
Essay writing can be easier once you choose the right topic.

Writing an essay can be hard enough even if you already have the topic you need and some idea of what to say about it. But what can you do if choosing the right topic is already an issue? In cases when your teacher doesn't give you a topic to work with, th... continue reading
Three rules of the second date
The first date is always a bit chaotic. You're just getting to know each other, talking a lot and feeling a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. But if you managed to ask your companion out on the second date, you probably made a conclusion that a person is worth one more evening to get to know her better. The develop... continue reading
The adrenaline is here to stay
As long as a man wishes to entertain himself, he will find a way. That's also the reason why, in addition to movie cinemas, theatres, football fields and everything else there's also a great number of casinos in the world. Whatever you might think of casinos, the fact is that casinos were created because man wanted to ... continue reading
How to Make the Bedroom More Adventurous
It's no secret that relationships can become stale in the bedroom over time. Routines, positions and foreplay all become predictable and often end up being focused on both of you reaching satisfaction quickly so you can roll over and go to sleep!

Over time this can become frustrating and people who are frustrated i... continue reading
Greatest Worms Weapons
The Worms series was created in 1995 by Andy Davidson, and has been a huge success, still continuing to be an active franchise over 22 years later. With over 24 entries in the main series, and a collection of spin offs including crazy golf, pinball, and even its own Paddy Power slots games. We take a look at some of th... continue reading
Hater - the dating app for haters
There are literally tons of dating sites and dating apps around, and often when you want to talk about anything new about it, you can't, simply because it's the same old, same old. But every once in a while something new arises, as is the case with Hater. In all honesty, I don't care about any dating apps at all, but I... continue reading
The Top Games To Play At Ladbrokes Casino
There are so many great games that you can enjoy over at Ladbrokes Casino, whether you're playing on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It's packed full of exciting slot games, a whole host of traditional table-based games and modern variations as well as other card games, progressive jackpot games and even scratch c... continue reading
Finding New Options for the Man Who Has Everything
Men who enjoy fashion are always on the lookout for the next innovative product that stands out from the crowd. This becomes something of a quest for some people and for good reason. An extraordinary life requires time and effort, as does extraordinary style. Check out the following three fashion accessories that can e... continue reading
Donald Trump And His History with Casinos
One name that we all find on our lips for one reason or the other is that of the 45th president of the United States. This could be because of his decisions as the president or for his business history. Talking about the latter, it would not be complete without making mention of his turbulent relationship with the indu... continue reading
Picture led route takes you a long way - Try Instagram
Marketing professionals and brand managers are on a constant lookout for new technologies and platforms to provide the ultimate consumer experience to the target audience. They experiment, try and analyze the return on investment around the gimmicks and techniques they adopt. With changing dynamics of the consumer psyc... continue reading
5 Steps To Effective Weight Loss
It's getting to that time of the year where our diets and our motivation start to stall but, before you throw in the towel, ask yourself this - are you giving yourself the best chance at weight loss? Any diet or lifestyle change is difficult and takes time and lots of patience. Especially when you feel like you’re not ... continue reading
Cost of College in the UK
In the United States, stories about college and university are inevitably linked to the cost. Both tuition and student loan debt are rising in America, and many graduates find themselves in the unlucky position of having low starting salaries and high student loan payments. This raises the question of whether it is le... continue reading
Here’s How You Pick The Best Credit Card Fit For You
Picking your card can be a real chore. The variety is more than boggling. There are specialized deals, dedicated offers, terms and conditions that go beyond the understanding of a mere mortal.

I sometimes even wonder if the guys who created these rules knew what they were writing or, perhaps, they had a lot of sheet... continue reading
Some Good Things In Life Do Come For Free!
Gathering and joining the dots which lead to happy ending has never been this delightful. The right piece at the right ridge - what fun! A board game which brings in oodles of joy and sharpens your mind. Simple patterns yet such intense logics and arrangements. Puzzles it is, the puzzle of life gives way to another. Th... continue reading
Lee Hnetinka Targets New York Market with Darkstore
Lee Hnetinka a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and one of the founders of Darkstore, has announced that New York is the latest target market for the e-commerce delivery service. Darkstore, which was founded in San Francisco earlier this year, is responding to growing demand for their service on the East Coast. New York’s p... continue reading
Things to do in an Online Company Seminar
Companies are always looking for ways to save money on expenses, and taking the annual company conference online using the same software you regularly use for online meetings is a great way to do that. Company townhall events through services like BlueJeans can help a company to share information, keep staff informed, ... continue reading
Intro To Matt Menke, GE Aviation Engineer
Matthew Menke, who is currently employed with GE Aviation, is a technical leader and mechanical engineer who has spent more than 18 years assisting fresh and innovative legacy products. Matt specializes in aircraft engine production and naval acoustics, possessing expert knowledge in aircraft engine operability and per... continue reading
4 Intelligent People Who Have Gone Nuts
Everyone knows that many intelligent people are a little eccentric. Some have some interesting behavioral quirks, or are recluses or just don't seem to have any social skills. We accept that has been a quirk of extreme intelligence. But what about intelligent people who have gone nuts, by nuts we mean people who have h... continue reading
Things to take care of before moving
Planning relocation to a new house and have no experience in organizing such things? It is extremely easy finding recommendations online or asking friends for assistance – for sure some of them have faced this challenge before.

