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Rod Stewart paid travel costs for kids with disabilities

 article about rod stewart sends check to kids with diabilities
2017-07-28 14:44:46
The singer Rod Stewart paid the travel cost for children with disabilities so that they could go to DC to protest Medicaid cuts.

Three weeks ago the parents of the kids had chartered a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to go to Washington. However, the cost of the trip was $30 000 and they had only managed to raise as little as $7000 of it. Not only had they problem with the trip's budget, once they did manage to get there, they didn't manage to meet with their elected officials or anyone else from the Republican National Committee for the matter. When Rod Stewart saw the story about the families on TV, he emailed his manager asking to find out who they were exactly.

After they managed to find out more about the families, Stewart's team contacted the co-founders of Trach Mommas of Louisiana and said he would cover the remaining cost of the trip.

Stewart said that "I'm neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but I am a father," and even though he was British, he lived in the States.

While the amount was not huge for someone like Rod Stewart, it's a very nice gesture, and the money was for a good cause. Our respect to the man!

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