Russian perspective
Is it really our fault that our country goes from Europe to the Bering Sea? Do you think itís so easy to live in such a big country? Can you image the costs of moving from one place to the other?

Itís not like we attacked the Georgians, but we simply wanted to have a closer feeling over their seaside resorts. [extract2]We also wanted to give an extra incentive for some of our troops and offer them a free trip to Tbilisi, but we decided they are already making enough on their allowances and ... continue reading

The IT companies and Call centres may have given tremendous financial prosperity to many youngster in India. But they have also forced several young m...

The other day I was sitting in the same room with George W. Bush. It wasn't a fancy restaurant or anything; even the prices were below the average. Th...

Iíve always thought that planet Earth is a very insane place to live on. Up until now I just said it, but then I started thinkingÖ which is not very c...

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