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US ESTA: Check these 5 gems in the United States
Check these 5 gems you can't miss during your next trip to the US.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most impressive natural attractions carved out by the Colorado River. This natural phenomenon creates dramatic cliffs and ledges. It's fascinating to stand on the canyon rim and enjoy the stunning views of the canyon fl... continue reading
What does the current mortgage rate issue mean for buyers?
For example, at the end of last week, mortgage rates in the United States rose to a whopping 5.3%, their highest since the 2009 financial crisis.

Reports from Bloomberg stated that for a 30-year loan, the rate increased 0.3 percentage points from the previous week's figure of 5.27%. These increases come amidst incre... continue reading
What You Need to Know About Computer Safety
Having your computer hacked is a terrible thing that unfortunately happens to many unsuspecting individuals. Recovering from a hacking attack is frustrating because many of your important files can be lost in the cyber-attack. It’s important to take the time to learn how to protect your computer and all of the ... continue reading
The Big Dance House Party: The Essentials
This year's March Madness is just around the corner. With The Big Dance approaching fast, millions of fans are waiting in anticipation and regularly checking the March Madness Bracket. Websites like BetUS are brimming with college basketball bettors as the hype of the upcoming March Madness is filling the air.

That ... continue reading
What to Consider When Looking at Nursing Leadership
For example, if you do not focus on investing in yourself, then you can miss crucial flaws in your skillset and in your offering, which could result in your leadership not being as strong as it could be. This is what you need to be thinking about to give yourself the best shot at being a great nurse leader.

Buildin... continue reading
Renting the house of your dreams in Altea
Holidays are the time of the year we all eagerly wait for, therefore, we all want them to be just perfect. Making holiday plans has been especially hard since the COVID-19 pandemic, since we need to ensure that our family is safe during our stay. Because of this, renting a private villa in a popular holiday destination... continue reading
Veterans: How Far Can Your Benefits Take You?
If you are a veteran, or considering becoming one in time, it might be worth considering how far the benefits on offer may take you. That way, you may have a fuller understanding of what you can come to expect, and perhaps even adjust your life plans accordingly. Retirement OptionsWhen military personnel retire, they m... continue reading
How You Can Purchase Luxury Properties Even Without The Cash
These days, even if you don't have the financial capital available to you right now, you can still make this dream a reality.There are various new loan programs and real estate techniques to consider when searching the market.Timing Your PurchaseWhen it comes to purchasing your luxury home, timing can be everything. Su... continue reading
The Largest Football Stadiums Every Sports and Travel Fan Should Visit
Football stadium tours are big business these days, as they help teams to earn some extra cash for maintenance and possibly even for improving their team. Fans also love them, as they get a chance to take a peek behind the scenes and get up close to the places that are never normally seen.

There are some terrific st... continue reading
The History of Zombies in Popular Culture
You may have noticed that zombies are quite popular. From movies and TV shows, to books and games, it seems like us humans can't get enough of the undead flesh-eating creatures. Aside from the pop culture that's purely focused on zombies - The Walking Dead, World War Z etc. - we've also seen tons of mashups as well - P... continue reading
Glorious Goodwood Betting - The Archetypal Summer Racing Festival
Glorious Goodwood, or to give it its official name - the Qatar Goodwood Festival, is one of the showpiece festivals on the summer sports calendar in the United Kingdom. It always draws plenty of outside attention and lots of betting action of course.

Well known for its picturesque surroundings and its top-quality ra... continue reading
How to Make Money in an Online Casino
How to Make Money in an Online Casino
Online gaming is popular around the world. Not only is gaming a brilliant hobby to have, but it has also been shown to help improve your physical and mental health, as well as your hand-eye coordination and cognitive response.

There are lots of different types of online games ... continue reading
Ready...Set...Action! 5 action films to re-watch this summer
Car chases. Explosions. Gravity-defying stunts. Chances are, you've just thought of an action film and you'd be spot on. Audiences have come to know and love the thrills of action films, so much so that they tend to make for the best box-office hits and gross the highest amount of ticket sales worldwide.  

But enj... continue reading
What are the Best Apps to Use When Betting on MLB?
Online sports betting is really taking off in the United States and there is a wealth of options when it comes to having a wager on Major League Baseball. Being one of the most popular sports leagues in the US, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to MLB mobile betting. What are the best apps to use when betting on ... continue reading
The Tricks Drivers Use to Cover up Drink Driving and Why They Do Not Work
The only way to not be caught driving drunk is to avoid drinking before you get behind the wheel. Some drivers think they can get away with it if they try a few tricks they may have picked up from other drivers. The problem is that all the tricks they try do not work. Below, we will look at a few tricks that drivers us... continue reading
Slot machine tricks that really work
Over the years, slot machines have been renovated to adapt to changing times and the needs of their patrons. From large and heavy machines to smaller ones, and eventually, to the digital slot machines with real money that are available on online platforms, slot machines continue to offer the latest in entertainment for... continue reading
Bored Of Your Partner After Seeing Them Every Day? How To Reinvigorate Your Relationship
As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the lockdowns imposed by this global crisis, you are probably spending more time with your partner than you ever have before.

At first, this might have felt like a fun treat, but as the novelty wears off, you might be left with a stale, boring relationship.

With some l... continue reading
Why size matters - single-deck vs multi-deck Blackjack
There's no denying Blackjack's popularity and it's always been a casino favourite amongst players who are looking to get one over the dealer. While the rules have stayed much the same since its inception, Blackjack has evolved through the use of multi-decks and side bets. If you're playing Blackjack online, you'll find... continue reading
Technology Takes Casino Gaming to a Whole New Level
There will be many people out there who enjoy playing casino games. Some purists will head down to their local casino to sample the atmosphere on offer while playing those games.

For others it will be a case of playing online from home via a computer which they can use to log onto their favourite casino site.

Due... continue reading
Barry Geraghty has proved his class at the Cheltenham Festival
We've long been aware of Barry Geraghty's champion qualities in the saddle, but he proved his worth in a major way at the Cheltenham Festival this year. On the first day of the Festival, we saw Geraghty steal the show in the Champion Hurdle, the first showpiece race of the meeting, as he rode the Nicky Henderson-traine... continue reading
Everything you should know in order to grow the best Cannabis
Cannabis is a plant known under different names: marijuana, pot, weed, etc. This plant's main characteristic is its unique properties that make it idoneal for medical or recreational purposes. Because of that, each day more and more people decide to grown their own Cannabis plants in order to avoid receiving an end pro... continue reading
8 reasons to go to a Vegas casino even if you don't like gambling
Las Vegas is the Mecca for all things gambling. If you enjoy the thrill of the wheel and the spin of the slots, Vegas should be near the top of your best places to travel.

However, Las Vegas casinos offer more than just gambling. In fact, there are plenty of things to do, so if you don't want to hit the Strip and ga... continue reading
Plan your perfect Valentine's movie night
Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is coming. But there's no need to panic just yet. Whether you need some last-minute date-night inspiration or help getting through February 14th alone, we've got what you covered. We've teamed up with the entertainment experts from, the online slots casino, to help you organi... continue reading
Why is Blackjack such a popular casino game?
Casinos are becoming more and more popular, in particular, online casinos. Part of the reason for this is that you can log in and play anytime, anywhere. But one of the key reasons is that online casinos can offer a much larger selection of games. With that said, one of the classic games which remains popular to this d... continue reading
Daily Exercise and battling addiction
Everyone knows that there are tons of benefits attached to exercising regularly. However, only a few people commit to working out daily. Difficulty in finding the right motivation and perfect time to exercise is one of the common reasons why people find it challenging to exercise regularly.

When it comes to people s... continue reading
Get off to a Great Start with Online Casino Gaming
Whether you're a casino regular who has decided to sign up to a popular online gambling site or have decided to have a go at some popular casino games online, there's no denying that online casino gaming can be a huge amount of fun. As a player, you'll have access to all the popular games like blackjack, poker, roulett... continue reading
A Guide to the Best Racing Tracks in the UK For Greyhound Betting Fans
Greyhound betting and greyhound tracks in one way or another have been around since the 18th century. In the past, greyhound racing used to involve dogs running after a live game animal such as a hare or a rabbit. However, in 1876 things changed. Dogs no longer ran after live animals; instead, the artificial hare was i... continue reading
The Classiest Way to Stay in Portland
The Rose City is an increasingly popular tourist destination. There are a lot of reasons to come to the weirdest city in America. Although many popular vacation cities are well liked for a specific reason, Portland is popular precisely because it can't be nailed down as one "type" of city. Portland has every kind of at... continue reading
Who Are the Leading Contenders for the Cheltenham Gold Cup?
The Cheltenham Gold Cup is the most prestigious contest in National Hunt Racing and the one in which is a thorough test of a stayer over the 3m2f distance at Cheltenham. The runners have the hill to contend with at the Gloucestershire-based-track in the concluding stages of the race.

The betting suggests the 2020 ed... continue reading
How to Stay Stress-Free During Holiday Party Prep
The most wonderful time of the year is here, and with the holidays come extra responsibilities - and extra stress. There are gifts to buy, family dinners to consume, work functions to attend, and parties to plan. Even if your season is merry and bright, it's easy to start feeling stressed out and overwhelmed too. 