Very often beginners are trying to save money and convinced that they are able to handle... continue reading
10 of the Luckiest Animals Ever
Let’s face it, many of us rely on luck to determine whether a success of failure derived from a chance happening instead of our own actions - whether it’s a winning streak from online casinos or simply having a bad day at work. However, is it possible that animals can experience luck just like we claim to? With this i... continue reading
The benefits of sports betting on the go with William Hill Mobile
If you ask any website designer today, they will tell you that if your content does not fit to a mobile screen then it runs the risk of being obsolete in the future. Most good bookies are aware of this fact too, and have made steps to designing mobile apps that offer punters the chance to bet on the go. One of the most... continue reading
5 Things to Know About Setting Up a Company
Some people are born to be business owners. Maybe it was an idea that came to them during high school or college and they were able to make a life from it. Others are thrust into being business owners through situations such as losing a job and starting their own business to make ends meet. Either way, when the oppo... continue reading
Myths Surrounding the Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Care act, also known as Obamacare, is a federal statute which came into effect in 2010. Its aim was to lower the number of people without health insurance by making insurance more affordable, and reducing healthcare costs. The law also attempted to remove any discrimination in the healthcare syst... continue reading
The Greatest Bank Robberies Ever
Whilst crime and any particular criminal activity is certainly nothing to be admired or replicated there are many notable crimes in history that have inspired a number of prominent movie adaptations or even been the source of inspiration for games such as the ever popular Bust the Bank slot game. The heist genre is a v... continue reading
4 reasons why mobile payments are the future
Despite the popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices, few people use mobile payments when they shop at brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, they still use cash or credit cards. While this trend may last for a while, people will soon start to rely on mobile payments. The following four reasons explain why mobile ... continue reading
Picking Out the Best Camera for Your Online-Meeting Needs
You can’t hold a virtual conference without a microphone and a camera, as these events rely heavily on both visuals and sound. However, trying to find the perfect tools for the job can be especially difficult, since there are so many different brands out there on the market trying to get your attention. But before you ... continue reading
How the nightclub culture has changed over the past 30 years
The nightclub is unquestionably one of the symbols of late 20th and early 21st century culture, one that means very different things to different people. You may associate nightclubs with some of your first experiences of alcohol, or of falling in love. Others simply think of them as places of good old-fashioned hedoni... continue reading
Bundling Services to Lower Your Monthly Expenses
Finding ways to save money is something most people have in common. The good news is that even if you think you are already doing everything you can to reduce your monthly expenses, there are some creative ways that can use to reduce your bills even more. Most companies want to keep you on if you are a loyal customer. ... continue reading
On Pursuing a Career that Makes a Difference
Whether you have an undergrad degree in public health or in nursing, biology or literally any of the medical or social sciences, you may want to think about pursuing a masters in public health online degree program. This is one field of study that makes a difference in this global society within which we all live and c... continue reading
5 Reasons You Haven’t Achieved Your Fitness Goals Despite Trying Hard
It is totally frustrating when you have done everything you possibly could to lose weight, but you still haven’t achieved your goal. You always hit the gym and carefully select the kind of food you eat. Don’t feel frustrated though. There are still things that you can do to turn things around. You just have to ... continue reading
Your smartphone battery knows more than you think
You know what it’s like. You’re out and about with a smartphone whose battery was fully charged when you left home for the day - but next time you look you’re down to less than 50%.
It might seem like a distinctly first world problem, but it’s an issue nevertheless. After all when your phone dies and there’s n... continue reading
Lottery winners need a cool brain and cold enough heart
Millions of people around the world hope to win big. They play the lottery weekly and while the odds of winning the jackpot are low, some of them do win. Yet, many of the people regret it afterwards for one reason or another.
The difference between winning a lottery, and making it on your own, is simple. If yo... continue reading
5 Sure Ways on How to Lower Your Monthly Expenses
Who doesn’t want to save money these days? You may be one of the many people looking for ways on how to slash your monthly bills. There are several tips that you could find on how to do this such as cooking your own lunch, going for supermarket brands and shopping on thrift stores. However, there may be other areas tha... continue reading
Everything You Need to Know About Saving Energy
Saving energy is the need of the hour across the world. All forms of energy are expensive, be it electrical, solar or fuel. The worst part is that we are compromising on our environment while creating this energy and hence, it becomes our social responsibility to save energy as much as possible. It not only sav... continue reading
Five Nervous Predictions for the 2016 MTV VMAs
The MTV VMAs are set to be held on Sunday the 28th of August 2016. The VMAs have always created room for nervous predictions on who is going to win what. It has gotten so bad that the event should be officially offered at online casino as an event that fans can bet on. Visit Casino UK | Best online casino games in the ... continue reading
Different E-Cigarettes on the Market
With cigarettes banned from restaurants, movie theaters, hotel lobbies and the workplace, many smokers are looking for an alternative. E-cigarettes are not new to the market. In fact, the first one hit the shelves between 2003 and 2004. They are, however, constantly changing and developing to suit the needs of the user... continue reading
Do you know your lions from your cannons?
In the last 100 years Chelsea FC have changed their team badge over 5 times and Arsenal over 10 times! With each new era of the game comes club design overhauls. So how well do you know your Premier League club crests? Take our quiz and test your knowledge!

Quiz provided by continue reading
Do you know your blackjack from your baccarat?
Casinos are often featured in big movie blockbusters due to their glitzy appearance and tense card matches. The internet is full of the best casino themed movies of all time. If you are a fan how much do you really know? What card games are the actors playing around the felted table? Can you tell by the hand th... continue reading
Paypal offers its users some more headaches
Paypal is having problems with withdrawals.

