You may not be someone who'd like to have white Hummer and as many other shiny gadgets as possible, but then again, you've got to admit, some of these Laptop accessories are way too hard to resists. Plus some of them are even useful.

USB cigarette – Are you a smoker? Developed my Japanese, this electronic cigarette looks exactly the same like a normal cigarette. If you have heard about e-cigarette which runs on batteries, it's similar to that one. But with a difference that it is possible to charge this USB cigarette at any time from the laptop using the USB device.

USB cigarette, photo by Horsten

Corsair's Flash Survivor USB flash drive – it's like a usual memory stick with a small different. It can handle pretty much anything, keeping your data safe even if a car should run over it.

Bookbook leather case for laptops for protecting your laptop from theft. The leather case looks a lot like an old book with a worn cover. Put your laptop inside it, close it and nobody will even get an idea of stealing your "old book".

Washable laptop keyboard – want to work with your laptop while taking a bath? Simply attach the washable keyboard to your USB drive and sink your keyboard!

Laptop pillow – need to sleep? Don't have a pillow with you? And don't want to keep an eye on your laptop all the time? I-sleep laptop airbag can help you. As soon as you close your laptop, the laptop fan automatically fills up your pillow with warm air. Good night.

I-sleep. Photo from Gizmodo.com

StashCard - StashCard is a small drawer under your laptop. Put money, letters, credit cards under it. So when you lose your laptop, you'll lose everything. No, that wasn't it. But something like it.

StashCard. Photo from attachedphotography.com

Wi-fi locator/finder – Traveling around and opening up your laptop to see if there are any free wireless networks around is tiring. Instead, use WiFi Finder. A WiFi finder lets you check for the presence of 802.11b wireless networks and their signal strengths. Many of these accessories are about the size of a credit cards, just a bit fatter.

Portable video projector weighs just 3-5 lbs and you can use it to watch movies or make presentation to dozens of people.

Keyboard Vacuum – laptop keyboards and the space under the buttons tends to collect all types of dust under them. The answer is a vacuum cleaner for keyboards. I'm sure someone has already figured out a way to power it with the laptop USB device.