Technology has been progressing at an alarming rate. Just 30 years ago nobody had a cell phone and now people are taking their travel photos with flying drones!

How will technology be used in the upcoming future? One of the greatest minds of our time, Elon Musk, seems to have a few predictions for the coming years that are likely to shock you.

By 2025, Musk expects to have a corruption free direct democracy established on Mars. If things go according to plan, he says, he should be able to launch people to Mars by 2024. Are you going to buy your ticket?

A slighter more frightening thought is that in the future he thinks videos games will be indistinguishable from reality. He has written extensively on this topic in the past, going as far as to say that we might already all be living in a virtual reality simulation. Who knows!

Fortunately, self driving cars seem to be right around the corner; hopefully only 2-3 years away, according to Mr. Musk. I bet you'd like to have that responsibility taken off your back.
 article about How will technology be used in the future?

When asked how to prevent a Terminator like scenario with cyborgs taking over the world and replacing humankind, Musk responded by pointing out that we already have merged with technology in the sense that computers and applications make us smarter than we were years ago. In the future, robots might go as far as to integrate with our own human minds to form human-robot hybrids.

Now, some people may be a bit skeptical of the timelines of self driving cars or settlements on Mars, but one thing nobody can deny is the use of the internet in order to improve daily quality of life and make things easier and more efficient overall. Afterall, without that, you wouldn't even be reading this article!

And while not everyone shares Elon Musk's ambitious technological predictions, there is no denying that technology is quickly moving forward and the majority of the world is already taking advantage of this.

For example, there is no longer a need to stand outside hailing a cab; instead you can order your Uber and go about your business, simply being alerted when it has arrived. Even in parts of Asia, a similar company known as Grab Car operates in competition with the taxi industry.

In terms of entertainment; instead of going out, if you want to gamble you can simply find the best online casino. You do not even need to leave the comfort of your own home for a night of gambling.

With bitcoin and litecoin there are even virtual currencies in existence nowadays. Did you ever think you would be able to pay with something other than what you had available in your wallet?

It is an exciting time to be alive and it will be interesting to see how technology will evolve in just the next few years!