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The first challenger to Trump in 2020 - US Rep. John Delaney of Maryland

 article about John Delaney for president
US Rep. John Delaney of Maryland has just announced that he'll be running for president in 2020. John Delaney is a Democrat who has served in Maryland three terms, as a former banker he's (one of) the wealthiest members in Congress.

He said on Friday that he won't be running for re-election next year, but instead will be going all in and become a presidential candidate.

In an interview with AP he said that "We're not able to get anything done, and if you look at how the future is going to unfold with the changes that are happening in our economy and how those changes are driving global change, there's so many obvious things ... we're not doing ... because of partisanship. We're not doing it because no one is really focused on the facts."

The main reason for him to announce his candidacy this early is that he needs to build name recognition. "It's a lot easier to build name recognition over a year and a half than it is across two months," he said.

What does Delaney stand for? Considering, as he said himself, his name recognition is rather low, we tried to look a bit into his voting records and general views.


When voting on abortion issues, on a bill that would prohibit the use of federal funds for abortion services, he voted Nay. He has also said earlier that he supports public abortion funding, he also supports churches providing birth control. So he's definitely a pro-choice man.

Trump's great wall

In January he tweeted that "Trump's border wall will be massively expensive ($10-$20B), Mexico says they won't pay & it will do little to address immigration problems."

Immigration and Refugees

In 2015 he voted for restrictions on Syrian refugees, blocking further admissions of Syrian refugees into the United States pending tougher vetting. He also feels that the border should be secured, more funding should be given to border patrol efforts. Employers who knowingly hire undocumented immigrants should be dealt with. High school students who have grown up here should be provided a conditional path to citizenship for qualified young people who complete a college degree or two years of military service. source. Immigrants with felony convictions should not be allowed citizenship. And he also feels that the undocumented workers, after becoming citizens, should pay their back taxes.

In general, Delaney opposes taxing businesses. He supports disaster relief, funding education, environmental protection, gun control, public health, humane immigration policy, labor rights and wages, lgbt rights, avoiding default, poverty amelioration, racial equality, higher spending, women's rights. (source) So while we can't say if the man is good or not, on many issues he seems to be for almost everything Donald Trump is against.

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