As a digital nomad who can work anywhere, who just needs a laptop and access to internet, you are probably always on the lookout for new countries to consider going to, or make sure you would pass some others. This is the second list, the list of most expensive countries to live in. And the most expensive places to live in are definitely the places you do not want to spend too much time in as a digital nomad. But, nevertheless, it's good to know them.

So here it is, list of cities with highest rent in the world 2018:

1. Hong Kong - $3,737
2. San Francisco, United States - $3,664
3. New York City, United States - $2,854
4. Paris, France - $2,483
5. London, United Kingdom - $2,410
6. Zurich, Switzerland - $2,337
7. Boston, United States - $2,164
8. Sydney, Australia - $2,052
9. Dublin, Ireland - $2,048
10. Singapore - $1,974

And obviously, these are not the highest rental prices in each city, but the average prices for renting a 2-bedroom apartment. While these are the most expensive cities to live in, they do often give some information about the country price level as well.

The most expensive countries in the world in 2018 to rent an apartment and live in are:

1. Bermuda
2. Switzerland
3. The Bahamas
4. Norway
5. Iceland
6. Denmark
7. Singapore
8. Luxembourg
9. Kuwait
10. Hong Kong
11. Japan
12. United Kingdom
13. Australia
14. New Zealand
15. Ireland
16. Israel
17. Sweden
18. Belgium
19. France
20. Finland

As a digital nomad who doesn't have too much cash in hand, these are the most expensive countries and cities in the world that you might want to skip.