For all those seeking for nice cultural alternatives this season, there is plenty of options along the city of London where theatrical performances for all ages are taking place. Being musical plays, the favourite for adults and children. When in the British capital, a walk along the West End and Covent Garden is mandatory if the wish is to attend the most spectacular offers in musicals. There, the journey can get started by buying some seats at The Lion King where grown ups can relive their younger years accompanied by their beloved youngsters.

The Lion King

The Lion King is a magical performance based on the original Disney film, brings back the adult audience to a sweet childhood and gives them the opportunity to share it with the small ones. Sitting down to watch this show with Rafiki holding Simba up in its hands towards the Serengeti's sky after gathering all the wild animals around the King's Rock, while Mufasa and queen Sarabi stand in proud watching all of them bending their knees in respect, making Mufasa's brother Scar, complain for losing his chance to become a king, is simply priceless.

It is a two and a half hours long display of music, colourful costumes and wonderful stage decorations that will keep everyone right at the same spot enjoying this beautiful production that has been on the charts for over twenty years since the moment it was first released back at 1997 until the present times. Up to date, more than eighty million people from all around the globe have come to London and witnessed all its presentations, having the opportunity to enjoy Elton John's amazing soundtrack which he created hand in hand with Tim Rice.

With a number that goes way over seventy five thousand shows and many theatrical prizes awarded, it is nowadays the most important play for all ages. So, if you are an adult looking for a powerful work where family values like love, honor, respect, bravery and such are shown to your kids, then it is strongly recommended, and of course for all those eternal kids visiting London or living in this amazing city.


Many people have never thought about the wonderful story behind the actual Wizard of Oz. Have they ever wondered why Elphaba turned out to be a bad witch?, is she really a bad girl or is she just another victim of the circumstances that have surrounded her since her birth?, Did anyone know that Glinda was formerly named Galinda?, these and many other questions are now answered at this captivating story that takes place years before Dorothy showed up into this world of magic. "Wicked" is a musical interpretation of the novel by Gregory Maguire with songs created by Stephen Schwartz and scripted by Winnie Holzman.

It is a story that runs parallel to the Wizard of Oz and along its development, the audience comes to know the original reason that led to the story of Oz that everyone knows. In short, along the play, the spectator finds out how, both witches from the renowned story come to meet each other, and how are their lives at the witchcraft school, along with all the situations that led Elphaba to become the "bad" witch, as the story goes by, the facts end up in an unexpected turnout of events that show a real profound friendship between them.

The original production of Wicked was released on October 30, 2003, becoming an utterly successful play in London's theatrical chart for several years until now. The story begins when Glinda, after being asked by the celebrating inhabitants of Oz, about her real relationship with Elphaba, explains that they both were indeed the best of friends and why Elphaba turned out to be the bad witch from the story, which at the end unfolds a beautiful and profound friendship with an unexpected final outcome.

Phantom of the Opera

This is a superb story that has gained a place of its own in the theatrical history and today is undoubtedly, a classic play in London's musicals chart. Originally released in 1986, for more than thirty years until now, is has become a classic play based upon the novel written by Gaston Leroux, where a disfigured composer falls in love and becomes obsessed with Christine DaaƩ, a beautiful and amazing soprano.

With the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber and winner of over 70 of the most important awards in the theatrical world, the Phantom of the Opera captivates all audiences displaying some of the things people do for love. Under the direction of Harold Prince and choreographed by Gillian Lynne, it still stands today as one of the most important shows at the West End, being a best selling show, having over 140 million viewers and raising funds for over six billion dollars up to date, obtaining this way the place as the second best selling theatrical play in the whole wide world, right behind The Lion King.

Les Miserables

This wonderful musical, Les Miserables tells the story of Jean Valjean, an ex-con who gained extraordinary strength thanks to the forced activities that he had to go through while in captivity, and who after spending nineteen years in prison for stealing bread, tries to gain back a decent life which is continuously denied by society and remains unable to get his feet back on track until his path leads him to a catholic bishop who in his religious mercy, gives him what he needs to start again with a new identity.

Along the way of his new life, he meets Fantine, a beautiful young lady who lost her job and prostitutes herself to feed her little daughter who was left in the hands of a mean couple, during their friendship that end up with Fantine's death, Valjean adopts Cosette (Fantine's little daughter), and raises her until she grows up enough to fall in love with Marius Pontmercy, who is a young revolutionary from those days in Paris.

Based entirely in the novel by Victor Hugo, is a piece of art that will the audience asking for more.