... continue reading
Signs and Feeling Your Ex Will Come Back
Breaking up with your significant other after a long-term relationship is depressing. If you are a woman, you start crying your heart out, wondering what went wrong. For men, it can be harder for them to express their feelings, and they might go into rebound relationships to avoid complicated emotions.

Everyone has ... continue reading
Bad Habits in a Relationship
When two people get into a relationship with each other, one partner may have some habits which aren't exactly favorable. These habits can be things such as drinking alcohol and smoking. These habits can affect their judgment, ability to think logically, and cause health problems years down the road. Some other less th... continue reading
Nadal Heads To Melbourne Seeking History
When Rafa Nadal travels to Australia early in the New Year he will attempt to secure the only Grand Slam title he has not won more than once. The 33-year-old Spaniard has triumphed twice at Wimbledon - although not since 2010 - four times in New York, along with a remarkable 12 successes at the French Open.

But, for... continue reading
Casino destinations to head to this winter
The winter months are fast approaching in the northern hemisphere, and many holiday-goers are in search of a cooler destination. Those who relax best in a casino will be looking for a place to gamble whilst on their holidays, that might mean only heading to Vegas for a lot of people, but there are casinos all around th... continue reading
How is technology helping to change healthcare?
Healthcare is not only a key staple within modern society but also a vital sector for employment. In the US, for example, it is estimated that around 18 million people work in this industry now. This makes it hugely important in terms of jobs and the overall economy. Of course, anyone who has ever fallen ill or been in... continue reading
Using the Web to Develop Our First Investment Strategies
Many Things to Learn On the Web
Whenever we search or surf the web, we have the opportunity to learn many things. We learn more about things we already know. On the internet, we learn new things we've never known. Anyone who wants to be surprised about new areas of research being done only needs to surf the web. Almos... continue reading
How can you learn the skills necessary to be a cyber security expert
Cyber Security affects everyone. From the government to businesses, to individuals - nobody is exempt from cyber threats and crimes. While technology has undoubtedly advanced and made our lives much more digitally enriched, it has also made us prone to cyber-attacks and data breaches. More importantly, cyber-attacks ha... continue reading
How to Pick a Bag that Suits You
Normally, when we are shopping for clothing or accessories, we pay a lot of attention to which designs look best with our body types, coloring and other relevant features (e.g. face shape for glasses frames or sunglasses, or hair type for hats). Having accessories that visually flatter us can make an enormous differenc... continue reading
The Fluidnatek LE-100 is leading the way for electrospinning machines
The LE-100 by Fluidnatek is a serious machine for serious research and development. It is an advanced tool built with customers in mind. It combines high quality construction and materials with flexibility to put itself ahead of the game in electrospinning and electrospraying equipment.

This electrospinning machin... continue reading
3 Slots Based on Awesome TV Shows
Watching tele is a great way to relax after work, and program makers have really upped their game in the last few years with some almost cult based shows coming to air that have a considerable following. Unsurprisingly this leads to spin-offs and franchises including the slot games on offer at online casinos. WhichCasi... continue reading
The 5 Greatest Science-Fiction Movie Heroes
Who is the best science-fiction character in cinema history? It's a question that's been asked many times, yet movie buffs are yet to agree on an answer. That's understandable, when you consider how old and expansive the sci-fi genre has become.

Sci-fi began way back in 1902, with the release of French film-maker Ge... continue reading
4 Rules to Finding the Best Web Development Agency
Having a great website goes a long way in building your brand credibility and trust. Whether you have an existing website or want to have a new one built, it is important to hire the right web development services company. Here are 4 rules you should follow when searching for the best agency for your website.

1. Key... continue reading
Is Runescape 3 still popular? If so, what version of Runescape is played the most?
RuneScape is one of the oldest and most famous MMORPG video game out there. There are lots of chances that you have played this game at least one time a few years back, and you may wonder to know that the game still exists. However, the answer will shock you. Not only the game still exists, but the massive fan base is ... continue reading
How to Handle Diversity at Work
The culture at any company should be one of inclusion and acceptance but, at times, people fall short on the soft skills needed to communicate with each other respectfully and be mindful of the differences in people.

A diverse workforce is a strong workforce, but with diversity comes with its own challenges. Diversi... continue reading
How to Be Smart and Savvy When It Comes to Investments
Investing can be very stressful. It seems like you need to be seriously intelligent to even watch the New York Stock exchange. The numbers are moving up and down and someone is either crying or happy regarding the outcome. Investing in recent years has opened up so the average Joe can now get a chance to play as well. ... continue reading
New Laws for Cannabis Use
A trail of controversy
Controversy follows in its trail. Are you a regular user? Should it be used strictly for medicinal purposes? Is there such a thing as just taking the occasional hit? Are we to believe the tech geniuses of Silicon Valley when they say that it really does heightens your intelligence? Cannabis, thi... continue reading
The horse that became a sofa
For many racing fans all over the world, the Grand National is the "Daddy" of all races. Held at Aintree racecourse near Liverpool, England, each April, the race is legendary and many of its winners enter folklore. Movies have been made about fictional and real winners over the years, whilst drinks, pubs, songs and muc... continue reading
Virtual PBX are changing the face of call centre technology
The cloud revolution has taken the IT world by storm in recent years. More and more companies are realising the benefits of cloud based solutions and moving more and more of their tech stack over to virtual environments saving themselves time, effort and money in the long run.

One area that is also changing the fa... continue reading
6 Fun Ways to Exercise More Every Day
There's some rule of law that says the hardest part about getting in shape is making working out a habit. Habits have to develop over time. We have to hit a threshold (some say two months, others say 30 times) before we can even call it a habit. Consistency and frequency are critical for anyone who really hopes to see ... continue reading
4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Tax Lien Attorney
If you want to protect your family and your assets, you cannot take an IRS tax lien lightly, especially if you do not want to deal with problems that can affect your career, your credit, any mortgages or any loans that you apply for today. Therefore, if you have an issue of concern with a tax lien being filed against y... continue reading
How to find exactly what you want to buy online
Online shopping is great. You have all the convenience of access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world. All you need is a good internet connection.

Brands and retailers know this, they also know it is the best, and cheapest way for them to advertise to new audiences across the w... continue reading
4 weird sports you might never have heard of
If you love finding new sports you'd enjoy doing, or maybe just watching, there are a few that you have probably never heard of. While bookmakers offer you the chance to earn money while watching your favorite sports, and sometimes even give you some extra to spend on your betting like this mansion bet bonus code 2019,... continue reading
Are you addicted to something? You are not alone
What is an addiction? According to American Society for Addiction Medicine addiction is a "brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences." When we think of addictions, there are mostly just couple of things we think about - addiction to drugs and addiction to al... continue reading
How to get that big break in the theatre industry
The theatre industry is a pretty popular one to work in - and it's easy to see why. It allows a successful actor to become famous doing what they love and to build a career that can last a lifetime, while the glamour of parties and the instant name recognition is a great perk. However, the sad reality is that there are... continue reading
Child malaria vaccine to be tested in Malawi
The first malaria vaccine in the world is about to be tested in Malawi. The vaccine is meant to give partial protection to children.

What the vaccine does is train the immune system to attack the malaria parasite. During previous trials the vaccine has showed potential, giving protection from malaria for nearly 40%... continue reading
Ernie Els' love-hate relationship with the US Masters
Ernie Els is one of the greatest golfers in the history of the game, however, he has never had much luck when it comes to playing in the US Masters at the Augusta golf course. You won't find the Big Easy among the odds for the Betfair US Master 2019 as he failed to qualify for it, and his lack of success at the tournam... continue reading
Michael Avenatti arrested for wire fraud and extortion
Michael Avenatti, the man mainly known to the public as the lawyer for adult film star Stormy Daniels, has been arrested. He was arrested on Monday on federal charges in two separate cases in New York and California.

The charges? In the Southern District of New York he was charged for trying to extort Nike for $15-$... continue reading
The world's best online shopping centre opens its digital doors to the UK
Shopper behaviour is changing. Ever since the rise of the internet and the advent of e-commerce, consumers have been looking more and more towards convenience and choice that is only offered online. Any brand or retailer wishing to engage with the modern demographic is pouring huge resources into a decent online presen... continue reading
Eight of the best Argentinians to play in the Premier League
Ever since the Premier League's inauguration in 1992, English football has seen a steady incline of foreign imports. From world class stars to expensive flops, the Premier League has provided the perfect platform for overseas players to demonstrate their talent.

Take Argentina for example. The South American nation... continue reading
Are video fails avoidable?
One would definitely think that. But it's often far from reality. If you're a fan of older movies, be it Star Trek, Poltergeist, Ghost Busters, or the older Doctor Who series, you have definitely seen some rather horrendous special effects. In case of these movies, of course, the problematic quality is understandable a... continue reading
Looking for some musical amusement this season?
For all those seeking for nice cultural alternatives this season, there is plenty of options along the city of London where theatrical performances for all ages are taking place. Being musical plays, the favourite for adults and children. When in the British capital, a walk along the West End and Covent Garden is manda... continue reading
New Ebola outbreak in Congo, but why?
As the new outbreak of Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo has become the second-worst in history, after the West African epidemic just a few years ago (2014-2016) that killed 11 000 people, many people might be thinking why is the virus back at all?

