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Why Is Social Media Important to CEOs?

 article about Why Is Social Media Important to CEOs?
2017-09-05 06:16:57
Many people believe CEOs are the people who boss others around while they sit in their luxury offices drinking whisky and, to some extent, they are. However, CEOs are also hardworking individuals who don't get to where they are without being faced with numerous obstacles along the way. CEOs oversee decision making and it's up to them to take the business forward - and many of them do that now with the help of social media. But how does social media help CEOs come up with a better business strategy?

Builds Trust Among Customers

Social media helps CEOs build trust among customers and potential partners. It's now the face of many businesses and it helps owners paint their ventures with a human touch. Many businesses these days rely on automation and don't engage with their customers manually. However, social media allows businesses to engage on a personal and professional level, which helps build trust among potential customers and partners.

Social Media Helps CEOs Understand What Needs to Change

Thanks to the pipeline of social media, CEOs have access to a constant feed of customer opinions of the brands they work for. Social media is a great way to see what customers think of their business and they can use it to help improve customer service and diversify their brands. Michael Palance, CEO of Premiere Program, is a firm believer in social media and he has accounts with all the popular social media platforms for good reason.

Boosts Brand Exposure

Social media constantly helps businesses build their brand thanks to customer engagement and the exposure it provides. Because CEOs are now involved on a personal level when it comes to social media, it means businesses have different audiences to market to. This ultimately increases brand exposure because it shows different audiences who the face is behind the business.

Increases Recruitment Prospects

Bigger businesses have a tougher time securing top candidates to fill their specific roles because head hunting is a competitive business. With the help of the CEO being present on social media platforms, potential candidates can get to know the sort of people they'll be working for before they go to the job interview. It's a small detail, but it could be the deciding factor in getting top employees before their competitors.

Sets a Firm Example to Current Employees

When the CEO of a company is active on the likes of Facebook it sets a good example for current employees. It tells them to show their human side when it comes to working for the business. Connecting with employees on social media is also a big thing these days, as it helps employees feel important, which ultimately boosts productivity.

In conclusion, social media is a highly important part of how big brands around the world do business and it's also crucial for CEOs to help take their businesses forward. If you're yet to have a social presence as a CEO, it's the perfect time to get your social media platforms up and running, as all businesses are now reliant on their presence to take their businesses forward.

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