The only way to not be caught driving drunk is to avoid drinking before you get behind the wheel. Some drivers think they can get away with it if they try a few tricks they may have picked up from other drivers. The problem is that all the tricks they try do not work. Below, we will look at a few tricks that drivers use to try to avoid being caught driving under the influence, and why you should never try any of them.

Staying Under the Speed Limit

A sizable number of drivers think that they can get away with drink driving by driving under the speed limit. Unfortunately, police can conduct random breath tests at any time and on any road. This means that even if you stay under the speed limit, chances are you will be caught.

Some drivers try to circumvent this by using back roads where the police are unlikely to mount an inspection. That does not work either, because the police know about these roads and can still conduct breath tests on them.

Soaking up Alcohol

Other drivers think that if they consume food or drink coffee, it will absorb the extra alcohol and sober them up. The only thing this will do is make the driver feel a bit better because alcohol enters the bloodstream almost immediately after it is consumed. This means their driving abilities are impaired regardless.

This idea almost always comes with the idea that vomiting will help get rid of the alcohol. Remember, alcohol is absorbed pretty fast, so this would not work either.

Chewing Gum and Perfumes

Some drivers also think that if they chew gum, it will fool the breathalyser. Some go as far as spraying perfume or using mouth wash. This is not true, and neither is the myth about sucking lemons or placing a coin under the tongue.

The Risks Outweigh the Benefits

The risks of driving drunk outweigh the benefits as there are so many consequences of being caught driving drunk. You might be imprisoned for up to 6 months or have a hard time getting insurance. If you have a dr10 conviction, insurance providers will be wary of you because you are a high liability for them.

If you find an insurance provider who can sign you up for their dr10 insurance plans, they might be quite expensive. This is why drivers with a conviction should use a comparison site to find the cheapest dr10 insurance options., for instance lists different dr10 insurance providers so you can compare them, their prices and the perks they afford you. Also, they can help you find affordable rates and quotes for other driving-related offences.

With random breath tests conducted all the time and readily-available taxi-hailing services, there is no need to drive drunk. You might be imprisoned or get into an accident which could lead to a murder or manslaughter charge. All the tricks drivers use to avoid being caught driving drunk do not work, so always opt for a taxi when going out.