The Transportation Security Administration has just announced a change in the way electronics bigger than a phone are checked at airports. Specifically, they need to be put in a separate bin when going through airport screening. They say that it's part of an effort to strengthen screening procedures for carry-on luggage.

The new procedures will be put in place over the next few months.

"It is critical for TSA to constantly enhance and adjust security screening procedures to stay ahead of evolving threats and keep passengers safe. By separating personal electronic items such as laptops, tablets, e-readers and handheld game consoles for screening, TSA officers can more closely focus on resolving alarms and stopping terror threats." -- TSA acting administrator Huban A. Gowadia.

While it might be new in the US (although these procedures are already in place at 10 U.S. airports), in Europe it's been a rule, based on experience, for a decade already. Whenever people travel in Europe they've had to take out the laptops and tablets from their bag for years now.

Is US really that far behind?