According to a post on Paypal Community, there was an update during the weekend (July 9-10, 2016) and something went wrong. That's what was answered to someone after they called in to complain about problems with withdrawals.

Considering today is Thursday (July 14, 201... continue reading
The Story of Donald Trump Before Politics
From Business Mogul to Reality TV Star, to GOP Contender for President!
Donald Trump: A Business Mogul Turned Presidential Hopeful
Donald John Trump was born on the 14 June, 1946 in Queens, New York. He was child number four in a family of 5 children to Mary MacLeod Trump and Frederick C. Trump. Donald Tru... continue reading
Retro Games that made a Comeback with Awesome Apps
Do you miss the games you used to play on your Nintendo or Amiga? You should know that there are plenty of classics available for your smartphone through awesome apps. Your phone is not just a tool for communication. You can also use it for online bingo, slots, board games and the favorites that you remember from your ... continue reading
31 horses in frame for Goodwood showcase
With events at Glorious Goodwood now just a matter of weeks away, a total of 31 top horses remain in contention for a place in the showcase event in Sussex, the Qatar Sussex Stakes. Expectation is certainly mounting in the build up to this race, along with a number of others, with this year’s field looking set to be on... continue reading
Risky behaviour on holiday - 44% of Brits have put themselves in potentially dangerous situations
New research suggests that many people have put themselves on potentially dangerous situations when on holiday, behaving differently than they would do at home. An online money saving voucher code website can reveal that people are not as careful with their personal safety on holiday, as they would be at home. Trusting... continue reading
Sports Fan? Here are the Online Games that can Turn your Passion into Cash
Online games are the form of entertainment of choice for an ever increasing number of people. No wonder - they are easily accessible, quick and fun to play. Online games come in an incredible variety, especially casual games like slot machines. These are among the most versatile games ever invented, with the ab... continue reading
A closer look into the best all in one online marketing tool
Whatever your job is, truth is that you can only do as good of a job as good your tools are. If you're a grave digger, you need a good shovel. If you're Formula 1 driver, you need a good car to be able to win. And if you're a marketer, the same logic applies - in order to be as good as possible, you need to hav... continue reading
Internet dating - love or lust?
Dating can take place in many forms, whether it is on the more serious end of the spectrum with traditional long-term dating; or whether it is on the more fun side of things. In fact, the rise of the internet and the constant creation of new niche internet dating sites means that people have a very clear choice... continue reading
Do you know what lottery betting is?
Everyone is familiar with the concept of a lottery, after all, it's the most popular form of gambling around. The idea of lottery betting is less well known, but for fans of lotto draws it holds a number of great advantages over the old method of entering the lottery.

No More Country Restrictions
One of th... continue reading
Mega Millions - a True Competitor for Powerball?
Money. It's something most of us doesn't have in adequate amounts, while others just feel they don't. People say that money can't buy happiness, and it's a true statement, but to end it there, it wouldn't be right. Having enough money can make your life a lot easier if you're a smart enough person.

Let's be honest,... continue reading
The rise of the Playboy Empire
There are only a lucky handful of well-known brands in the world that are instantly recognisable and hold veritable cachet no matter where you are in the world. From fast food chains to tech and electronic conglomerates we certainly live in a brand saturated society and amongst the incredible array of brands th... continue reading
What You Need to Know About Computer Safety
Having your computer hacked is a terrible thing that unfortunately happens to many unsuspecting individuals. Recovering from a hacking attack is frustrating because many of your important files can be lost in the cyber-attack. It’s important to take the time to learn how to protect your computer and all of the ... continue reading
Taking Gaming to the Next Level
Online entertainment has come a long way since its introduction in the 1990s. When it first came on the scene, the selection was limited to just a few older games that most people had already lost interest in. In addition, the games were choppy and often interrupted due to inferior software and a poor internet connecti... continue reading
5 Important Considerations To Make Before Building An Extension
With property prices on the rise, and a real demand for houses in many areas, the thought of moving can fill anyone with dread. However, you may have simply outgrown your current home. If you have a new baby, find your home is getting smaller as the kids grow, or want more space for relaxing, then you may be considerin... continue reading
Visit Your Favourite Film Locations With The World On Screen
Channelling Your Inner Movie Star
Visiting a film location is the closest you'll get to bringing one of your favourite movies to life. It's a magical experience.
Have you ever been watching a film and found yourself wondering where it was filmed? Some locations look so incredible, it's hard to believe that ... continue reading
Want to feel like one of the rich and famous?
Every once in a while it's good to get away from your own reality and substitute it with a different one. Rich and famous (men) tend grow long beards, and look like a bum, well, at least that's what I have gathered from the media. Some of them also want to flee the civilization and live under some rock for a bit (even ... continue reading
The Art of the Passive Aggressive Note
Have you ever felt the wrath of another and received a passive aggressive note? Perhaps you left your car in a space they wanted or you’d forgotten to wash the dishes just one time too many. 20% of people say they have!

