According to UN refugee agency, there are now roughly 150 times more people displaced in the world than there are people in the tiny nation of Malta. The number of people in Malta is roughly 440 000 while the number of displaced people (refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced people) is 65.6 million, up 300k from a year ago. Note that the increase in 2014-2015 was five million.

"You will see old conflicts that continue to linger, and new conflicts erupting, and both produce displacement ... forced displacement is a symbol for wars that never end," said Filippo Grandi, UN high commissioner for refugees. He also mentioned that more must be done to 'fix the world'.

While lately there has been lots of talk about refugees in European and other Western countries, the fact is that more than 80% of the displaced people are actually living in poor or middle income countries.

Out of the 65.6 million people 22.5 million are refugees, 40.3 million displaced in their own country and 2.8 million seeking asylum. Most of the refugees are from Syria (5.5m), following by Afghanistan (2.5 million) and South Sudan (1.4 million). Currently Turkey is hosting most refugees (2.9 million), followed by Pakistan and Lebanon.