Las Vegas is the Mecca for all things gambling. If you enjoy the thrill of the wheel and the spin of the slots, Vegas should be near the top of your best places to travel.

However, Las Vegas casinos offer more than just gambling. In fact, there are plenty of things to do, so if you don't want to hit the Strip and gamble, you can still have a great time.

This list is for those of you that are looking for more from your trip to Sin City.

Here are 8 reasons to go to a Vegas casino if you don't like gambling.

1. Stay In The Hotels

Just because you aren't gambling doesn't mean you don't have to stay in some of the best hotels in Vegas. Once you are done visiting the Grand Canyon and need to rest, stay in one of the many properties in Vegas before you set out again the next day.

The hotels have all sorts of amenities like pools, room service, etc to meet your every need. Some people go to Vegas just to experience what it's like to live like the other half for a few nights - and staying in one of the top hotels in the country is a great way to do it.

2. Fine Dining

The restaurants in Las Vegas are some of the best in the world.

For example, the Joël Robuchon Restaurant is in the MGM Grand and it is everything you would expect fine dining to be. This particular restaurant is the flagship of the brand, so it won't get any better than this.

Then there's Top Of The World which you can find in the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. It's 800ft in the air, giving you spectacular views of the city, while you dine on some of the best food you'll ever taste.

There are all sorts of meals and cuisines to try in Vegas, so whatever you fancy that day, it won't be difficult to find it.

3. Spa Days

The hot weather and the busy nature of Vegas may make you feel like you need to relax and chill out.

As such, the hotels and casinos in Vegas make it their mission to provide the best possible stay. One facility that fulfils this aim more than anything is the luxury spas.

You won't have to travel to various different hotels to find one. The majority of the properties have their own spa facilities like saunas, pools, etc. There are also opportunities to have a massage or two to really get you relaxed.

Going to Vegas is all about enjoying yourself, so why not hop between each casino and see which one you like best?

4. Shopping Experiences

Kate Huber, of NJGamblingFun, explains just why shopping experiences in Vegas are worth the trip, even if you don't like gambling:
If you have ever wanted to go on a high-end shopping adventure, Las Vegas is the place for you. Some of the casinos have world-famous designer stores like Prada and Gucci just waiting for you. For example, the Atrium at The Venetian Las Vegas is all about luxury. You will find everything from upscale clothing connoisseurs to cosmetics and fragrance specialists. If you have happened to forget something at home, their own shops have all the essentials to ensure you don't go without and can still make the most of your stay.

5. Concerts And Shows

The entertainment in Las Vegas extends beyond the casino floor. Every day of the week offers some of the best concerts and shows in the world.

Las Vegas residents like Jennifer Lopez and Celine Dion are legends of the music industry. Thanks to Vegas, you can see them perform live and tick something off your bucket list.

If you fancy seeing something a bit different, the Jabbawockeez dance act will have you in awe, while the David Copperfield show will have you questioning everything.

Once you've been to one, it won't be long until you'll want to book another.

Just make sure you book in advance though as some shows will seel out quickly - you don't want to miss out!

6. Watch Sports

Vegas casinos have enormous sportsbooks where people can bet on their favorite teams. One way they encourage people to come in and gamble is by showing the games live on their huge TV screens.

But since you won't be gambling, why not just go watch the sports anyway? Each sportsbook has countless TVs showing all kinds of sports, so no matter if you're into basketball, football or soccer, there is bound to be at least one game on that you'll enjoy.

The sportsbooks have seating areas where you can sit and enjoy the entertainment. They also have a bar so you can get a drink or order a bite to eat.

7. Nightclubs

Experience a night out like never before. This is a great reason to go to a Vegas casino even if you don't like gambling.

World-renowned DJs regularly take control of the night and will have you dancing until dawn. For example, the Jewel nightclub in Aria has resident DJ Steve Aoki playing the greatest EDM, while the light effects will have you dazzled and wanting more.

Different days may also have a unique theme, so if you've ever wanted to dress up before having a good time out, now has never been a better time.

8. People Watching

There's almost no other city in the world quite like Las Vegas for people watching. A great spot to do it is upon the terrace at Mon Amu Gabi. It overlooks the strip in front of Paris, giving you a stunning setting for seeing what people are up to.

If you grab a coffee, it's easy to spend a few hours watching all sorts of tourists scurry and enjoying themselves from all over the world.

You're most likely to see people on their way to a casino or coming out, so you'll be able to tell on their faces who got lucky and who just went for a good time.