I’m not much of a holiday kind of guy. Christmas seems to bring out the most skeptical side of my nature. Christmas followers have a name for this sort of analytical behavior—Scrooge--they say. Code word for--Jew, but that might just be the anti-X-Mas-side of me talking.

For me, X-mas is the culmination of the Western world’s devotion to living in a fairy tale. I feel like the kid who kept telling the people of the kingdom that the emperor was naked. I see subscription to the Jesus story no different than believ... continue reading

My Dad never really let loose with his thoughts. Every now and then he would launch a bauble of a parable that would either anger or confuse, but in h...

Winter 1812. Napoleon has just entered Warsaw in a sledge and not much else. However, he realizes that PR is important in the current state of affairs...

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