The cloud revolution has taken the IT world by storm in recent years. More and more companies are realising the benefits of cloud based solutions and moving more and more of their tech stack over to virtual environments saving themselves time, effort and money in the long run.

One area that is also changing the face of customer facing telephone operations is the virtual switchboard for call centres. In the past, installing and maintaining call centre software on premise was a costly and complicated business. But now it is entirely possible to switch over to an advanced virtual switchboard, without the huge outlay in investment, and without long and complex contracts that remove the flexibility a company needs to adapt to the changing world around it.

Connect your business to your customers seamlessly

The call centre is still a vital communication channel between the business and its customers. Despite the boom in alternative channels, particularly in the digital field, being able to simply pick up the phone and connect with an organisation is still one of the top methods in communication. Research shows that consumers want to have multiple options when it comes to communication.

The virtual pbx switchboard VOIP service provides just this, not only for communications externally, but internally as well. The difference is, unlike switchboards of the past it saves the expenses of an obsolete technology, maintenance of lines, cost of physical switchboard, space and electricity. The only thing needed is a decent network and internet connection.

All services are controlled through a simple Control Panel that can instantly connect all of your offices and agents to each other and the outside world. It is also possible to integrate seamlessly with mobile technology, a huge bonus for companies looking to give their customers as many options as possible to get in touch.

It loses none of the functionality you would expect from a call centre. There is still the possibility of handling the sending of virtual faxes over the Internet, automatic redial, international numbers, and call me back functions. Modification of services is also simple, whether it is updating welcome messages, voicemails or extensions.

A better experience for your team and your customers

The new modern virtual experience, is making handling customer enquiries, quicker, easier and a better experience for your teams. So they can do what they do best and focus on delivering the best in customer service and generating sales for your business. The software is designed to increase productivity by making call handling simple to manage.

Agents and coordinators access the system via a login and password, through the intuitive Web Panel user interface. You can even choose from three types of dialer for outbound calls, progressive, predictive and robot call.

Bring all your customer interactions and data together in one place

It is fairly common to find companies that have all their customer data siloed in unrelated systems. You might have purchase and invoice information in one system, then communication records in another. You might even have some level of paper-based system.

It doesn't have to be this way, with the addition of a bolt on CRM application to the call centre. This effectively gives you a single view of the customer, unifying all the different sources of data in one place, and in turn allowing for the provision of a better service through efficient administration.

All of this with no big investment needed. You simply pay for the licences you will you, and the part of the package you need. With all this it is no surprise that companies looking to scale their business are turning to virtual switchboards. It is the future of customer communications.