Life article about The Perfect Apartments for Social Butterflies - What to Watch Out For
If you are the sort of person who is always on the go and ready to meet people, you need to make sure that you are living in just the right place. There are so many factors to go over when trying to find the right apartment, and a social butterfly might have very different needs from other characters. Here are some of the things to look out for in your apartment search.

You need to think carefully about your location when you are searching for an apartment as a social butterfly. Chances are that you wi... continue reading

Politics articles

Politics articles

US Election 2020: Three talking points from the latest Democratic primary debate
The third - and latest - Democratic primary debate recently took place and it was exactly that: a debate. It was three hours of verbal-sparring, which...
Politics article about gun related killings

NRA uses firearms massacres to do better gun lobby
With the amount of gun related killings, massacres in the United States you'd think that new gun laws would be stricter. But gun lobby is there to hel...
Politics article about New Laws for Cannabis Use

New Laws for Cannabis Use
Controversy follows in its trail. Are you a regular user? Should it be used strictly for medicinal purposes? Is there such a thing as just taking the ...

Money articles

Money articles

How You Can Purchase Luxury Properties Even Without The Cash
If you're looking for a new place to live, you may want to land yourself the luxurious home that you've always dreamed of.
Money article about 4 ways to use your travel credit card points without travelling

4 ways to use your travel credit card points without travelling
Got thousands of travel credit card points burning a hole in your virtual wallet while you're stuck at home? You're not alone, but luckily, it's easie...
Money article about What You Need to Know About Money and Investments in a Marriage

What You Need to Know About Money and Investments in a Marriage
Whether you are newlyweds or in your second or third marriage, investing as a couple requires clear-cut resolutions and decisions. You need to work as...

Opinion articles

Opinion articles

Guns don't kill people? Yes, they do!
There is a popular saying among people who like guns - guns don't kill people, people do. But that might not be so true after all. According to a rece...
Opinion article about trump is lying again

Trump - the protector of peace and harmony? Right.
After the bomb scare yesterday that was targeted at Clintons, Obamas, and CNNs office, Trump said that No nation can succeed that tolerates violence o...
Opinion article about trump pulls out from nuclear treaty

Another day, another stupid announcement from Trump
The wannabe president-businessman Trump announced yesterday that he is now pulling out of nuclear arms treaty.

Entertainment articles

Entertainment articles

All you need to know when visiting Casino Helsinki
Casino Helsinki is the premier entertainment spot for gamblers when visiting the capital of Finland. It's lush, luxurious and has a great history - an...
Entertainment article about Slot machine tricks that really work

Slot machine tricks that really work
Over the years, slot machines have been renovated to adapt to changing times and the needs of their patrons.
Entertainment article about Unexplained Science: People drink more when sober

Unexplained Science: People drink more when sober
A study conducted by the world's best known science lab, The Cheers Weird Science lab, shows that sober people tend to drink more than drunk people. S...

Technology articles

Technology articles

How IoT Can Improve Industrial Data Collection Processes
Many companies depend on data collection to comply with regulations in their industry. This applies doubly to industries that are heavily regulated fo...
Technology article about Technology Takes Casino Gaming to a Whole New Level

Technology Takes Casino Gaming to a Whole New Level
There will be many people out there who enjoy playing casino games. Some purists will head down to their local casino to sample the atmosphere on offe...
Technology article about How can you learn the skills necessary to be a cyber security expert

How can you learn the skills necessary to be a cyber security expert
Cyber Security affects everyone. From the government to businesses, to individuals - nobody is exempt from cyber threats and crimes.

Travel articles

Travel articles

Renting the house of your dreams in Altea
Holidays are the time of the year we all eagerly wait for, therefore, we all want them to be just perfect. Making holiday plans has been especially ha...
Travel article about Discovering Denia during your next holidays

Discovering Denia during your next holidays
Denia is the latest trend on holiday destinations. This small town in the Spanish coast of Alicante has slowly become one of the most desired destinat...
Travel article about Finding the house of your dreams in Marbella

Finding the house of your dreams in Marbella
Marbella has become a dream like destination for people wanting to start a new life abroad. Home to over 137 different nationalities, this cosmopolita...

Relationships articles

Relationships articles

Bored Of Your Partner After Seeing Them Every Day? How To Reinvigorate Your Relationship
As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the lockdowns imposed by this global crisis, you are probably spending more time with your partner than y...
Relationships article about Plan your perfect Valentines movie night

Plan your perfect Valentine's movie night
Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is coming. But there's no need to panic just yet. Whether you need some last-minute date-night inspiration or help...
Relationships article about Signs and Feeling Your Ex Will Come Back

Signs and Feeling Your Ex Will Come Back
Breaking up with your significant other after a long-term relationship is depressing. If you are a woman, you start crying your heart out, wondering w...

Sport articles

Sport articles

Could a 10th Grand Slam final between Djokovic and Nadal be in store at the Australian Open?
There are few rivalries in tennis like that between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. These two modern greats of a game, who between them boast 37 Gran...
Sport article about The Largest Football Stadiums Every Sports and Travel Fan Should Visit

The Largest Football Stadiums Every Sports and Travel Fan Should Visit
Football stadium tours are big business these days, as they help teams to earn some extra cash for maintenance and possibly even for improving their t...
Sport article about Glorious Goodwood Betting - The Archetypal Summer Racing Festival

Glorious Goodwood Betting - The Archetypal Summer Racing Festival
Glorious Goodwood, or to give it its official name - the Qatar Goodwood Festival, is one of the showpiece festivals on the summer sports calendar in t...

