RuneScape is one of the oldest and most famous MMORPG video game out there. There are lots of chances that you have played this game at least one time a few years back, and you may wonder to know that the game still exists. However, the answer will shock you. Not only the game still exists, but the massive fan base is also available and gradually increasing day by day. In short, the community becomes many times larger in a few years as compared to the earlier one. Few in number, several MMORPGs have been around as RuneScape, and those that hardly survived were continuously introducing new and exciting things to remain the game engaging and appealing to attract new players.

A Huge Fan Community

With RuneScape, the scenario is completely changed. Although the game modified a lot since it was released in 2001, it still retained the unique gameplay and vibes that you experienced the first time when you jumped into it. The players can play the game strictly to what it is several years ago, even today. When the game was released, it is a bit hard to approach the perfection that will have the same meaning for every player. Particularly with the game like RuneScape where the fans community are so large, and the counts are in millions. Unlike other MMORPGs, the player isn't experiencing the bad updates and DLC packs that completely ruined the game. In this game, the people are much satisfied with they headed and enjoy while playing the game.

If you're one of those players who are hunting to experience the Complete Old School RuneScape, then you're capable of doing so as well. Since its release, the game is available to play, and it is incredibly famous as well.

Some Reasons Why RuneScape is the best game?

It is a Massively Multiplayer Online video game takes place in the fantasy environments and provides the player with an option to choose his favorite character class to start the game off. The game is still played from an isometric perspective, and it allows you to freely interact with another online character while roaming across the fantasy land. It comes with a set of skills that aren't related to battle. Some players even bother with the battle and try to spend their time fighting against other players for skills instead. Ability includes several things like cooking, fishing, smithing, mining, and more. Here is some reason that will let you know why it is so famous!

The Amazing Economy System

The game introduces several skills, including thieving, fishing, or mining. Similar to the combat skills, the more skill you use, the more level up you gain and the cool things you can do with each skill you collected. However, these impressive skills will help you out to fuel the in-game currency (RS Gold) or lets you buy rs gold to unlock additional content. Several items in RuneScape can be obtained by a player crafting system, with a few things being restricted to boss drops.

Two Games in one pack - Both New and Old

The old version of the game has separated from the new version. Players have an option to go either for the classic old school style or the latest version which looks more similar to the traditional MMO game. However, both title shares the same content, but the fight systems are particularly varied. Both titles are still under development, and each has a unique set of events or bosses.

Hours of Fun-filled Free Content

Countless content is available to explore absolutely free. Now, you as the player can substantially level up all of your skills to forty before you start playing the game. At the specific points, you've to pay for a monthly subscription to access the content that is available for higher skill levels. While playing the game, you can unlock a set of new skills, new quests, and new items.

The Lore and Quests are Hilarious

Usually, the quests in Massively Multiplayer Online are quite dull, although they're an essential part of the game. In such a case, RuneScape is a bit different, in which you are often forced to go back and forth between other players, gather various items, and to unlock new content. All these core features that make it even more addictive and the main reason for its still existence. The Old School RuneScape is still available and perfectly works with all of the new versions.