Four Beijing University student have just started a 200-day experiment of living inside a self-sustainable space station. Although the space station is located just in the suburbs of Beijing, the environment they will be living in should be very close to the one potentially located on moon one day. China hopes to land its astronauts on the Moon by 2036.

The four volunteers entered the simulated station on July 9 as part of the Lunar Palace 365 Project, a study meant to learn more about and test self-sustaining ecosystems needed to stay long periods in space.

Their home for the next 200 days, Lunar Palace-1, is 160-square-meter base where everything is recycled - water, human waste, etc.

"We've designed it so the oxygen is exactly enough to satisfy the humans, the animals, and the organisms that break down the waste materials." -- Liu Hong, designer of the structure, Beijing University.

Besides testing the self-sustainable ecosystem, the project is also monitoring the psychological impact on the participants.