What is Ebola?
Ebola was first discovered in 1976 in ... continue reading
A Few Foods To Keep You Feeling Fabulous After 50

If there is ever a constant in this crazy thing called life, that would be a change. From evolving our personal style to our music choices, likes and dislikes; we are constantly changing and growing. The mysterious and magical female body is no different. From hormone fluctuations to changes in metabolism, shifts in ... continue reading
How to watch whatever you want, whenever you want
When you're on the move, it can be tough to stay tuned to your favorite shows. Crossing borders between countries can mean you get access to a very different Netflix or Hulu library than the one you're used to, one with a lot more local-language content and a lot less flagship US shows.

While it's unsurprising that ... continue reading
Scottish Premiership is Finally a "Betting League"
In 2017 and 2018, after just one game of 38 had been played in the Scottish Premier League season, bookmakers Paddy Power paid out to any punter who had backed Celtic to win the championship. That's a bit like paying out for the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Championship in October, or American Pharoah after the... continue reading
What is health informatics and how does it work?
When it comes to keeping the population healthy, there have been many useful advances throughout history. From the earliest ways of identifying the problems bacteria brings to how we understand and treat diseases in the modern age, new ways of doing so more effectively are always being sought. Doing this has seen many ... continue reading
The most expensive countries to rent an apartment
As a digital nomad who can work anywhere, who just needs a laptop and access to internet, you are probably always on the lookout for new countries to consider going to, or make sure you would pass some others. This is the second list, the list of most expensive countries to live in. And the most expensive places to liv... continue reading
Japan cyber security minister has never used a computer
Stranger things have happened, I guess, but based on the latest news, Japan cyber security minister Yoshitaka Sakurada has never used a computer and doesn't even really know what an USB drive is.

Yoshitaka Sakurada is the deputy chief of the government's cyber security strategy office and he is also the minister in ... continue reading
Trump fires Sessions for not ending the Russia probe againts him
While Trump would probably disagree with everything here, that's exactly what he did. Of course, he would probably say that he didn't fire anyone, but Sessions submitted his resignation letter himself. Which is true, but we all know how things like this are being done. He would also probably say that Session wasn't sen... continue reading
Different Types of Online Casino Bonus Features
The online casino industry is growing rapidly, and you can find many online casinos. This increases competition among providers. Therefore, they have to find different ways to attract and retain casino players. One of the best strategies followed by gambling sites are the bonuses they offer.

The welcome offer is th... continue reading
British business leaders call for a second Brexit vote
At least 60 British business leaders have signed a letter calling for a second Brexit vote. The letter that was published in the Sunday Times has signatures from James Daunt (Waterstones book store), Mark Selby (Wahaca restaurant).

The letter comes amid fears that the UK will exit the EU without a proper agreement. ... continue reading
Guns don't kill people? Yes, they do!
There is a popular saying among people who like guns - guns don't kill people, people do. But that might not be so true after all. According to a recent study, 8300 KIDS end up in the ER each year in the United States due to gun-related injuries.

Roughly 40 percent of the injuries are unintentional, and 2 percent su... continue reading
Indonesian airliner crashes into the sea, 188 passengers feared dead
An Indonesian airliner, The Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8, has crashed into the sea, most likely killing all 188 passengers and crew. The plane crashed just 13 minutes after taking off from Jakarta. The plane was flying to Pangkal Pinang.

According to reports, after take-off the plane suddenly lost altitude and then dis... continue reading
Three Sports You May Never Have Bet On Before
If you like a flutter, there are so many options available you to today within a sportsbook.

American football, basketball and soccer and obviously three of the most popular sports to have punt on, however, here is a look a three sports you may not have tried but can give you a great amount of fun.

đź‘Ź... continue reading
How to Attract Luck in Gambling
Luck or Something Else?
Although all players know the fact that gambling odds are pretty much pre-determined and precisely calculated for each and every online casino game, the players from all around the world also tend to rely on another factor, a factor that can be controlled neither by the player or by the online ... continue reading
How good has Cristiano Ronaldo been?
On 13th May 2018, Juventus made headlines around the world when they announced the signature of world superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The signing of the Portuguese forward was the most expensive made by any Italian club, and became the most expensive player aged 30 or over. Unsurprisingly, the announcement of the signing ... continue reading
How to get involved with property investment in the UK
The property market is experiencing huge growth, with a number of major UK cities making names for themselves as hotspots for buy to let investment. If you've been thinking about investing in a property, now is a great time with lots of exciting opportunities and potential. Before going ahead with your first UK propert... continue reading
Taking Your New Product from Inception to Manufacturing
Bringing a new idea into reality is not an easy task, but again it is far from being impossible. Everything you use today, starting from cars you have driven, books you have read, and apps you have downloaded, started as a mere idea. The owners of the idea went all the way to bring them into reality. While some ideas f... continue reading
3 smart construction technologies that make projects more efficient
The purpose of technology is to make everything more efficient, safer, and productive. That's why for the past few years, it has been already making its way into every type of industry. As a matter of fact, even the enterprises you once think don't benefit from technology, are utilizing it now to make their business g... continue reading
How to Take Full Advantage of Screen Recording's Potential
Have you ever tried to use screen recording yet? If you haven't you needn't worry, as the fact of the matter is that most people have actually never used screen recording in the past.

The reason why screen recording has never been very popular is twofold. Firstly screen recording used to be fairly technical, and was... continue reading
Today's technological solutions
Technological advances move at an unprecedented speed. Every day, technical applications in different fields of science reach new levels. And nanotechnology is playing a leading role in this new era of knowledge.

The development of materials and equipment in nanometric and micrometric scale are the fundamental pilla... continue reading
California Passes Net Neutrality Bill
While Net Neutrality laws were repealed on December 14, 2017 in the United States, and took effect on June 11, 2018 (although a U.S. Senate vote to upheld the regulation), California's net neutrality bill has just taken a major victory after the bill, S.B. 822, received a majority of votes in the Senate.

It means th... continue reading
The Worst Religious Charlatans
People should be wary of religious charlatans, those colorful, flamboyant, and deceiving characters, who are leading millions of people deliberately speed straight down to hell (that is a good way of putting it, right?). Religious charlatans are today's most popular televangelists and ministers. They are practicing the... continue reading
The easiest way to delete duplicate photos in 2018
Many of us take lots of photos on a daily basis. For some of us it's a job responsibility, for others it's a hobby or a freelance gig, and all of us take photos of loved ones and pets even if we aren't popular bloggers. Either way, we download lots and lots of photos onto our Macs. Whatever type of Apple device you own... continue reading
The end of Superdelegates
On Saturday a decision was made to significantly reduce the power of superdelegates. The vote at The Democratic National Committee was pushed by Bernie Sanders and DNC Chairman Tom Perez.

Who is a superdelegate?
A superdelegate in American politics is "an unpledged delegate to the Democratic National Convention who... continue reading
Results of Ended Basketball Season
In the current season, there wasn't a decent struggle for the champion title in the National Basketball Association. It's proved by the final match when "Golden State" was much stronger than "Cleveland".

The matter is that the "Warriors" squad includes real top-rated stars. Just look at their names:

- Steph Curry... continue reading
Russia's Kalashnikov to compete with Tesla?
Russia's Kalashnikov Concern is developing their own technology for an electric supercar which they think will be competing with Tesla.

Kalashnikov's announcement said that "We are developing our own concept of an electric supercar based on several original systems created by the concern. This technology will allow... continue reading
Sports Betting Savant Jeff Johnson Will Turn Your Bookie Into an ATM Machine
If you have ever bet on sports then it's a lock that you have felt that gut-wrenching pain that goes along with losing. The pain is exponentially intensified when what seems like a sure winner turns into a loser with an unforeseen last-second score. You can be sure that many big-screen televisions get destroyed by furi... continue reading
Hotly Debated - Online Games on the Road to Success across Europe
Europe online casinos are relatively new on the scene. For a while, most casinos targeted the North American Market. But now, there is an array of European casino sites that market primarily to Europeans. Today, online casinos exist in almost all markets including EU countries like Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland... continue reading
A retired Navy admiral asks Trump to revoke his security clearance
William H. McRaven, a retired Navy admiral, has asked Trump to revoke his security clearance. The admiral who also oversaw the raid back in 2011 that killed Osama bin Laden, asked that in solidarity with former CIA director James Brennan whose security clearance was revoked Wednesday.

In his opinion piece for The Wa... continue reading
New Zealand bans home ownership for foreigners
New Zealand has just signed a law banning foreigners from buying residential property to cool off the housing market. The law mainly applies for existing properties though, foreigners will still be able to buy into new apartments.

"If you've got the right to live in New Zealand permanently, you've got the right to ... continue reading
Drugmakers are stockpiling drugs in preparation for a messy Brexit
Two drugmakers, Swiss Novartis and French Sanofi, said on Wednesday that they are stockpiling drugs in preparation for a messy Brexit. Meaning for the possibility that Britain leaves EU without a proper Brexit deal.

While its usual stock of medicine in Britain is for 10 weeks, Sanofi has now secured additional wareh... continue reading
Travel safe and smart: Be prepared for anything during your trips
Traveling is fun, and mostly it's all fun and games, and nothing to worry about. But problems can always arise from the most unexpected things. Because of that, whenever you go traveling, make sure you have the basics covered, just in case.