Or maybe you’re the one leaving the notes yourself, getting sick of your housemates never botheri... continue reading
The Grand National: who will win this year’s race?
[pic1]The Grand National is one of the true highlights of the sporting calendar and every year, over 50 million people from all over the world tune in to watch what is widely regarded as the most prestigious race in the business. 40 of the best National Hunt horses will compete over the four-mile, 30-fence Aintree circ... continue reading
13 Nostalgic Pieces Of Technology from the 90s
How much do you remember from the 90s? As I was still pretty young, I remember most of it - especially the music and the weird tech gadgets. The 90s music, while much of it, let's be honest, was pretty bad, it's still all close to my heart. Just yesterday when working in a bar, I do that every once in a while just to d... continue reading
Are you looking to increase the value of your home?
If you're maybe thinking of selling your home and are not sure what could you do to increase the value of your home, ELC Roofing has created an infographic for you to give you some insight into the topic. While installing solar panels to take advantage of the free energy source would definitely add value to your proper... continue reading
Room Occupancy Trends in 2016
eviivo has just put together a Hotel Room Occupancy Trends infographic for 2016. They discovered that both weekday and weekend occupancy rates have increased since 2014. Compared to weekday occupancy of 67% in 2012 the number has increased increased to 72% in 2015. Also weekend occupancy has increased by 4%. It doesn't... continue reading
A closer look at EURO 2016
Profit Accumulator has put together an infographic to take a closer look at the upcoming Euro 2016. You can see the current odds of any of the competing teams/countries winning the cup, and talking about that, what do you think the current bookies odds are for Albania or Northern Ireland? You can check it out below you... continue reading
Consumer Trends research in UK: What do people spend on these days?
Living your daily life needs money, but in what areas have the expenditures changed a lot, and in what areas almost not at all? You can see a few things in the infographic, but it's interesting to see that, while inflation should be theoretically bringing the prices up, when you look at food and drink, people spent alm... continue reading
GTA, fantasy, or online gambling - and the need to entertain ourselves
When you were still a child, your parents, maybe your grandparents, always tried to get you to do something, some sort of after-school activity. The reasons for that were rather simple. For one thing, they just didn't want you to hang out with the 'bad boys', they didn't want you get involved in activities that they, o... continue reading
How smartphones made a difference to businesses
[pic1]Smartphone technology has changed all of our lives, but it has had a particularly dramatic impact on the business world. This has often been a positive development, with a number of businesses demonstrating how this technology can be used to give a company an edge.

Reducing costs
Smartphones can allow a busin... continue reading
How Do Bookmakers Make Money?
Have you ever thought that running your own sports book, or perhaps dabbling on the betting exchanges would be an easy way to make money? In truth, there lies a huge amount of complex mathematics behind every top bookmaking site that ensures that not only do customers get the best deal possible, but that the bookmakers... continue reading
Five casinos that are in most unusual places
There’s nothing like a good night out at your local casino with the electrifying atmosphere and the surrounding sights and sounds. More often than not these casinos are located in prime areas in various towns and cities, and when it comes to places like Las Vegas, typically most casino venues are placed within walking ... continue reading
Trump - you're fired
It takes a miracle to take me on the side of Fox news, and the miracle has happened - Donald Trump. If there's something more full of bull than Fox News, it's Donald Trump. Everyone are against him. Well, at least everyone who has the ability to think a bit forward. Recently Stephen Colbert hosted a Trump vs. T... continue reading
Confused, B.o.B? The world is NOT flat
Most people don't require the proof anymore, but the clown Rapper B.o.B seems to need it. So let's talk about it. (Later on...days, weeks, who knows, maybe decades from now, depending on how much time this guy requires to get back to earth, he will probably say that he was just joking...well, we know it's going to happ... continue reading
Competitive gaming explodes into the world of sport
When you think of gaming, you'll probably just think of it as something teenagers and young adults do to relax after a hard day at work, school or college. But for some people it's becoming much more than just a hobby, as competitive gaming is now allowing people to quit their jobs and live the teenage dream of... continue reading
Thinking of going to a holiday? Then please don't be a moron!
Many of us like to travel around the world whenever we can do it - meaning, whenever we have enough time, and money, to do that. Being on a holiday should be fun, and obviously, you should enjoy it. However, some people seem to be going to holidays just for the sake of being able to complain. Or even if they do... continue reading
New Year, New You
It’s that time of year when the party season is well and truly over, the weather’s generally awful and there’s not that much to look forward to.

The summer seems a long way off! It’s not unusual for lots of people to feel down in January after the fun and excitement of Christmas and New Year is over. January... continue reading
Why it's really worth it to spread the cost of Christmas
Although Christmas is now over for another year, an online voucher code retailer has been investigating the benefits of spreading the cost of Christmas, starting now. They have found that 44% of Brits started some sort of Christmas shopping for this year on Boxing Day, looking to find savings on products such as decora... continue reading
5 Tips to Avoid Online Scams
Everyone with an email address has had at least one of those scam emails at some point in time. In fact, it’s likely that you’ve received several…every day. But as time goes on, we’re recognising these emails as scams less and less since the techniques that hackers and cyber criminals use to gain access to your account... continue reading
Extreme Dating: 5 of the best
Think of the all the dates you’ve experienced and what comes to mind? Perhaps clusters of stifled conversation in a noisy bar? Maybe regrets of an Italian restaurant as you messily sucked up that spaghetti? Or possibly, an awkward 2 hours of a not so ‘fantastic’ superhero film at the cinema? If you relate to an... continue reading
The incredible evolution of mobile technology
One of the most dramatic changes in human history has occurred in the past couple of decades with the advent of mobile technology. From simple communication to advanced entertainment forms, here are some of the most stunning advances that we can all enjoy from our mobile devices.

