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Drugmakers are stockpiling drugs in preparation for a messy Brexit

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Two drugmakers, Swiss Novartis and French Sanofi, said on Wednesday that they are stockpiling drugs in preparation for a messy Brexit. Meaning for the possibility that Britain leaves EU without a proper Brexit deal.

While its usual stock of medicine in Britain is for 10 weeks, Sanofi has now secured additional warehouse capacity to increase it to 14 weeks.

Hugo Fry from Sanofi said that the company's contingency plans will ensure people in the UK will have access to the needed treatments.

Also Swiss Novartis has said they are planning to hold increased inventories.

Brexit negotiations have been slow and problematic and now there's fear that the UK might have to leave the EU without a transition deal.

The United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union in March 2019.

Considering the UK is importing also roughly half of its food supplies, there's also a chance companies, or the government, will have to start to stockpile food supplies to prevent potential food shortages. However, for now, The Food and Drink Federation has said they have no capacity to do that.

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