Youtube pop singer Austin Jones is being held in jail in Chicago after he was charged with child pornography. Allegedly he coerced two 14-year old fans to send him sexually explicit videos of themselves. Jones was charged on two felony counts of production of child pornography, and if convicted, each of those counts carry a minimum sentence of 15 years in jail, The Chicago Tribune reported.

Austin Jones, 24 years old himself, has more than 500k Youtube followers. As a Youtube "artist" he's been singing both original and cover songs.

If you're wondering how could he coerce the 14-year old fans over the internet, then that was allegedly done through simple manipulation. According to one complaint he simply said that "I know you're trying your hardest to prove you're my biggest fan. And I don't want to have to find someone else."

The Youtube "star" was arrested on Monday after he landed at O'Hare International Airport.

Two years ago Jones was under media fire after accusations that he had asked young fans to send him inappropriate videos of themselves 'twerking.'

Youtube crowd is all over the recent news as well and the comments section of his songs doesn't look that good any more. As one 'fan' said - "Ironic that you recorded "14" songs, or was that intentional because you like girls that age?"