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A look into the new Canadian weed law

 article about A look into the new Canadian weed law
2017-07-20 05:42:39
Canada is set to have a new cannabis law in place by no later than July 2018. While it's legal already now to buy weed online in Canada, at least when we talk about medical marijuana through authorized distributors, the new law will also make dispensaries legal and much more.

The proposed new Cannabis Act is going to create a legal framework for controlling all aspects of weed, from production to sales across Canada.

The Cannabis Act is meant to both make weed legal for adults, but also protect the youth at the same time.

After the Cannabis Act becomes a law

After the Cannabis Act becomes a law, people will be able to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis which can be bought online or through provincially-licensed retailers. The law will also grant people the right to grow cannabis at home, up to 4 cannabis plants with a maximum height of one meter, for personal use. While this may take some more time, at some point also other products besides dried and fresh cannabis will be made available, things such as edibles.

The rules to protect the youth

Under the new law there are certain restrictions for protecting the youth.

- Cannabis can't be sold to anyone under the age of 18, neither is it legal to give Cannabis to youth.
- Cannabis can't be promoted in channels which can be seen by underage people, neither can the product's packaging or labelling be made to be appealing to youth.
- Cannabis can't be sold through vending machines or self-service displays.

Canadian government is also planning a comprehensive youth awareness campaign about the plant. In general, the law will set strict requirements for producers and manufacturers of cannabis, making it safer for the consumer.

It's worth noting that different territories in Canada will have the right to increase the minimum age for cannabis consumption as well as lower the personal possession limit and create some additional rules, should they choose to do so.

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