Breaking News articles

Breaking-News articles

Child malaria vaccine to be tested in Malawi
The first malaria vaccine in the world is about to be tested in Malawi. The vaccine is meant to give partial protection to children.
Breaking-News article about Michael Avenatti arrested for wire fraud and extortion

Michael Avenatti arrested for wire fraud and extortion
Michael Avenatti, the man mainly known to the public as the lawyer for adult film star Stormy Daniels, has been arrested. He was arrested on Monday on...
Breaking-News article about steve king thinks google is iphone

Rep. Steve King does his best to look like a fool
Google CEO Sundar Pichai had to answer a bunch on different questions at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. Among the people questioning ...

Football articles

Football articles

Eight of the best Argentinians to play in the Premier League
Ever since the Premier League's inauguration in 1992, English football has seen a steady incline of foreign imports. From world class stars to expensi...
Football article about eredivisie

Schteve McLaren and The Dutch Football Revolution
Have a look at the Eredivisie Table. It’s now late October and yet there sits atop that league a team still unbeaten. In fact, there are only 2 teams ...

Corona articles

Corona articles

When newspapers struggle to survive coronavirus pandemic
Guwahati: Newspapers in India face an uphill task to maintain its readership index as New Delhi declared for a complete lockdown till the middle of Ap...

Gaming articles

Gaming articles

Ouya – A New Gaming Console Created Through The Help Of Kickstarter
Two years ago, the Web seemed to have been taken by storm by a new experimental hardware project by the name of Ouya, which is a cost-effective gaming...
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Life article about How Can a Couple Agree on Home Improvement Changes?

When you are fixing up a house, there is a long list of things to do. The list includes what color to paint the walls, whether or not to install new f...
Money article about Get Rich Quick; Because Working is for Schmucks!

Yes, we've all dreamed of the day when we can give the one-fingered salute to our bosses, leave the shackles of our working lives behind and retire on...
Journalism article about The need of the hour: Self-reform and financial transparency in media

Can the mainstream newspapers and satellite news channels be compelled to make their annual balance sheets public in India?
Gaming article about Slots, Slots, Branded Slots!

Online casinos are now extremely popular among people around the world. There are various reasons why playing for money has become this popular.
Life article about Veterans: How Far Can Your Benefits Take You?

Many professions have numerous benefits included with them, and those in the armed forces are no exception.

If you’re reading this website, then chances are that you get most of your media digitally. Whether watching streaming services, playing games or ev...

Starting your own real estate business is a dream for many people. You don’t have to sit behind a desk all day pushing paper and can get out, see ne...

The #1-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide will tangle with the #3-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes in the Jan. 11 NCAA Football National Championship Game at Miami...

In 2020 Lebron James missed out on being named the NBA MVP, but the superstar still ended up having the last laugh as he led the Lakers to the champio...

The procedures and capabilities in the modern healthcare industry have grown exponentially over the past century.

With the 2020/21 Champions League already underway, we have already been treated to some great football and surprising moments.

There are many big sporting events throughout the year and when it comes to horse racing, the Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest.
Gaming article about Up your game with online Roulette

What's better than playing online Roulette from your home, without having to even pull on a pair of trousers? Nothing, that's what! And you can make t...
Gaming article about Pack your bags as we take you on an adventure with Slots

If you enjoyed Gonzo's Quest at Betfair Casino, in both its forms, then it'd seem that adventure themed Slots are perfect genre for you. And, with tha...
Life article about COVID-19 effect on stoners lives

No one saw a global pandemic coming and BAM, then all of us were faced with extended periods of time with ourselves and our homes. Some people found t...
Sports article about How to Get Started with Horse Race Betting

When it comes to horse race betting, the UK has a long and storied past with the so-called "Sport of Kings". According to some sources, professional h...
Journalism article about journalism in india

Serious journalism in India continues to be a dangerous profession and scribes here remain habituated with various forms of vulnerability be it physic...
Life article about Parents, Teenagers, and Rock-Solid Relationships

Divorce is a tough thing. It can be tough to cope with separating from your spouse after attempting to build a life together. If you share children, n...
Business article about Can a Mobile Casino Ever Replace a Real Casino?

When mobile casino gaming was first announced in the late 2000s, some serious questions were asked. Would mobile casinos ever go on to topple online c...
Money article about How to Make Money in an Online Casino

Online gaming is popular around the world. Not only is gaming a brilliant hobby to have, but it has also been shown to help improve your physical and ...
Entertainment article about Why are Slots so popular? All your questions answered!

Whether you're at a land-based casino in Las Vegas, or playing virtually from the comfort of your own home, you're bound to have noticed that Slots ar...
Entertainment article about Englands top five Bingo halls

For years, Bingo has been one of England's favourite pastimes. There has also been a social aspect about heading down to your local Bingo hall with yo...
Sport article about The Most Exciting NFL Teams to Watch This Season

After a long time off, football is finally coming back. With the preseason just around the corner, football fans are getting excited for what is shapi...
Entertainment article about Ready...Set...Action! 5 action films to re-watch this summer

Car chases. Explosions. Gravity-defying stunts. Chances are, you've just thought of an action film and you'd be spot on.
Sports article about What are the Best Apps to Use When Betting on MLB?

Online sports betting is really taking off in the United States and there is a wealth of options when it comes to having a wager on Major League Baseb...
Journalism article about Indian sub-continent might improve in journalist-murder index

As the year 2020 rolls on, Indian subcontinent sets to improve in its journo-murder index with only two casualties this year till date.

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