Sexting is something that has really taken off over the past decade, ever since smartphones first made their way into mainstream use. For a lot of couples, sexting between themselves is a fun addition to their sex lives, allowing them to flirt and exchange sexy messages when they are not together in person. When dating, sexting can also be something a lot of people do while they are having fun getting to know a new partner. But sexting isn't just something that people do with people they know in real life. A lot of people enjoy having explicit sexy chats with strangers online, and there are now services that can allow men to find a girl who is available to flirt, sext, and even video or voice chat and who meets whatever preferences and interests they may have.

These sexting and sex chat services are hugely popular because the interaction that users get makes the experience a lot more personal and intimate than, for instance, watching porn or reading an erotic story. The interaction is real, and so is the girl that is sending the messages (the pictures she sends are really her, for example). Yet, because she isn't somebody the user is ever going to meet in person, or connect with outside of through the platform, he has the freedom to talk about whatever fantasies he has, even if it stuff that he keeps secret in his normal life.

It is easy to see why sexting services are popular and fun to use, but a lot of guys do wonder what the girls who work for these platforms are really like.

We interviewed some of the girls who work for leading sexting and sex chat platform Arousr, to find out.

Do the Girls Enjoy Their Work?
One of the most common questions men tend to have about the women they sext with, is whether they genuinely enjoy their interactions with their customers or whether it is just a job to them. All of the girls we interviewed expressed a real enjoyment for their work, saying that being able to flirt and enjoy some fun banter with people was good fun, and that they also did get aroused by the sexy conversations. Another interesting point that came up was that the girls considered the people they chatted to regularly as friends, and actually looked forward to spending time talking to them. There probably aren't many people who can say that they look forward to working!

How Much Are the Girls Like Their Online Personas in Real Life?
Sexting platforms offer to match users to people who fit all kinds of descriptions, and so guys can choose not only things like age, ethnicity, hair colour and body type to ensure they are chatting to someone who fits with the fantasy they want to explore via sexting, but also other things, for instance if someone wants to chat to a cute emo girl, a dominatrix, a punky girl with tattoos, a goth girl, and so on.

This means that the girls tend not to be putting on any kind of act - there are people out there who want to talk to all kinds of different women, so there would be no reason for a girl who wasn't into domination to be playing the part of a dominatrix, for example, or a busty, glamorous blonde pretending to be a geeky gamer girl. The girls have personas that are basically themselves, and this allows people to chat with them as real people rather than actors!

However, one difference that one of the girls interviewed did point out between her real self and her online persona when she texts was that she is quite socially anxious in real life, and so wouldn't feel bold enough to flirt and have sexy conversations with people she met in real life as she can do when she is chatting with her sexting friends. This is quite interesting, because really, one of the points of being able to sext with strangers in this way is that freedom to say all of the stuff you may not want people you know to know you fantasize about, and to flirt wildly with confidence. It seems this applies to the women who work in the industry as much as some of the people who use the services!

Why Do They Work in the Sexting Industry?
Another question a lot of people wonder about when it comes to girls who provide sex chat services online, is why do they choose this kind of work? The answers are different for every girl we interviewed, but they all seem to come down to a couple of factors - firstly, they all felt that it was a fun job that suited their friendly personalities, and secondly, it was a convenient and flexible type of work that was easy to fit around their lifestyles and other interests.

One of the Arousr girls interviewed said that one of the greatest things about working online from home doing this was that when things were quiet, and she didn't have anyone waiting to chat to her, it was a nice time to work on creative projects she enjoyed like painting and sketching. Having a job that can work together with her passions was pretty much ideal.

Another thing the girls found they got out of their work was some sexual excitement, and fun. They all admitted that certain conversations turned them on possibly as much as the men they were talking to, and that they had a lot of laughs talking in general with their clients, too.

So, there you have it - the mysterious ladies who work for sexting services aren't that mysterious after all! The girls we interviewed were all fun, happy girls enjoying having jobs that allowed them a lot of freedom, and also meant they got to spend their working time doing something that is far from boring!