Your bag
While it's not a huge disaster if your bag breaks a bit, I have f... continue reading
In Search of Adrenaline? Stake on Minecraft!
Do you like sports and that feeling of sweet agitation that overwhelms you during competitions? You are definitely a venturous person unafraid of challenges and risks. Still, you must know that sport is not necessarily about physical exercising only. Playing online games can be as venturesome and exciting as watching b... continue reading
Advantages and Disadvantages in Types of Printers
Many companies manufacturer printers that include a variety of features. Although all printers have unique design specs, there are some advantages and disadvantages that must be considered.

Ink Jet
An ink jet printer is a suitable option for projects that involve images with tons of colors. This printer produces ... continue reading
10 Best Games for Sega Dreamcast
10 Best Games for Sega Dreamcast

There are a lot of Games for consoles Sega Dreamcast. You can easily find any genre that you like. It can be racing, horror, thriller or adventure and many other variants. The choice depends on your mood and desire. Dreamcast ISO files are freely available. If you decide that it's t... continue reading
How to make sure your child won't suffer from obesity?
Childhood obesity is on the rise around the globe. As a newly expecting mother, how can you avoid your child to become obese? There's a study out there that has looked into the topic, and what they found is...well, quite logical.

The risk of obesity is the lowest for children whose mothers make healthier lifestyle c... continue reading
What Type of Workspace Storage Should I Opt For?
It may be that you're already in possession of all the gardening kits you'll ever need, and probably accumulated it over a period of time. Unless you just woke up one day and decided it was about time you got down and dirty with your outdoor plot, having stared long and hard at what once was a garden (and being constan... continue reading
What is the coldest place on Earth?
The temperature on earth can be from one extreme to another extreme - something some donuts use to excuse their ignorance when it comes to global climate change. And it also depends a lot on a year. But what's the coldest place in earth and how cold is it?

The coldest place on Earth, according to satellite data, is... continue reading
The U.S. and South Korea call off military exercises
The U.S. and South Korea have indefinitely suspended joint military exercises on the border of North Korea. That's part of the agreement that Trump made in Singapore with the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un. The decision isn't a surprising one, as after the summit on June 12 Trump already announced "his" decision to en... continue reading
Travel Tips for Dog Owners
When you are going on a road trip, you might want to take your beloved dog with you. This is totally understandable but if you want to do this it is important that you understand the guidelines. Dogs cannot travel like humans, there are certain conditions that need to be adhered to if you want to keep your dog safe and... continue reading
Elon Musk to build build high-speed Chicago airport link
Boring Company, another one of Elon Musk's ventures, is planning to build a high-speed transportation link to the Chicago's airport that will be powered by batteries and gets people to and from the airport three or four times faster (at a speed of up to 150 miles per hour). Chicago's announcement of their decision to u... continue reading
Tesla to lay off 3500 workers to eliminate bureaucracy
Tesla and Elon Musk have been in the news a lot lately with different stories - from innovation to genius of Musk, from ramblings of Musk to how Tesla can't keep up with their promises. So news about pretty much everything.

Tesla hasn't made annual profit for 15 years, and earlier this year the company announced its... continue reading
Building a solid horse racing treble bet
When betting on horse racing, opting for a single selection that you wholeheartedly believe in has a lot of positives but there's also as many reasons to back your bets as a three-fold treble. Horse racing betting is a worthwhile hobby as long as you're doing it responsibly, and a lot of the sport's more experienced pu... continue reading
Gaining wisdom from life experience
Did you know that most likely many things you are doing daily you might be doing wrong? Of course, often it doesn't really matter which way you are doing them but keep reading for some food for thought.

Your printer cartridge is not empty!
Lots of time when it seems your printer has no ink left it's actually not 10... continue reading
Trump's Mar-a-Lago trips have cost way more than Mueller investigation
One could say that Trump has been complaining about the investigation into his possible ties with Russia since the beginning of time. And while he can't be (or at least hasn't been) charged with anything specific yet, he's been found to have lied about his connections with Russians so, so many times that my head's abo... continue reading
What is the best time to send newsletter?
When it comes to email marketing, everyone wants to determine what the best time is for them to send their newsletters out. There have been hundreds of studies and surveys with regard to this and the findings have created reliable datasets. When it comes to email marketing, it is not just the time, you will also have t... continue reading
Fascinating facts about bowling
Bowling has been around for quite some time. Some archeological research suggests that ancient Egyptians used to practice a primitive form of bowling based on the remains found by a team. Apparently, back in 3200 BCE, people used to have just as much fun with bowling balls. The modern bowling dates from the 1840s and s... continue reading
Nudists can now go to a museum in Paris
While it's not an ongoing thing, yet, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, a stylish contemporary art gallery in Paris, decided to accept nudists in their museum on May 5.

People without clothes were allowed to enter the gallery before the official opening of the museum. When the first guest arrived they checked their clothin... continue reading
When University loses weapons-grade plutonium
It's one of those one of a kind stories. According to news agencies, Idaho State University was fined $8,500 for losing track of a small amount of plutonium 239 (one of the three main isotopes demonstrated usable as fuel in thermal spectrum nuclear reactors).

The sample has been missing since 2003 though, according... continue reading
Mueller says no to Trump's request to answer questions in writing
Trump's legal team, together with the new addition to it, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, requested that special counsel Robert Mueller would allow Trump to answer questions from investigators in writing, a request that Mueller's office has rejected (for a good reason).

For Trump's legal team answering in writi... continue reading
4 Cities to Visit on Your Southern U.S. Road Trip
Each of the 16 states comprising the American South has a unique culture and history that attracts millions of visitors every year. Visit these four stunning U.S. cities the next time you're road tripping through this part of the country.

Amarillo, Texas
Amarillo is the last sizable city you'll pass through... continue reading
10 Smart Things the Most Productive People Do Everyday
You have probably heard the saying that time is money. It is, especially, true for people who are successful and productive. The most productive people understand that every second is important.

Thus, entrepreneurs and business experts try to use every chance, and second, they get to do something useful. However, we... continue reading
4 Intelligent People Who Have Gone Nuts
Everyone knows that many intelligent people are a little eccentric. Some have some interesting behavioral quirks, or are recluses or just don't seem to have any social skills. We accept that has been a quirk of extreme intelligence. But what about intelligent people who have gone nuts, by nuts we mean people who have h... continue reading
Pence afraid of Trump's guns?
According to a news report, guns will be banned from NRA event during Mike Pence address. And it's not just guns, also knives will be banned during Vice President Mike Pence's address Friday at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Arena. And actually, even selfie sticks and laser pointers will be banned from his ... continue reading
What Are the Girls You Can Chat to On Sexting Platforms Really Like?
Sexting is something that has really taken off over the past decade, ever since smartphones first made their way into mainstream use. For a lot of couples, sexting between themselves is a fun addition to their sex lives, allowing them to flirt and exchange sexy messages when they are not together in person. When dating... continue reading
7 Destinations in the World to See the Best Street Art
Bogota, Colombia
Bogota is one of the best destinations in the world to see street art. There is even a free street art walking tour in the city which attracts dozens of people every single day. The street art is colorful, enormous and super symbolic and meaningful. The free walking tour provides the much need... continue reading
How to stay safe online
As cyberattacks become an increasing problem for businesses and governments around the world, we're all increasingly aware of our own vulnerability to scams, theft, and exploitation. If you have kids, then the chances are that you've been concerned about this for a while, but the threats are always changing, so it's im... continue reading
Kazakhstan to switch from Cyricillic to Latin
Kazakhstan, the country located in central Asia, accounced on Tuesday that they will be changing from Cyrillic script to the Latin-based alphabet. The government as well as the president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has already signed off on the new alphabet, so now it's just a matter of time. They aim to fully complete the ... continue reading
YouTube removed over 8 million videos in a span of 3 months
Youtube announced on Monday that they took down more than 8 million videos in violation with their guidelines within a span of three months, between October and December. The company said that most of the videos were adult content that people had tried to upload, or simply spam.

"This regular update will help show t... continue reading
Car Registration Plates: Are They Worth the Money?
If you've ever bought a car, or even used one, it's likely that you'll know what a registration plate is. Its how you find your car in that huge car park and it's how you know which taxi is yours in a line of taxis. But, have you ever wondered what those little numbers mean or what they are for?

Car registration pl... continue reading
What Every Dude Should Know Before Getting a New Truck
For years, you have been driving a smaller vehicle. But lately, as you head to work, run errands or park your car, you find yourself looking longingly at all the pickup trucks dotting the road. While you enjoy certain obvious aspects of a truck - like their look and ability to haul countless goods - you also have a nu... continue reading
Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 passengers receive $5000
Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 passengers, or at least some of them, have received a check for $5000 after experiencing an engine failure that ended with emergency landing in Philadelphia.

The accident happened on a flight from NYC to Dallas when one of the plane engines blew, which also caused the breaking of one... continue reading
Karen McDougal, Trump's playbunny, free to tell her story
The former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal who allegedly had an affair with Trump but had a contract which did not allow to speak up about the affair, is now free to tell her story after she reached a settlement with AMI (American Media Inc.).

