Car chases. Explosions. Gravity-defying stunts. Chances are, you've just thought of an action film and you'd be spot on. Audiences have come to know and love the thrills of action films, so much so that they tend to make for the best box-office hits and gross the highest amount of ticket sales worldwide.  

But enjoying an action film doesn't have to stop at the cinema! There are plenty of classic action films that remain iconic, either because of their use of plot, character, or even the use of technological effects that made the movie a pioneer for its time. With that said, we've teamed up with online casino to list the top 5 action films to re-watch this summer.

So plan a movie night in, get the popcorn popping, and settle in for a trip down cinematic memory lane with our recommendations. And if you're still looking to re-live the action after you're done watching the movie . . . why not try out the slot games based on the movies in our list?