Childhood obesity is on the rise around the globe. As a newly expecting mother, how can you avoid your child to become obese? There's a study out there that has looked into the topic, and what they found is...well, quite logical.

The risk of obesity is the lowest for children whose mothers make healthier lifestyle choices. And to be more specific, there's five of them:

1. As a woman who wants to become a mother, or is expecting, or already is a mother to a young child, you should maintain a healthy weight yourself.
2. You should exercise at least 150 minutes a week.
3. Don't smoke, or quit smoking now!
4. You should eat healthy - include lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats, and nuts in your diet. You should also limit your consumption of red and processed meat and beverages full of sugar.
5. Drinking a glass or two of wine, or a pint of beer a day, might be good for you as well.

The number of mothers studied was 16,945 who had a total of 24,289 children aged 9-14.

While the results of the study sound logical, it wasn't the most scientific one, considering all of the information in the study was reported by the women themselves.

The study can be found here.