"I am pleased to have reached a settlement with AMI (American Media Inc.)... continue reading
Online slot machines: a matter of skill or luck?
Slot games have been around for over 130 years. It all started with the Liberty Bell, a 3-reel mechanical machine brought out in the bars of San Francisco. Back then, the slot was undoubtedly a test of luck. Gamblers did little more than pull the lever, cross their fingers, and hope that 3 matching symbols would appear... continue reading
Nibiru is on it's way to Earth again, doomsayers say
The end of days has been predicted for decades now, with one of the most famous date behind us being Dec 21, 2012, when Nibiru, or Planet X, was supposed to hit Earth. Why it didn't happen, you can ask NASA. Then there were many dates after that when the world was going to end, including Nov 19, 2017, when a rogue plan... continue reading
Runaway supergiant star caught escaping its galaxy
A rare type of runaway star was recently spotted making its way through the Milky Way's neighboring galaxy. Apparently, the discovery in the Small Magellanic Cloud suggests the fact that this process might be a somewhat common occurrence in the universe.

The astronomer that discovered the runaway star is Kathryn Ne... continue reading
Trump's climate change denying EPA rolls back Obama era car emissions standards
Scott Pruit, the Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), announced yesterday that he will be revoking Obama-era car emission standards. Standards set by Obama administration would have required cars and light trucks in the United States to average more than 50 miles per gallon by 2025.

The announceme... continue reading
Fake weed, Synthetic cannabinoids, kill two in Illinois
Synthetic cannabinoids have been tied to at least 2 deaths among the 56 cases of severe bleeding in central Illinois. The users of the drug, often also referred to as fake week, K2, or Spice, were hospitalized due to coughing up of blood, bloody nose, blood in urin, and bleeding gums among other symptoms.

What is fa... continue reading
First non-stop flights between UK and Australia announced
The first non-stop flight between Perth, Australia and London, UK, is set to depart today, Saturday. The flight will take just over 17 hours and is 9000 miles (around 15 000 km) long. The flight is operated by flag carrier of Australia, Qantas.

The flight will take off today from Perth and will arrive in London tomo... continue reading
School district in Pennsylvania arms students with rocks
CNN reports that the Blue Mountain School District in Schuylkill County has placed buckets of river stones in all class rooms to help students protect themselves against school shooters.

"Protocol has been that students lie down, under desks and basically become passive targets on our classrooms. We decided to empow... continue reading
Great Pacific garbage patch bigger than thought
According to a new research, Great Pacific garbage patch is up to 16 times bigger than previously thought. The waste patch is around twice the size of France.

The research was published in Nature and it found the patch contains an estimated 79,000 tons of plastic. The analysis of the patch was conducted over two yea... continue reading
Champions League breakdown - stats and predictions
The 2018 Champions League is entering its final stages with eight teams from across the continent now eyeing glory in Kyiv. The next round of games will take place in April, and with a selection of the world's best players on show, it promises to be an exciting occasion.

Barcelona advanced to the last eight with a 4... continue reading
4 Reasons Having Wi-Fi on Your Flight Is Worth the Cost
Flying is stressful, no matter how eager you are to reach your destination, and it can be boring beyond all belief. You get so used to constant internet access that the inability to pull out your phone or use your laptop is a downer, particularly during trips that last longer than a couple of hours. You can ease the bu... continue reading
French baker fined EUR 3,000 for being open every day
And then there's this. A French baker has been fined EUR 3,000 for being open seven days a week, breaking a local decree banning bakeries from doing that.

CĂ©dric Vaivre runs a small bakery in Lusigny-sur-Barse, France. In Summer 2017 he was open every day to serve tourists. But apparently by doing that he was brea... continue reading
The Bad Outweighing the Good: 4 Types of Good Debt
The word "debt" can arouse anxiety in many people, and the idea of carrying a debt or loan is often viewed in a negative light. However, there are several debts that, if chosen and utilized correctly, will greatly improve the quality of life for the individual emotionally, socially, and financially. Here are four types... continue reading
Is it possible to win with slots?
We've all heard news about various wins from lottery, poker, and every other possible game available on gaming platforms. And exactly the same applies to slots. The difference between, say poker and slots, is that one is mainly a game of skill while the other is based totally on luck.

But it's possible to win big wi... continue reading
5 things not to do with your lottery winnings
When you were a child, your mother may have told you that money does not grow on trees. Unless it's a magical tree, of course, something humans are yet to find. But we could compare winning a lottery with finding money growing on a tree. Money that you have come to unexpectedly without any work involved is always easie... continue reading
How technology aids entrepreneurship
Let's face it, when you're putting in the long hours and hard work required to run your own business, you probably don't want to hear that the entrepreneurs of the past had it tougher. So, let's look at this another way. Your life as an entrepreneur is going to get easier. Why? Because enterprise technology is coming o... continue reading
Walmart to stop selling guns...well, actually no
Walmart has just announced that they will stop selling high-powered rifles in United States. The news obviously comes after the recent school shooting. Sadly enough the decision has really nothing to do with the shooting itself but PR, sadly it's all about the public perception. And it makes sense to stop selling assau... continue reading
Guns to the blind? Only in the United States
Lately there's been lots of talk about gun laws in the United States due to the most recent school shooting. While some eight year old's suggest teachers should all be armed with weapons, others are demanding stricter gun laws. And then there's Iowa.

In Iowa, after January 1, 2011, officers issuing gun permits have ... continue reading
Cheltenham Festival Last Minute Betting Whispers
The Cheltenham countdown clock is rapidly ticking itself down to the moment the crowd roars and the tapes go up for the opening race of the 2018 Cheltenham Festival. There is nothing else in sport quite like buzz of the Festival.

Essentially all the important Cheltenham Trial races have now been run and apart from a... continue reading
The Equipment You Need to Start Playing Golf
Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and more and more people are discovering how fantastic it is every single year! If you are thinking about taking up golf but have no idea where to start, we have the below guide to help you out.

Golf Clubs and Tees
There are a few essential pieces of equipment t... continue reading
Can drinking help you have a longer life?
During a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science a study was presented that shows how moderate drinking can lead to longer life.

A team from University of California has been studying people who live until their 90s since 2003. They asked about the people's dietary habits, medical history ... continue reading
Trump endorses the dumbest and worst candidate in history
Trump has just endorsed Mitt Romney for senate seat in Utah, the man he called the dumbest and worst candidate in history during the 2016 presidential campaign. Can't the man just make up his mind?

He tweeted ".@MittRomney has announced he is running for the Senate from the wonderful State of Utah. He will make a gr... continue reading
Trump hopes Oprah will run for president to ridicule her
Another day, another Tweet. Same Trump. The latest tweet comes as a response to Oprah's statements in 60 Minutes.

She said "One year into Donald Trump's presidency, Americans remain divided, often unwilling to listen to what the other side has to say," while introducing a panelist. She also asked a few questions Tru... continue reading
Iranian plane with 65 people on board still not found
The Aseman Airlines plane that disappeared from radar screens yesterday is still lost, rescue teams are yet to find it. The plane got lost yesterday 50 minutes after the start of its journey from Tehran to Yasuj. The plane most likely went down in the mountains which makes it difficult to find the wreckage.

The temp... continue reading
Travel to Egypt: Things that will surprise you
Visiting Egypt is a journey to a magnificent past and to a complex but captivating culture. This Middle-Eastern and African country has had one of the most interesting civilizations in history. Its essence can still be felt today when stopping by its ancient sites or navigating in the Nile.

Tourism is crucial to Eg... continue reading
Mitt Romney to run for a U.S. Senate seat in Utah
While no official announcements have yet been made, according to sources familiar with Romney's plans, the former presidential nominee will be running for a US senate seat in Utah.

His official announcement was expected on Thursday but it has been postponed because of the school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead... continue reading
Which Hell's Kitchen Will Turn Up at Cheltenham Festival?
Hell's Kitchen will be aiming to bounce back from a disappointing performance in his last outing at the Chanelle Pharma Handicap Chase. Harry Fry's charge was considered the favourite for the event, but pulled up towards the end of the meet.

Despite his failure, the bay gelding's team will be eyeing Cheltenham Festi... continue reading
Trump's attorneys worried Trump might lie under oath
This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone anymore, but if your own attorneys can't trust you to tell the truth just for an hour, you know you've got a problem. According to The New York Times President Donald Trump's attorneys are trying to avoid the Trump's interview with Mueller as they are afraid he would lie unde... continue reading
World's Last Climate Denier claims ice caps are at record levels
Donald Trump, a man from the movie Idiocracy (or might as well be), the man who's still stuck with climate change being a hoax spread by China idea, now claims not only that the climate change is a hoax and ice caps are not melting, but also that they are actually now setting records levels.

In an interview with Pie... continue reading
$24 million for refrigerators? Only for Air Force One
Air Force One will be receiving upgrades and replacements for refrigerators that are expected to cost American taxpayers nearly $24 million.

Air Force spokesman said that "The current rear lower lobe cold chiller units being replaced are the original commercial equipment delivered with the aircraft in 1990. The uni... continue reading
2018 Cheltenham Gold Cup tips - Might Bite destined for further Cheltenham success
When discussing the Cheltenham Festival, the Gold Cup is usually the first sub-topic that springs to mind. National Hunt racing's showpiece event has been won by many of the sport's most famous figures and this years' renewal promises to be just as exciting, just as unpredictable and just as spectacular as the history ... continue reading
Trump says citizenship for Dreams is possible
Trump is now agreeing that young immigrants brought to United States as children should have a pathway to citizenship. Or so one might think. As with everything else in case of this guy, there's a catch, or $25 billion plus some. As Superbious reports, Trump has given Dems a ransom note.

