Luck or Something Else?

Although all players know the fact that gambling odds are pretty much pre-determined and precisely calculated for each and every online casino game, the players from all around the world also tend to rely on another factor, a factor that can be controlled neither by the player or by the online casino itself. Some of the players name this factor as luck, the other describes it as a chance. No matter what we call it, one thing is certain: it is in our human nature to believe in strange forces that sometimes take control of our life activities, as well as our activities and outcomes during the process of online gaming.

Since the first forms of gambling, people have been trying to call Lady Luck to join their side. As a result of that, many various activities like rituals, or even some obsessive-compulsive behaviour patterns have been devised, in order to increase the player's chances of scoring a payout. Some of them seem quite banal, while there are some, such as Feng Shui method, which definitely can't be considered as banal, given the fact that it is worldwide spread in many different areas of life.

Off course, there are certain activities that are in total control of the player, such as promotions and bonuses, which track should be kept on because they not only save money but also increase the chances to achieve a win. Through the additional money which provides more played rounds, it also affects the luck indirectly, increasing the chance of some lucky event to show up. One of these outstanding promotions can be found by visiting

However, one simply can't resist to ask himself is it possible that doing a certain activity can invoke a certain let's say force known as luck, which will help the player to strike winnings? Or is there something else? If we look at the situation from the psychology point of view, many experts stand behind the claim of the law of positive thinking and attraction. But, before we continue with the further discussion, let's first take an insight into some of the most popular and used "“luck rituals" in the online gambling world.

Online Gambling Rituals & Superstitions

As mentioned above, during the long period of time as gambling as an activity exists, various rituals have been executed in order to increase one's luck. With rituals also came the superstitions and the following parts will briefly overview the most popular ones linked to online gambling.

Previously mentioned Feng Shui method can also be applied to gambling activities. This method can potentially be useful only for the players who truly believe and understand the principles of Feng Shui. Some of the examples of its application in the activity such as gambling are shown in the list below:
  - One shouldn't sit next to the window;
- One shouldn't sit with his back towards the door;
- One shouldn't gamble sitting near books or a person reading it;
- A bit of sea salt is considered as a lucky charm, so keeping it by yourself while gambling should invoke luck;
- One should avoid entering the front door of the casino.

The details about the implementation of Feng Shui in gambling or online gambling can be found by clicking on the incorporated links.

One of the frequently used methods is connected to a question whether or not to count the money left during the game. Some players believe that not counting the money and focusing on the game and positive thoughts somehow increase the chances of scoring. It's not hard to conclude that besides these unexplainable factors, such as luck, the mere focusing on the game itself helps a lot to increase the chances of acquiring some money. Not counting the money also helps to not enter the panic circle when you hit a couple of loss rounds, which may affect the concentration and focus. Some of the games, such are Blackjack or Poker require maintaining a constant attention.

There are also certain superstitions that are believed to bring the luck to the players. For example, some players tend to blow their dice before throwing them on the table, some of them tend to believe that wearing something red will bring them luck, while there are also those who carry certain objects considered to be lucky, such as the horseshoe, a clover with four leaves or a paw of a rabbit. There are also players who have developed their own, personal rituals that they perform before or during the gambling activity.


Although there is no firm evidence whether these measures actually help or not, they all have one thing in common. From the psychological point of view literally any object or activity considered to be lucky changes the mere perspective and attitude one has during his gambling moments. And following the law of positive thinking, if you strongly believe that you will win some money, the chances of that actually happening are getting bigger, not because of the law itself. Positive thinking leads to better concentration and focus, and these are the tools that can actually lead one to scoring a payout.