Financial transactions
Alth... continue reading
How to Stay Safe While Travelling

This infographic was brought to you by continue reading
Sponsored: Pizza, and the great moments
Some could say that pizza is almost as old as human kind. They could say that, but they would be wrong, but only with a few thousands, or millions, of years. The word pizza was first documented in 997 AD in Italy. Foods similar to pizza, however, have been made since the neolithic age that started 10,200 BC.
T... continue reading
Why Religion is laughable?
(or Top 10 Funniest Bible References of all Time)

Although the Bible is a document meant to be taken seriously, there are too many verses, chapters and stories that make for great comic relief. Stand-up comedians and Hollywood as well pull no punches when it comes to taking stabs at Bible verses, rituals and even th... continue reading
Travelling To The PGA Championships 2015: Top Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Golf Holiday
PGA Championships 2015 At Whistling Straits: What You Need To Know
As one of only four golf majors each year, the PGA Championship is a very prestigious event indeed. If you are lucky enough to be heading to Whistling Straits this year there are a few handy tips you can keep in mind in order to get the most fr... continue reading
Tours to Go: Last Minute Hot Tour Deals in Australia Now
Have you ever thought about visiting Australia? I have a few friends who have taken a work & travel vacation in Aussieland, spending their work time in vegetable and fruit farms, moving furniture, doing the work of an administrator or cleaner at local B&B's. Whatever they have found, they have made it work. And in thei... continue reading
Fortuna: from The Romans to the 21st century
While some people might think that games relating to chance or luck, or whatever else like that, are the things of the recent past, the fact is that gaming, or gambling as such has actually been around pretty much since the beginning of mankind. The general form of it might have changed over time, but the basics, and e... continue reading
Daily Fantasy Sports Growth: Kings, Duels, and Cash Prizes
Daily fantasy sports have become a phenomenon across the nation. One of the main reasons they're so big is that they allow fans to participate without having to manage their teams every waking hour of every day throughout an enture season. Instead, the potential for daily fantasy sports lies within single day or short-... continue reading
What should a dissertation look like?
Many articles and guides give you an idea of what you need to include in the body of your dissertation, but did you know that the format of your work is also important? This is commonly overlooked, but formatting your work, including binding the final copies, takes time and you should allow for this.

Title P... continue reading
The real cost of our increasing the energy consumption
Making the world a better, healthier, and more sustainable place for future generations is certainly no easy task; if you’re researching environmental law programs, you’ve taken the first step toward making a difference. There are myriad environmental issues fighting for our attention – one of the biggest being energy ... continue reading
Britain's Best Bevvies
When the sun comes out for a few minutes in Britain we tend to go straight for the fridge (after complaining that it’s now too hot of course). The cold drinks come out and we go off in search of ice, and then decide that it’s time to find a beer garden.

This craving is even worse when you’re sat in a hot, stuffy off... continue reading
Something a bit different in London
Many people will make their way to the capital for parties and nights out. There are so many options of things to do and people are always looking for the unusual. While ideas such as the London Eye are now well known, there are still a few gems to explore.
A drink with a difference: The Ice Bar, Heddon Street... continue reading
Making money on the side with football
Making money on the side is something most of us could use. Even if it's just a hundred here or hundred there, if you can produce it every month, it always helps to get some additional money in your pocket...or let's be honest, often just some extra money you can happily leave in your favorite bar. How to do it is alre... continue reading
Documentary Photography – Be the storyteller in the News
Have you watched the local newscast and wished that you were on the frontlines of breaking events? Does the thought of environmental challenges, exposés, international relief or unfurling the story of chemical leak in a local community put you on the edge of your seat? For those of us who dream of blending journalism w... continue reading
Last autumn we saw Europe retain their title in another epic Ryder Cup competition. The European team defeated the USA by 16½ points to 11½ marking the third win a row for the team, in fact the 8th time out of the last 10 contests between these two continental giants in the world of golf. The win saw Europe captain Pau... continue reading
A beacon of democracy
It’s easy to forget, but Britain remains a beacon of democracy throughout the world. Election fever may mean that we sometimes get caught up in the tribal intensity of party politics. But it is worth stepping back from the hurly burly of the hustings to remember the essential freedom that we realise when we put... continue reading
Thirty Percent of parents admit to buying adult video games for their children
Research undertaken by a voucher code website reveals that 30% of UK parents buy video games for their children which are not age appropriate, including adult games such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and Battlefield whilst a further 35% won’t even play them first to see if they are suitable.
As part of th... continue reading
Re-emergence of a Leading Gaming Brand: Nintendo to Enter the Smartphone Market
Historically, gaming brand Nintendo has remained a relatively closed and introspective brand. More specifically, it has continued to develop its console and handheld gaming experiences for Nintendo branded devices, rather than making them globally accessible across the popular platforms like Android.

The com... continue reading
Can you imagine what the travel industry will look like in the future?
It's possibly one of the questions people like you and me wonder about every day, well, whenever we don't feel like working and try to go into the clouds for a bit. Will there still be airplanes? Will there be spaceships? Will there be neat teleportation devices or trains that travel with the speed of light (ke... continue reading
The 6 Most Irritating Things People Do at Conferences
Conferences, although great for bringing lots of enthused people together under one roof for the sake of discussion around a shared passion or interest, also bring their fair share of annoyances. From disrespectful attendees sabotaging speaker presentations, to someone snaffling all the food and drink of the hard-worki... continue reading
5 Significant Meetings in History
Many of us dream of meeting famous people – we wonder what they’d be like in person, what we’d talk about, what would happen as a result. But what happens when influential people meet each other? Brilliant films, legendary music, the end of wars: here are some of the most significant meetings in history.

