Alien abductions have occurred throughout history, to take an instance from The Bible we only need to look at the narrative of Ezekiel's strange encounter and subsequent disappearance. These abductions by alien visitors persist to this day and it has been estimated that as many as 100 million people have had abduction encounters. So what is it these people experience?
A Gallup poll a few years ago estimated one third of all Americans believe aliens have visited the planet Earth, and of these a large percentage bel... continue reading

Heavenly falls of strange materials have happened for centuries. Frogs and fish have been reported - even meat. When we come across something that do...

These flaps are periods of heightened UFO activity centered on certain areas and lasting over a period of many weeks.
Flaps such as the Warminster si...

Historically, most of the Northern Hemisphere holds the attention of many when it comes to paranormal activity, UFO’s, Cryptozoology and strange pheno...

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