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The U.S. and South Korea call off military exercises

 article about united states and south korea cancel military exercises
The U.S. and South Korea have indefinitely suspended joint military exercises on the border of North Korea. That's part of the agreement that Trump made in Singapore with the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un. The decision isn't a surprising one, as after the summit on June 12 Trump already announced "his" decision to end the war-games.

During the press conference Trump said that "We'll be saving a tremendous amount of money." While that's obviously not the reason for cancelling the war games, that's nothing surprising from Trump's mouth.

Trump's negotiation skills might not be nearly as good as he has always claimed there were, as this news actually came as a surprise even to South Korea. The decision wasn't plan before the summit, but it's pretty obvious Trump was put in a tough spot where he didn't know what else to do.

But South Korea has accepted that, and the defence ministry of the country said that "There could be additional measures should North Korea follow suit with productive cooperation."

Currently the U.S. has 28 000 military and other service members on South Korea.

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united states and south korea cancel military exercises

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united states and south korea cancel military exercises

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united states and south korea cancel military exercises

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united states and south korea cancel military exercises

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united states and south korea cancel military exercises

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