1) John Len... continue reading
Is a Guarantor Loan the Solution?
It goes without saying that getting into any kind of financial difficulty isn’t fun, and it certainly isn’t something that anyone goes into deliberately. With mounting costs and bills sometimes your outgoings just outweigh your income - either on a personal or family level - and you’re left with no choice but to seek s... continue reading
TV Dating Shows: A Questionable Alternative To Free Dating Sites
If you’re feeling excruciatingly awkward about hunting down your future life partner, dig out some of these old TV dating show classics to see how much worse it can be. While you've chosen to sift through profiles on a free dating site in the privacy of your home, hundreds of fame-hungry singles before you have... continue reading
A Few Novelties Your Grandfather Never Thought To Bring On A Camping Trip
OK, it's 2015 and you're getting set for a camping trip in the back country, which will require a bit of hiking to get you far away from roads and parking lots. This is not car-camping. This is true, rugged, outdoor camping. Old fashioned camping, if you will – hiking in which you earn the view of the scenery with your... continue reading
Technology and Roulette
Mobile devices are on the way to overtake computers as the principle method by which we connect to the internet. The online game of roulette has already taken advantage of this technological advancement, and it can be played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Major online casinos like Spin and Win have ... continue reading
The 5 Healthiest Fish for Your Diet
If you aren't exactly a nutritionist or a fitness guru, then getting lean and in-shape can be difficult. By asking experts or just doing some research, you'll find that the first step towards getting healthy is transforming your diet. The best way to do this is finding foods chock-full of vitamins, amino acids, and pro... continue reading
NBA's Top 10 Most Valuable Teams of 2015
The most popular NBA teams tend to make more money than less popular organizations. This list includes the ten most valuable teams in the NBA.

Golden State Warriors
The Golden State Warriors has accumulated value since its founding in 1946. Originally based in Philadelphia, the team relocated to San Francis... continue reading
Get ready for the greatest jumps race meeting in the world
The Cheltenham Festival, held at Cheltenham Racecourse in the south west of England, is almost upon us. This is the world’s premier National Hunt (hurdles and jumps) race meeting and takes place over four consecutive days from March 10th.
In the European racing community, there’s an unprecedented amount of int... continue reading
The Iconic Zags -- Who Will Be This Year's Cinderalla Team?
If you've ever noticed that your palms get sweaty every year at about this time, there's a vague possibility that you are the dedicated fan of an NCAA Division I team that doesn't happen to be Duke, Kentucky, Kansas or Gonzaga, which, it is safe to say, was hardly a household name before the 1998-1999 season.

Gonzag... continue reading
Appreciating the Greats & Their Influence On Modern Music
Everywhere we look modern musicians are popping up left and right. Some of these musicians will go on to pioneer their own style, unique and on its own, but that doesn't mean they weren't inspired by acts of the past. Each musician is able to take valuable lessons from the music they hear - whether it's on the radio or... continue reading
Etiquette Advice When Going On A First Date
When taking someone out on a first date, you will want to take certain steps to make sure you are using the proper etiquette. These things should be followed for any setting, to help your date and yourself feel comfortable so you will be able to enjoy yourselves.
On the day or night of the date, make sure to b... continue reading
Growing veggies in small spaces
Smart gardening ideas for growing a thriving veggie patch in small gardens
If you’re one of the many folks who find themselves in the dilemma of wanting to grow your own veggies at home but feel you don’t have the space required to do so, then take heart. It is possible to grow and maintain a thriving and dive... continue reading
Top Five Cities For Gay Men in 2015
It is time for the listing of the top cities for gay men in 2015. Though society has gotten more accepting of the lifestyle, some areas remain better choices for gay men to live, vacation and visit. Here are those cities.

5. Atlanta

This city has arrived on the gay radar, to put it mildly. This makes Atlanta a ho... continue reading
Dealing With Valentine's Day in a New Relationship
The first few weeks after you start dating a new person are the most delicate. On the one hand, you’re past the awkward first date stage, but you might not be in full relationship mode. You like them, but you’re also still feeling them out to see if there is any long-term potential.
If you start dating each o... continue reading
What to wear, what to wear...
A friend of mine, every time he goes out, it takes him in the range of 2 to 3 hours to get ready. And yes, you heard me right, it's a HE. I've always considered the possibility that he's simply slow, forgetful (possibly about the fact that he promised to come out in the first place), and know, these ... continue reading
It’s an ongoing battle in the gaming market. And two of the biggest technology platforms out there, particularly for mobile gaming is Apple and Android. These two industry giants regularly face off against each other in an unending scuffle of quality, cost and development. The gaming market is already set to explode in... continue reading
Infographic: The Power of Instagram & Vine In the Sports Business
Digital Marketing in the sports landscape. Learn about the power of Instagram and Vine by seeing the infographic below.

Infographic by Adelphi Sports Management Online... continue reading
More to Come from McIlroy?
Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy enjoyed an incredible year in 2014, winning the Open Championship and the PGA Championship as well as playing a leading role in Europe's victorious Ryder Cup campaign, taking three points out of a possible five. In winning the Open Championship in July, McIlroy became the first European ... continue reading
Do you have what it takes to be a trader?
We’d all like to be able to make extra money. For many of us, of course, making money is a necessity which means we’re able to feed, clothe and house ourselves and our families. And in order to earn a living, most of us are tied into those 9-5 jobs that you somehow never thought you would be. But that’s life and that’s... continue reading
Dewar’s True Lives Campaign: When Ordinary people do Extraordinary Things
A few years ago, iconic Scotch whisky brand Dewar’s launched an innovative and interactive social media campaign that celebrated the extraordinary deeds of those who had committed their time to helping others. Entitled Live True, it has detailed numerous people who have succeeded in following their innate passi... continue reading
Stop Smelling Like an Ashtray. Smell like a Gentleman
For years we’ve heard that smoking is awful for you. That it stains your teeth, makes you age faster, and kills your lungs. However, some of us still smoke. Let’s face it. There’s something about the sensation of taking a drag and exhaling smoke that is too hard for some of us to give up.

