We live in a world of finite resources. Some of those finite resources are coal, oil, and gas that so many people rely on for energy. Alternative energy sources are very important to our survival as a race. There are many different alternative energy sources available to us. One such source is thorium.

Thorium is one of the chemical elements. It has an atomic number of ninety. It is called Thorium in honor of Thor, the god of thunder and lightning. Thorium was first discovered in the year 1828. It was first fo... continue reading

How much do you know about Earth? If the answer is "not much," don't worry. Thanks to the hard work by scientists and curious hobbyists, humans today ...

A study by the Anthropological Survey of India (ASI) on the genetic characteristics of the inhabitants of Northeast – known to be malaria prone may le...

The term has been subtly creeping into the lexicon: greenwashing.

Scientists seem to do some pretty strange things at times. It is hard to imagine how many of their endevours could possibly ever bring any benefits to...

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