Trump said that he'd give th... continue reading
Survey: Most Americans support legalized abortion
While the issue of abortion still seems to be sort of taboo in the United States of 45, according to Pew Research Center 57% of Americans are supportive of legal abortion. The number varies depending on which religious group was asked. Among atheists, which could be called sort of a religion as well, the support is 87%... continue reading
Chelsea Manning to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland
Chelsea Manning has filed her candidacy to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland, challenging Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin in this year's election. She'll be running as a democrat.

She declared her intentions a week ago with the Federal Election Commission. She has not openly talked about here Senate campaign much yet, but she... continue reading
US firm to launch "no find, no fee" search for MH370
A private tech company Ocean Infinity has just landed a contract with the Malaysian government to search for the flight MH370 that went missing in March 2014. The contract is "no-find, no-fee" which means that if the company is unable to find the plane, they won't get paid.

The company will only get paid should the... continue reading
Another totally unqualified person is considering running for president
Oprah Winfrey, known most by getting his guests to cry in her show, is allegedly considering running for president of the United States according to CNN, channel that spoke to two of her friends.

While no definite decision has been made, this sounds like Trump's win has really made everyone think they could become t... continue reading
Has the world really found its true Genius?
"Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart," adding that he "would qualify as not smart, but genius ... and a very stable genius at that!" Who the self-proclaimed genius is, can be found from the movie Idiocracy, or near the red button.

His statemen... continue reading
Most UK parties want second Brexit referendum
While only 14 percent of Conservatives are in favor of holding a second Brexit vote, the other main parties are hugely in favor of it. To put it in numbers, 91 percent of Liberal Democrats are for it, 87 percent of Scottish National party, and 78 percent of Labour party. At least these are the results based on YouGov s... continue reading
Victim Surcharge: Everything You Need to Know about the Penalty
Let's begin with a clear definition of what a victim surcharge entails.

A victim surcharge is a monetary penalty that offenders must pay when they are sentenced. This penalty is imposed automatically, and the money collected from the offenders is used to help the victims of crimes through specific programs or servic... continue reading
2017 was the safest year in aviation history
According to The Aviation Safety Network 2017 was the safest year in aviation history, with total of 10 fatal airliner accidents with 44 onboard fatalities. Out of which nobody died in a commercial jet accident.

In 2016 there were 16 accidents and 303 fatalities.

We're now at day 400 with no passenger jet liner ... continue reading
What If Your Sports Injury Was Due To An Intentional Attempt To Cause Harm?
When you play sports, you do so with the awareness of the risk that you can get hurt. That's just a part of playing sports. But being accidentally injured on the ball field is much different from having another player intentionally do something to harm you. The difference between an accident where no one is responsible... continue reading
Lanzarote Weather: A complete guide of what the weather is really like
Lanzarote and the other Canary Islands are described as having the "World's best climate." and that claim is probably true. They do not suffer from any extremes of weather and the winters are like the warmest British or Irish summer days. During the summer, they rarely suffer from the stifling heat, which you can find ... continue reading
How well do you really know your Christmas songs?
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And we are all over that bad boy! We could not be more excited about the prospect of chowing down on mince pies, washing it down with a hearty helping of mulled wine, visiting family and friends and generally having a jolly ole time.

If you're anything like us then you ha... continue reading
Musk's mega-battery activated, in 60 days
In September Musk made a bet on Twitter, saying that he can solve the power problem in South Australia in 100 days, or it will be built free of charge to the state. The countdown to 100 days started on September 30. Now, after just 60 days, the project has been completed.

The 100-megawatt battery, three times more p... continue reading
The Best Android Games to Play Right Now
Android smartphones and tablets dominate the market, and Android games are hot property ahead of the Christmas season. The sheer variety of exciting Android games currently available is overwhelming. It's possible to enjoy any number of genres, styles, and themes with these stellar games. We've compiled a listing of th... continue reading
Bali Airport closed due to volcano eruption
Indonasian authorities have closed Bali's airport due to erupting volcano. Tens of thousands od travelers are stranded.

Yesterday, while there were already ash clouds affecting the air travel, it was still possible to use the airport, but today it's gotten too dangerous for the aircrafts as the ashes from Mount Agun... continue reading
Travel tips and advice for first time Cuba trips
Cubа іѕ a trulу unіquе рlасе. No оthеr country gіvеѕ ѕuсh a ѕtrоng 'tіmе warp' fееlіng, іnvіtіng tоurіѕtѕ tо ѕtе ... continue reading
Elon Musk to help get Puerto Rico's Lights Back on?
Elon musk tweeted on Thursday that Tesla can help Puerto Rico with a long-term solution in getting the island's lights back on, by rebuilding Puerto Rico's electrical grid which was devastated by the recent hurricanes, specifically hurricane Maria, which struck on Sept. 20.

He tweeted that "The Tesla team has done t... continue reading
When Anti-abortion congressman urges mistress to get an abortion
Post-Gazette reported that a Pennsylvania Republican who's always been anti-abortion, as his voting record confirms, told his mistress to get an abortion. The messages proving that were obtained by the Post-Gazette. The Republican congressman in question is Tim Murphy.

The woman, for a reason, accused Murphy of hypo... continue reading
Jared Kushner did Hillary Clinton?
Jared Kushner's lawyer acknowledged on Sunday that Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, did Hillary Clinton, in the sense that....he used his personal email account when conducting official government business.

The news of Kushner's private email account use was first reported by Politico, followed by the lawyer's statemen... continue reading
Fun games to play on the Internet for free!
With autumn sadly loitering just around the corner, it's time to accept that soon we'll all be snuggling up inside the house - just waiting for Christmas to arrive! Fortunately your fun and games doesn't have to end just because the seasons are about to change - there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself in the com... continue reading
One Week in Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, at 6.5 million residents is Malaysia's federal capital and largest city. Think of it as a giant cultural melting pot. As you can imagine a city that large has no shortage of things to see and places to go, so if you're in the area and can find a cheap air ticket, this is definitely a travel destination no... continue reading
Hollywood stars raise more than $14m for hurricane victims
Hollywood stars held a one-hour televised benefit on Tuesday to raise money for hurricane Harvey and Irma victims. By the time the show was over, they had raised $14.5 million for the victims.

During the show the stars were singing and telling heartwarming survival stories. Some of the stars were on set, some of the... continue reading
Good news for smokers? Moving every half an hour is healthy
According to a new research, if you're sitting for long periods of time, exercise is not enough to avoid health risks. Instead, regular movement is needed, once every half an hour is perfect. Moving at least every half an hour should be enough to limit the health effects of jobs requiring to sit all day.

Based on th... continue reading
Finest online gaming technology
Most online casino gaming companies will only use the finest online gaming technology. It can be difficult for a lot of people to see all of the work that goes into the design of online casino games today. Many of these games are just the sorts of products that reflect countless hours of work and a lot of money. People... continue reading
Children living near fast food joints more likely to get obese
Researchers from the University of the West of England conducted a study tracking the weight of more than 1500 primary school students aged 4-11 to see if the distance to the nearest fast food joint has any effect on children's weight. And surprise, surprise, it does. The study 'revealed' that children living near fas... continue reading
Can a computer tell if you're gay?
It seems it can, and with up to 91% accuracy, if you were to believe Stanford University researchers Yilun Wang and Michal Kosinski, people who developed an AI that used deep neural networks to extract features from around 35k facial images and classified them by sexual orientation.

Compared to human judges of faci... continue reading
Why Is Social Media Important to CEOs?
Many people believe CEOs are the people who boss others around while they sit in their luxury offices drinking whisky and, to some extent, they are. However, CEOs are also hardworking individuals who don't get to where they are without being faced with numerous obstacles along the way. CEOs oversee decision making and ... continue reading
The Justice Department confirms Trump lied
The Justice Department says nobody cared enough about Trump to bug Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential election.

The Justice Department's court filing late Friday confirms that they don't have any evidence whatsoever that Trump Tower has been a target of Obama's surveillance during the 2016 presidential electi... continue reading
Google is paying $3 billion a year to be Safari's Default Search Engine
While the number can't be confirmed, Google might be paying $3 billion a year to Apple to be Safari browser's default search engine.

Although most of the time the two tech giants seem to be big competitors, in case of the default search engine choice, the companies seem to be working together. According to reports,... continue reading
Enormous Asteroid Florence to fly by Earth Earth Sept. 1
Enormous Asteroid named Florence will be flying past Earth on September 1. It's the largest object ever to pass Earth since NASA started tracking the asteroids flying past us.