Plus it gives you an excuse... continue reading
3 of the most Amazing Celebrity Homes
We live in an age where celebrity culture is prominent, and while this is often derided it is important to note that the will to aspire can actually have a positive impact on society. This can even be applied to material desires, as deciding that you want to live in a celebrity-inspired dream home can motivate you to a... continue reading
Everything you need to know about ISAs for 2015
If you are serious about taking good care of your savings, an ISA is the best way to do it. An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is offered by the government and allows you to maximise your contribution, as it is completely tax free. There is no need to let the tax man know the details of your ISA and you can look forwa... continue reading
Hookah Smoke Rising
Hookah - the smoking of flavored tobacco through a device holding chambers of water - ranks among the oldest forms of the habit, first appearing in Persia around the mid-to-late 16th century. Water pipes have been used to inhale various types of dried plant smoke ever since, but hookah culture remained mostly niche, ce... continue reading
Apple vs. Android: Which is the Best Platform for Gaming?
Historically, there has never been much competition when appraising the alternative gaming merits of the Android and Apple gaming platforms. From Apple Macs and Windows to iPhone and Samsung’s, Android devices have always held a critical advantage and provide a more immersive gaming experience to users. The lan... continue reading
3 of the Best Bar Games from Across the Globe
Although experts continue to talk about the British economy in glowing terms, the level of disposable household income remains lower that the average national wage. This is reflected in the amounts that Britons have spent on leisure activities this year, with just 12% of the budget being committed to non-essent... continue reading
3 of the Best Gaming Accessories of 2014
Mobile gaming represents huge business in the modern age, having reached a staggering market value that is set to exceed $9 billion in 2016. This not only earmarks mobile and cross-platform gaming as the future of the industry, but it has also created entirely new markets in terms of game design and the development of ... continue reading
Old stuff is not for throwing away, anymore least some of it isn't, that is.
I remember when couple of dozen years ago, whenever my parents wanted to make room for something new, the old stuff, if at all preservable, was sent into our cellar where it used to stay for years. Until it had stayed there for too long already, gotten wet, acquired addit... continue reading
4 Awe-Inspiring Sport Bets of All Time
Ever since competitive sports have existed, gambling has never been far behind. Even in countries where gambling is illegal, you can always count on sports to bring punters together for some under-the-table action. Whether it’s fish-fighting, cock-fighting, Thai kickboxing or frog racing, when sports and betting collid... continue reading
Why It's Important to Play as Hard as You Work
With eight or more hours at work each day, the daily commute to and from, and the responsibilities at home, it's no wonder breakrooms always have coffee makers. This is a time where people are expected to work hard and be productive at all hours of the day. It can be easy to get so caught up in work that you forget to ... continue reading
The Future of TV: How Technology Is Changing the Way You Watch It
Television as we know it is changing. The way televisions look, how they operate, how we watch them, and what we watch on them is almost unrecognizable from how we did things only a decade ago. As streaming services gain wider and wider audiences, the television industry is huffing and puffing to keep up.

Most mobil... continue reading
Paris vs. Rome - how do they compare?
Two big cities, capitals, Paris with its population of roughly 2.3 million (or its urban area population of 10.5 million people) and Rome with its population of close to 3 million. Both known worldwide for their reputation of great travel destinations. Each with their own things that pop into our minds when we think of... continue reading
An awesome way to use your mobile to get discounts on non-discount hotels
We all know it, we've all seen it. The world of mobile apps is a never-ending source of new features for us to use, and sometimes, just sometimes, they can be something very, very useful. If you like to travel a lot like me, you start to appreciate the quality as well as the good price of accommodation more and more wi... continue reading
A Guide to Buying High End Audio
High end audio provides an unrivalled entertainment experience. However, it comes with a hefty price tags – you pay for quality. With this in mind you have to ensure you are getting value for your money. There are plenty of outlets out there offering high end audio products but how do you choose what to buy and from wh... continue reading
A Handful of Top Money-Saving Tips
In these modern times that have seen an unprecedented amount of economic strife, it should come as no great surprise that one's budget may be decidedly tighter than only a few years in the past. It seems that the term "saving money" has become the catchphrase of the early 21st century. However, it is an unfortunate fac... continue reading
Fast Broadband Reaches Rural Areas
People living in rural areas of the UK had often been considered the poor relations, when it came to a fast and efficient broadband service. However, things are now changing, via a number of innovative ways of getting broadband to people living in small population areas.

The Superfast Athletes Village 
One ... continue reading
Brief Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe Preview
Everyone likes a bet. The element of risk is a key component of human nature. Without it, evolution would never have happened. Of course there are different types of risk: there are those which are stupid and should never take place, and then there are those of calculation; a method behind the madness.

Anyway, enoug... continue reading
Ryder Cup staying in Europe?
The Ryder Cup is nearly upon us, with the biennial golf competition between Europe and USA set to commence on September 26 in Scotland, at the historic Gleneagles PGA Centenary Course.

