When I reported for work I went with the other security guards to a large area that acted as a meeting room and sometimes as a dining room. The head security guard stood out the front, the doors were locked, guards placed on them. ‘Today we are transporting spent fuel rods and other hot waste to The Cave,’ said the head guard. ‘Twelve trucks will be sent. This is the most we have ever sent but The Cave has requested all we have. The first truck has already left and the next will be on the hour until they have all l... continue reading

Nuclear Waste is disappearing from power plants around the world and being dumped in Australia without anyone knowing. Dan, Tracy, and Mac are underco...

Ice in Mount Perry, Florida?

My kitty remembered the first trip to the vet, Now it seeks revenge.

Jimmy checked his watch, one am. Then he heard the noise that must have woke him. What was it? He listened hearing a kind of gentle whooshing like a l...

Sometimes it's a twinkle in the eye of the story teller, other times you just never know unless you have a Blarneyscope.

Home from the war. What could he expect?

This is an age-old song. And it delves through the ages of history to a kingdom.

The war had taken everything from Rolf, his parents his kids, his wife. Now the German's wanted to kill him for desertion. Nothing was going to stop h...

Ben was troubled and thought he had no friends. Then he remembered his father.

Bill was summoned home for his father's funeral and to be welcomed into the bosom of his family. He was in for a shock.

Young Reg found more than rabbits to trap on the farm. Jezebel made love to him. He wondered why, but the sex was so good he didn't care.

After surviving Tobruk and El Alamein Bill Kelly returns to the bosum of his family in the country town of Clare South Australia. His welcome is lovin...

John didn't want the bloody medal. He wanted to forget New Guinea and the War.

A fictional account based on the factual battles around Horace the Horse by the Australians on the Huon Peninsula in 1943. After forcing the enemy fro...

Huon Peninsula – New Guinea – 1943, A Company of the 2/43rd Battalion on the track to Jivevenang.

Carrier driver Kev Kendall in the Battle of El Alamein. At precisely 21:40 hours, on October 23rd 1942 the Battle of El Alamein began.

After the darkness, there was a faint glow. He was living in a dim soundless world. He couldn’t remember the gloom but he knew it was there. What was ...


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