According to a senior union official Britain currently isn't able to guard their borders against migrants properly, and need at least 3000 more Border Force guards by the time Brexit happens.

Lucy Moreton from the Borders, Immigration and Customs Union said that right the Border Force is understaffed, and that they are not able to respond to all reports coming in about immigrants seen jumping out of trucks. She also said that the only place there are currently no Border Force vacancies is the London City Airport.

In 18 months after the Brexit negotiations have hopefully come to an end, they will need the extra manpower.

"We don't have enough staff to respond to all the small vessels spotted. We don't have enough cutters to intercept small vessels at sea. We don't have enough people to response when there are lorry drops. More often than not we can't get there."

The current number of Border Force staff is 7911, down around 250 compared to 2016. And because of the pay cap, according to Moreton, all the new Border Force staff at Heathrow from last year had left already.

Based on a news from a few weeks ago, Border Force had not had enough staff to visit 27 small ports out of 62 at all for the past 15 months.