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First non-stop flights between UK and Australia announced

 article about first non-stop flight beween australia and uk
2018-03-24 05:41:34
The first non-stop flight between Perth, Australia and London, UK, is set to depart today, Saturday. The flight will take just over 17 hours and is 9000 miles (around 15 000 km) long. The flight is operated by flag carrier of Australia, Qantas.

The flight will take off today from Perth and will arrive in London tomorrow. The airliner to be used for the flight is Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The flight could be considered a precursor to the main goal of having a non-stop flight between Sydney and London, which would be four hours longer flight.

Qantas CEO said that "Qantas has been preparing for this moment for 98 year... (since) we were founded in 1921." And it once took seven stops and four days to fly from Australia to UK. For anyone who wanted to travel to Australia before the flights between the two countries started, it took 42 days on boat.

The cheapest Qantas non-stop flights wil cost 1,095.

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