These days, even if you don't have the financial capital available to you right now, you can still make this dream a reality.

There are various new loan programs and real estate techniques to consider when searching the market.

Timing Your Purchase

When it comes to purchasing your luxury home, timing can be everything. Supply and demand will always drive the market prices. When there's less demand, you will find yourself getting a better deal.

One of the best times to search, is winter. This is mainly due to less competition of home searchers. When the weather is colder and darker, people aren't inclined to go out on home visits and viewings.

A lot of Americans go on holiday around this time of year to warmer climates, so again, there are fewer potential bidders. Some sellers are quite happy to offload their luxury homes before the new year arrives for tax purposes.

You should learn how to spot a motivated seller. A home that has been on the market for over 6 months will be more likely to sell cheaper than a newly listed property. The best-priced homes tend to go in weeks.

Jumbo Loans Explained

One of the most effective methods for purchasing luxury homes that are slightly out of your price range is to look into a jumbo loan.

The minimum limit for jumbo loans is $510,400, with a potential maximum of $2,000,000. However, there are options around this too. You can pay as little as 10%-15% for down payments, leaving you breathing space financially.

When you take out a loan, ensure you get an experienced and knowledgeable lender. The Home Loan Expert are a group who believe in customer service, and can arrange your jumbo loan minimum demands and answer any questions you might have.

They can walk you through each step, and guarantee to get your loan closed on time. You also have flexible options too, such as refinance and adjustable rates.

Foreclosure Listings

Following the financial impact of COVID-19, many homes have ended up in a state of foreclosure. This is when the mortgage company in charge of the property takes ownership. This occurs when the homeowner has failed to make payments or violated the terms of their mortgage loan.

Luxury homes can end up foreclosed, dropping the asking price by as much as 15%. Whilst you can use cash to purchase a foreclosed home, you actually still can use finance services to get your luxury purchase over the line.

With some foreclosures, the property could be in need of repair, due to a lack of care from the previous owner who had no intention of selling. Ensure you get an inspector in to check the house to know how much repairs would cost.