While in layman's terms the asteroid isn't that big, measuring only 4.4 kilometers (2.7. miles) across, it's big enough that if it would col... continue reading
Secret Service to run out of money to protect Trump Sept. 30
Based on a statement by Secret Service on Monday, they will be running out of money to protect Trump on September 30. Director Randolph "Tex" Alles said that "The Secret Service estimates that roughly 1,100 employees will work overtime hours in excess of statutory pay caps during calendar year 2017. To remedy this ongo... continue reading
The Golfing Handicap System: What is It?
"Don't forget about my handicap!" - you've probably heard this term bandied about in golfing terms, but don't have the slightest idea what it could mean. You may have played golf for little while and but have been too chicken to ask what it means, or you've yet to try your first game but you may have overheard a friend... continue reading
As Business Advisory Councils members quit, Trump says it was his decision to dissolve the councils
Another day, still the same Trump. As members of Trump's Business Councils quit, both from Manufacturing Council and Strategic and Policy Forum, Trump tweeted that "Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all!" As if it was h... continue reading
Daniel Craig to return as James Bond
Daniel Craig has confirmed the rumors that he will be returning to the cinema as James Bond. It will be his fifth Bond film and it's expected to be in cinemas November 8, 2019. The previous Bond movies he played the secret agent (read more on - how to spot a spy) were Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Sola... continue reading
Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Go for Healthy Snacks
Having a healthy snack in between meals is an effective way to get the additional nutrients in your diet. Snacking also prevent you from overeating when having your regular meal. Most Americans get an average of 24% of their calories each day from snack food. This is a big amount, thus it is crucial to choose healthy s... continue reading
Scientists discover 91 new volcanoes
Scientists have just discovered 91 new volcanoes, volcanoes that they previously didn't know existed. The new volcanoes were identified in West Antarctica. Together with the previously known 47 volcanoes, this means it's the region with the largest concentration of volcanoes on Earth.

All of the "new" volcanoes were... continue reading
Netflix signs Shonda Rhimes
The brain behind TV series such as Scandal and Grey's Anatomy has decided to leave ABC Studios after 15 years and join forces with Netflix. She has just signed a multi-year production deal with the streaming company.

Ted Sarandos from Netflix said that "Her work is gripping, inventive, pulse-pounding, heart-stopping... continue reading
Manafort's home raided by FBI
Washington Post reports that on the night of July 26 FBI agents raided the home of Paul Manafort, the former campaign chairman of President Trump. During the raid the agents seized a number of documents related to the investigation of Russian meddling of the presidential election campaign.

According to the warrant, ... continue reading
New blow to Trump: The climate change is real. Still.
Trump has been in the opposition of climate change since the beginning of time...well, pretty much. Although, let's be honest, he's not really been in the opposition, he simply doesn't believe in it (then again, he does seem to believe in the little green man governing Earth). When talking about climate change, or glob... continue reading
Getting started with E-sports betting
The past couple of years, eSports have been a very hot topic to discuss as the industry is rapidly growing and seems to have no stop to it. While some see limitations, others claim that competitive video games will replace traditional sports in the future. Only time will tell if this is the reality we're facing or not,... continue reading
Britain needs 3000 more border guards
According to a senior union official Britain currently isn't able to guard their borders against migrants properly, and need at least 3000 more Border Force guards by the time Brexit happens.

Lucy Moreton from the Borders, Immigration and Customs Union said that right the Border Force is understaffed, and that they ... continue reading
The lazy man's guide to grooming
Whether we like it or not, there are grooming rituals that every man needs to carry out to look smart and presentable. But if you have a busy schedule and can't find the time, or you're just plain lazy, you might not think you have the time for a bit of self care. We're here to help even the most bone idle men stay fee... continue reading
Seattle opens up its doors to the biggest esports tournament ever
Yesterday marked the beginning of the biggest ever esports tournament.

Taking place at the Key Arena in Seattle, The International 2017 (TI17) has one of the biggest prize pools, not just in esports history but also in sporting history.

With a main event final prize pool of $23,285,768, the winning team will take... continue reading
Anthony Scaramucci out after just 10 days
Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci, an American financier and political figure, who sort of took over Sean Spicer's job on July 21, has been forced out of the building, with no real chance of return.

"Anthony Scaramucci will be leaving his role as White House Communications Director. Mr. Scaramucci felt it was best to g... continue reading
US to cut nicotine level in cigarettes?
A proposal by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was unveiled on Friday. The government proposes cutting nicotine level in cigarettes to non-addictive.

The Big Tobacco is obviously not too happy about the proposal, shares of all the major tobacco companies in both the US and UK fell heavily after the news came o... continue reading
The first challenger to Trump in 2020 - US Rep. John Delaney of Maryland
US Rep. John Delaney of Maryland has just announced that he'll be running for president in 2020. John Delaney is a Democrat who has served in Maryland three terms, as a former banker he's (one of) the wealthiest members in Congress.

He said on Friday that he won't be running for re-election next year, but instead wi... continue reading
A group of Republicans ask for a new special counsel to investigate Clinton
As a group of Republicans wants a separate special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton and James Comey, maybe Democrats should get back to investigating former president George W. Bush and consider handing him over to ICC.

Twenty Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee have asked the Justice Departme... continue reading
Rod Stewart paid travel costs for kids with disabilities
The singer Rod Stewart paid the travel cost for children with disabilities so that they could go to DC to protest Medicaid cuts.

Three weeks ago the parents of the kids had chartered a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to go to Washington. However, the cost of the trip was $30 000 and they had only managed to raise as little... continue reading
Stephen Colbert to produce a Trump show
Stephen Colbert and the network it will be running on have announced that they'll be producing and animated series about Donald Trump, the president. It will be a half-hour long animated series and it will be running on Showtime.

"The fresh, cutting-edge comedy will present the truish adventures of Trump's confidant... continue reading
Court orders Apple to pay $506 million to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
U.S. District Court Judge William Conley just ordered Apple to pay $506 million to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation for patent infringement. Around half of the money, $234 million of it is actually owed by Apple from a different verdict back in 2015.

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation or in short, WARF, is... continue reading
TSA announces new rules that have been in place in Europe for ages
The Transportation Security Administration has just announced a change in the way electronics bigger than a phone are checked at airports. Specifically, they need to be put in a separate bin when going through airport screening. They say that it's part of an effort to strengthen screening procedures for carry-on luggag... continue reading
Former GOP megadonor disgusted with Trump and the Republicans following him
Former GOP megadonor, Mike Fernandez, has now spent more than a year to try to wake the Republicans up, spending millions of dollars for ads against the man. While he used to be a huge supporter of GOP, he left supporting the club because of Trump.

I am out of the political process. Too disgusted, too expensive, too... continue reading
A look into the new Canadian weed law
Canada is set to have a new cannabis law in place by no later than July 2018. While it's legal already now to buy weed online in Canada, at least when we talk about medical marijuana through authorized distributors, the new law will also make dispensaries legal and much more.

The proposed new Cannabis Act is going t... continue reading
Top Tips For Starting Your Own Business
If you are looking to start your own business, there are a million and one things that seem to crop up and many obstacles that need to be overcome. With more and more people owning their own business, competition can be fierce. You will hear people giving you completely contradictory advice and searching the internet i... continue reading
Building your own man cave (without getting in trouble)
Man cave's (or mantuary's, the criminally underused alternative) are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. According to recent studies, spending time alone is beneficial to men's stress levels, which means creating your very own space in the home is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day! If you... continue reading
2240-square-mile Iceberg just broke off of Antarctica
The iceberg, roughly 20 times bigger than the tiny island of Malta (population roughly 500 000) has just broken off of Antarctica. It happened within the past few days.

While the iceberg doesn't pose any immediate threat to sea levels, it's a huge one - weighing around 1 trillion tons. Scientists have been monitorin... continue reading
How To Give Up Social Smoking for Summer
We've all been there, when it comes to summertime and the sun comes out you'll find that you're down the pub more than you're at your own home - it's understandable, we never see any sun for all the other months of the year! A habit you do not want to be getting into, however, is socially smoking.

It's tempting to ... continue reading
Chinese moon experiment starts now
Four Beijing University student have just started a 200-day experiment of living inside a self-sustainable space station. Although the space station is located just in the suburbs of Beijing, the environment they will be living in should be very close to the one potentially located on moon one day. China hopes to land ... continue reading
How Much Is Your Life Like a TV Show?
TV shows are made to be either extremely relatable to real life, or extreme opposites. But in a media world based on product placement, relatability is key. And leaving aside the commercial aspect of TV series, being able to relate to characters can be quite an amazing experience.
Sitcoms are the best possibl... continue reading
More than 100 killed in Chicago during Fourth of July weekend
According to Chicago Police Department the city of Chicago experienced the most violent Fourth of July weekend with at least fifteen people killed and 86 people wounded.

"The mood here is frustration," said chief police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

The Department is now conducting a comprehensive review. In 2013 ... continue reading
Volvo says good bye to pure internal combustion engines
The Volvo Car Group has just announced that starting from 2019 all of their new cars will be fully electric, or hybrid.

The Swedish car-maker has decided that none of their new models that will be launched from 2019 will be powered purely by the internal combustion engine, making the company the first major automak... continue reading
41 states said no to Kobach's request to release voter data
According to CNN, more than 80% of the states have said no to Kobach's request to release the voter data which, among other things, includes the names, addresses, party affiliations as well as voting record since 2006. After Trump's administration receives the data, the data would be made public.

Although 41 states ... continue reading
Why you should avoid signing into apps using your social media accounts
When deciding to create a new account in some old or new social media app, we are usually offered multiple options for the new account creation and login - either manual sign up and log in, or you can sing up/log in through one of your social media accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google, or anything else. Using your... continue reading
Germany legalises same-sex marriages
Germany has just legalised same-sex marriage after a majority of German MPs voted for legalising it. This new law will give gay men and women full marital rights as well as the permission to adopt children. Up until now same-sex couples had the chance to form a civil union.

