The first date is always a bit chaotic. You're just getting to know each other, talking a lot and feeling a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. But if you managed to ask your companion out on the second date, you probably made a conclusion that a person is worth one more evening to get to know her better. The development of relationships during the first weeks after acquaintance is a game of numbers, a confirmation that with every date your feelings will only become stronger, and communication will get more exciting. So, here are three basic rules of the second date. We have gathered them with the help of our friends, Ukrainian brides.

Add some variety
Diversify your meetings and change the scenery, place and time for the second date. Whatever you come up with, don't make the second date an exact copy of the first one. It's time to prove how developed your fantasy is. If you dined at a restaurant or went to the cinema on the first date, go to the amusement park or water park on the second one. Turn your meetings into mini-adventures, interesting and fun as much as possible.

On the second date, you'll get the opportunity to see each other in different situations. For example, while playing golf or riding a roller coaster, your companion may be responding to events in such an interesting way that you'll see her from a new and unexpected side. You'll find out if a person is able to laugh at herself, how optimistic she is, and how she acts in an extreme situation.

In any case, you'll get the opportunity to see her reaction, and this may tell if she can handle the role of a partner. Besides, if the girl finds the second date boring, she'll automatically perceive your acquaintance as a monotonous event that's not even worth her attention.

Less romance
Don't make the second date too romantic. The rule of the second date says: if you haven't slept with a girl on the first date, you can hardly expect to get something more than a kiss on the second one. Usually, everything happens after the third meeting (it depends on how hard you try) or a little later.

On the first date, you try to learn as much as possible about each other. The third one will probably be decisive for your relationships. And the second meeting just provides the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the carelessness of your feelings.

Give her a chance to show how she sees your future relationships, how you're going to spend time together in the future (when you get to know each other closer). In addition, since you feel more comfortable on the second date, it becomes possible to ask some personal questions that you hesitated to ask on the first date. Learn about her relationships with parents and ask about her attitude towards children and animals.

Keep the friends off your date
It's too early for acquaintance with friends and especially parents on the second date. The excess of feelings after the first meeting can cause the desire to invite your best friend to the second one just to show your beautiful companion. But this can spoil everything.

You still know too little about each other to expand your mutual circle of friends with someone else. As for acquaintance with the family, it would be too reckless to do it on the second date. A woman can start thinking that your relationships are developing too rapidly. It can scare her off or make her think about the goals you pursue. In any case, acquaintance with relatives is an introduction of your partner into the family, but the second date is not a perfect time for this.

You can learn a lot about a person on a second date, and you can tell her much more about yourself. If everything goes well, the second date will necessarily lead to the third one and so on, until your relationship gets to a new level.