In recent years the Ryder Cup has not been kind to Team USA. The 2012 edition, held in Medinah, Illinois, was a serious low... continue reading
Playboy Bunnies and Free Cash – Gratis-fication Guaranteed
When did instant gratification get a bad name? Where did that crazy idea that you have to put something off for a while to make it worthwhile come from? I mean, if we took that kind of thinking to its natural conclusion none of us we get any of anything! Life would just turn into one great big, bad tempered Rolling Sto... continue reading
The 5 Most Popular Attractions in Waikiki
Every inch of Hawaii is a slice of paradise, but Waikiki will find a special place in your heart. With its natural beauty, luxurious niceties, and bright cultural attractions, it's one of the state's finest places to relax and enjoy everything that's great about Hawaii. Here are some of the top attractions you'... continue reading
Professional gambler – a good career choice
If I were the ask you to tell me the first thing that pops into your mind when I say the words "Dream Job", what would it be? Most will say something glamorous that yields a ton of money, like a movie star or a rock star or professional gambler or (if you are still living in your parent's basement) an astronaut. These ... continue reading
The horse that became a sofa
For many racing fans all over the world, the Grand National is the "Daddy" of all races. Held at Aintree racecourse near Liverpool, England, each April, the race is legendary and many of its winners enter folklore. Movies have been made about fictional and real winners over the years, whilst drinks, pubs, songs and muc... continue reading
Can you drive without your hands touching the wheel?
I remember when I was a small child I was sitting on my father's lap and driving the car...well, in all honesty just turning the steering-wheel, but I remember I was quite good at it. And now to think about it, I think I was a lot better at it back then than I am now that I'm driving alone. My father sometimes,... continue reading
The Arc is on its way
The Arc is on its way and we aren’t taking about Noah.

No – instead, this is the greatest horse race Europe has to offer and it’s to be held this year on Sunday 5th October. Officially called the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, but more affectionately known simply as the Arc – this is the world’s second most valuable ra... continue reading
What to Expect From FIFA 15 Now That the EA Sports’ Latest Hit Game Is About To Be Released
EA Sports’ latest hit game FIFA 15, which is expected to hit the shelves on September 23rd and 25th in North America and Europe, has generated a lot of excitement among sports fans and gaming enthusiasts. This is not surprising given the many exciting features that this game promises to deliver.
The community... continue reading
Ways To Earn Money With Online Gambling
The idea of earning money online is always a great idea. However, earning money through online gambling can be even more exciting. And fortunately for you, there a lot of ways you can do that. Below are a few of them:

Online poker
This is one of the legitimate ways of earning a steady income online. However, you mu... continue reading
Faster. Higher. Stronger.
You can’t bet on the Olympics in Las Vegas. You can bet on just about anything else you can imagine, but not the Olympics. It’s an anomaly in the Nevada gaming regulations that prohibits the taking of wagers on amateur athletic events.

Betting on sport is a huge industry around the world and can add another level of... continue reading
Devonshire delights: Top summer festivals
Music is a simple pleasure and something that is enjoyed by all – regardless of age. This summer has a great deal in store for music lovers wishing to visit Devon and for those living within a house or McCarthy & Stone retirement property in the area.

Calendar of events 2014
Whether you’re looking to visit Devon ... continue reading
Treat Yo' Self: 4 Badass Toys and Gadgets
Have you been clocking in extra hours at the office? Did you just save someone from a burning building? Now is the time to indulge and reward yourself for your accomplishments. If you’ve been slouching in front of a computer all day, you may not have noticed all the cool things you can get with your paycheck. That’s wh... continue reading
What are the most common types of hair loss?
Hair loss can be a daunting experience, especially when it happens in younger years. Some men may think that they can rock the manly “skinhead” look whereas it may seem like the end of the world for the “pretty boy” type. There are different causes for hair loss, read on to find out what these are and how they ... continue reading
Loan shark activity on the rise
As the UK mulls over the comments made by Archbishop Welby – that payday lenders should be forced out of business, this blog examines the rise of loan sharks in the UK, and what is being done about it.
An economic recovery for all?
The UK economy is making a slow recovery which is being celebrated at the high... continue reading
Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri are at it again
Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri are celebrity chefs and bestselling cookbook authors who, together with Food Network, have brought to the viewers a lot of great culinary shows. Most of them with huge prizes to the winners, and every once in a while, they are offering the winners their own series on Food Network. This... continue reading
Germany Races To Win The World Cup Squashing Argentians In a Historic World Cup Finals
The 2014 World Cup Final between Argentina and Germany proved to be an adrenaline filled game, where both the teams gave it all they had to hold the world’s most prestigious sporting trophy. However, Germans emerged victorious and rightly so, after a long running winning spree throughout the group and knock-out... continue reading
5 Tips to Know Before Hitting the Casino
Three-quarters of visitors to American casinos gamble only occasionally. They come with dreams of winning big and being social, but most of them are pretty clueless about their experience. You needn't be blinded by the flashing lights though. These tips will help you make the most of your next visit to the casino.

T... continue reading
Ditch the Traditional Summer Vacations
Summertime is officially upon us and what comes along with these gorgeous summer months? Why, family vacations and romantic getaways of course! Those who are looking for some travel options don't bother with the traditional tropical getaways! Instead check out the absolutely gorgeous city of Barcelona.

Trav... continue reading
Azarenka ready to dig in and improve
Victoria Azarenka may be tennis’ undisputed Queen of the Grunters but she is facing a massive task as she tries to return to the world number one spot.
The Belarusian was unable to negotiate the first week at Wimbledon, losing in three sets to Bojana Jovanovski in the second round.

However, it was only Azar... continue reading

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