According to a recent poll in Germany, 83%... continue reading
Trump's voter-fraud commission wants your info and make it public
Trump and his voter-fraud commission has sent a letter to all 50 states asking for their full voter-roll data. The data they are asking would include the name of the voter, the address, date of birth, party affiliation, and of course, voting history since 2006 for every voter.

And while you're at it, maybe you want ... continue reading
Have you ever thought about buying life insurance?
No. This story is not about life insurance. In general it has actually nothing to do with life insurance. But then again it sort of does. And weed.

Around ten years ago we went to Morocco with a friend, but on our way back, we realised that we hadn't been the smartest crayons in the box. While we did manage to buy v... continue reading
A few memories from travelling to Morocco
A few years ago we decided to go travelling, somewhere, didn't really matter where as long as it was a warm destination and ideally wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg to get there. Our decision ended up being Morocco. My mate from uni who I was travelling with, had been there before, and before getting there he gave me ... continue reading
NASA to provide proof of alien life?
According to the hacker network Anonymous, NASA is about to provide evidence of alien life.

Anonymous made a video announcement talking about the recent discovery of 219 new planets outside our Solar System and Thomas Zurbuchen's (NASA) statement in April which said that "Taking into account all of the different act... continue reading
Of faith and religion
Religion, it's a strange thing. So many people find comfort in it while others use it to justify their cruel actions. Lately, for obvious reasons, there's lots of talk about the cruelty of Islam as opposed to Christianity. Let's get one thing straight, while there might not be the same amount of call to cruelty against... continue reading
Change the World with a Biomedical Engineering Degree
Have you always wanted to change the world for the better? If so, then why not consider getting your master of engineering in biomedical engineering degree? Today, we are going to learn how this degree is helping to change the world in several different ways.

Non-Invasive Biopsy for Skin Cancer Detection
If yo... continue reading
Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico
The city of San Juan was founded in 1509 as a walled city protected by multiple forts. Due to it's strategic location it was considered the Gibraltar of the West Indies and over the course of history withstood multiple attacks both from the Dutch and British. Today it is an amazing city and the perfect base for a Puert... continue reading
Weed can be good but there's a time and place for everything
If you like to puff every once in a while, why not, especially if you live in a place where it is legalised. I personally love the smell of it. And of course, if it's good weed, it's sometimes nice to smoke as well, but there's a time and place for everything, same as with alcohol.

In United States recreational mari... continue reading
Gun violence in America kills 1200 times more people than terrorists
Lately there's lots of talk about the Muslim threat, Muslim terrorists and everything related. While there understandably is a problem, a problem that needs to be dealt with, people, especially people at the top like Donald Trump, seem to forget to look at the number of people killed by Muslim terrorists and compare it... continue reading
Russia to treat U.S. planes as targets
Followed by Americans shooting down a Syrian government fighter jet yesterday, Russia's defence ministry says they will treat all U.S. and U.S.-led coalition planes in Syria (west of the Euphrates River) as targets.

The (current) conflict started when it was confirmed by U.S. military that they shot down a Syrian j... continue reading
Castro government: US is in no 'condition to lecture us' on human rights
After Donald Trump announced on Friday that he is reversing the Obama administration's plans to normalize relations with Cuba, Cuba's government answered that United States shouldn't be lecturing Cuba on human rights, based on the country's own record on the issue.

Trump is working hard to undo the progress that has... continue reading
65.6 million people are displaced worldwide
According to UN refugee agency, there are now roughly 150 times more people displaced in the world than there are people in the tiny nation of Malta. The number of people in Malta is roughly 440 000 while the number of displaced people (refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced people) is 65.6 million, up 300k f... continue reading
Fox News is not "Fair and Balanced" any more
"Fair and Balanced" used to be the slogan of Fox News, set around the time the station was founded back in 1996. Last year Fox News quietly chose to let the slogan go and switch it with the new one. The new slogan - "Most Watched. Most Trusted".

While every thinking person can understand that Fox News has never been... continue reading
Don't have a fever while pregnant (study)
According to a study, the risk of having a baby with autism can increase remarkably if you have a fever during your pregnancy, especially during the second trimester.

The study was published this week by Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. The researchers observed children in Norway between 1999 ... continue reading
US against Qatar but not its Money
Last week, after Qatar's neighbours broke diplomatic ties as well as trade and transportation with the country due to its support of terrorism, Trump was happy with the move, saying that it's "the beginning of the end to the horror of terrorism!" On Friday Trump actually accused Qatar of being a "high-level" sponsor of... continue reading
Youtube "star" Austin Jones likes them young
Youtube pop singer Austin Jones is being held in jail in Chicago after he was charged with child pornography. Allegedly he coerced two 14-year old fans to send him sexually explicit videos of themselves. Jones was charged on two felony counts of production of child pornography, and if convicted, each of those counts ca... continue reading
Why is STEM Education So Important?
It takes careers and backgrounds of all sorts to make our hectic world and economy spin. Every year, countless millions of people enter the workforce with a variety of skill-sets and professional preferences, but not all career fields are currently benefiting from increased college attainment rates.

The fields of s... continue reading
Top tips for setting up your own website
Thanks to a number of incredibly intuitive tools and sites that feature web-based programming there has never been a better time to get your very own website setup in next to no time at all.

No longer is it a necessity to seek out the skills and expertise of a professional web developer, thanks to an incredible arr... continue reading
3 shocking ways people steal your information
Despite chips in credit cards and other precautions, identity theft remains on the rise. According to the Insurance Information Institute, identity theft cost consumers $15.3 billion in 2015 and affected 13.1 million Americans. In 2016, those numbers jumped to $16 billion in losses and 15.4 million compromised consumer... continue reading
How will technology be used in the future?
Technology has been progressing at an alarming rate. Just 30 years ago nobody had a cell phone and now people are taking their travel photos with flying drones!

How will technology be used in the upcoming future? One of the greatest minds of our time, Elon Musk, seems to have a few predictions for the coming years ... continue reading
Last Chance to See - natural wonders that might not be around forever...
It's a heartbreaking fact that many of the planet's most beautiful natural habitats are threatened by human activity. Many of them face complete annihilation and may well not be around for our grandchildren to enjoy. Here are some of the top spots to enjoy (responsibly!) while you still have the chance.

Snowcapped... continue reading
The need to win feeds British betting industry
Even though the betting scene has changed a lot over the past decades, the roots of betting go back centuries. People have always had the need to compete with each other in one form or another, and betting against other people, or the casinos, is nothing new. What is new is the scale in which it's being done today. Bas... continue reading
Sahan Africa (Matthew Bryden): Trafficking and smuggling routes
According to the study of Sahan, three main routes are taken by migrants and refugees, in which there are a number of smuggling and trafficking networks.

The First route: The central Mediterranean route
This route goes through Sudan and Libya via ways of Humera and Metema. Smugglers offer free rides to lure client... continue reading
How T-Mobile is Competing With the Big Guys
T-Mobile has been climbing its way to the top over the last several years. The Un-carrier has always aimed to provide cheaper prices than its competitors, but hasn't always provided the same service. However, that's not the case today. T-Mobile is competing with the big guys in almost every way.

Unlimited Plans
T-M... continue reading
Best research essay topics: choose the one that works for you
Essay writing can be easier once you choose the right topic.

Writing an essay can be hard enough even if you already have the topic you need and some idea of what to say about it. But what can you do if choosing the right topic is already an issue? In cases when your teacher doesn't give you a topic to work with, th... continue reading
Three rules of the second date
The first date is always a bit chaotic. You're just getting to know each other, talking a lot and feeling a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. But if you managed to ask your companion out on the second date, you probably made a conclusion that a person is worth one more evening to get to know her better. The develop... continue reading
The adrenaline is here to stay
As long as a man wishes to entertain himself, he will find a way. That's also the reason why, in addition to movie cinemas, theatres, football fields and everything else there's also a great number of casinos in the world. Whatever you might think of casinos, the fact is that casinos were created because man wanted to ... continue reading
How to Make the Bedroom More Adventurous
It's no secret that relationships can become stale in the bedroom over time. Routines, positions and foreplay all become predictable and often end up being focused on both of you reaching satisfaction quickly so you can roll over and go to sleep!

Over time this can become frustrating and people who are frustrated i... continue reading
Greatest Worms Weapons
The Worms series was created in 1995 by Andy Davidson, and has been a huge success, still continuing to be an active franchise over 22 years later. With over 24 entries in the main series, and a collection of spin offs including crazy golf, pinball, and even its own Paddy Power slots games. We take a look at some of th... continue reading
Hater - the dating app for haters
There are literally tons of dating sites and dating apps around, and often when you want to talk about anything new about it, you can't, simply because it's the same old, same old. But every once in a while something new arises, as is the case with Hater. In all honesty, I don't care about any dating apps at all, but I... continue reading
The Top Games To Play At Ladbrokes Casino
There are so many great games that you can enjoy over at Ladbrokes Casino, whether you're playing on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It's packed full of exciting slot games, a whole host of traditional table-based games and modern variations as well as other card games, progressive jackpot games and even scratch c... continue reading
Finding New Options for the Man Who Has Everything
Men who enjoy fashion are always on the lookout for the next innovative product that stands out from the crowd. This becomes something of a quest for some people and for good reason. An extraordinary life requires time and effort, as does extraordinary style. Check out the following three fashion accessories that can e... continue reading

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