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Importance of trust

 article about Importance of trust
2004-04-26 15:55:24
Trust in each other gives strength and vitality to our relationships. It gives us inner happiness, which is priceless. It brings joy all around and life appears brighter and brighter. Its fragrance spreads far and wide. Trust keeps us in a positive mental framework. When you trust each other you feel self-confident. The feeling of believing others is electrifying. It not only provides sense of security but provides us new zeal to fight the vagaries of life. Trusting each other gives us a sense of deep bonding. It signifies that we are united to fight the battles ahead.

Trust is a synonym for warmth in our relationships.

With so many advantages of trusting each other, how do we feel when germs of mistrust appear? Life appears to be devoid of colour and lacks spontaneity. We behave with each other mechanically like robots .We constantly live with fear and tensions. We live in our shells and we are unable to share with each other. We live in suppressed condition, which inhibits the growth of our personality. As a result we are not able to contribute for the betterment of the society. We are unable to create a conducive atmosphere where there is transparency all around. A society whose foundation is built around trust is progressive and dynamic. Lack of trust signifies decay in the society.

Building up trust is not easy. A lot of conscious effort has to be made in this direction. We need to nurture our relationships with care. We should not let our ego destroy our relationships. This requires making constant efforts to know each other fully. The more we explore each other the more we can handle each others contradictions well. After all most of the problems in relationships occur because we do not want to open up. As a result we tend to look at others with doubt. We live in our own world of likes and dislikes, as we are not able to create a right balance. No doubt, people tend to view us with suspicion. If we are balanced and mature in our thoughts and action, people will trust us. For this we must shed the habit of finding fault with others even on a slight pretext. Instead we should identify and make others aware of their positive traits and strengths. This will enhance our credibility, which will lead to building trust. We must not indulge in unhealthy competition by trying to outwit each other. Instead we should master the art of rejoicing in the happiness of others. Good performance of others should spur us to act in a positive manner. Being jealous and competitive will be of no use as it will lead to destroying trust.

No one is perfect in todays era. If there would have been perfection all around then no trace of mistrust would have been present. We must build trust against the backdrop of limitations in our personalities. Mistrust is itself a reflection of our inadequacies and imperfections in handling our relationships with finesse. After all: reform begins at home. Let us reform ourselves by giving time to our relationships and thinking of ways to strengthen them. Trust will then follow naturally.

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