People should be wary of religious charlatans, those colorful, flamboyant, and deceiving characters, who are leading millions of people deliberately speed straight down to hell (that is a good way of putting it, right?). Religious charlatans are today's most popular televangelists and ministers. They are practicing their money making tricks with their corrupt personalities, smooth tongues, and captivating charms and have already led millions of people into the hands of their master, Satan (Ugachaka, Ugachaka, peep-peep). Below are some of the worst religious charlatans:

1. Harold Camping

He is the most embarrassing charlatan together with his church family radio. Couple of years ago, this charlatan predicted that the world was coming to an end on May 21st, 2011. By doing so he caused lasting financial and personal damages to his innocent (yet, ignorant) followers. Many families wasted their savings to preach the word about the impending rapture. The money, of course, went to Camping's family radio. The failed rapture had deadly consequences on people. For example, a mother in California decided to murder her two daughters in their sleep and later killed herself after hearing the news about the "rapture."

2. Pastor Allen Parker

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This is one of the worst religious charlatans who has managed to surprise many. His church in the US state of Virginia has taken the bizarre decision by allowing his congregation to go to church nude. Pastor Allen Parker, the leader of a church known as white tail chapel in the town of Southampton believes he is in the right path, claiming that most of the incidences in the bible happened while the protagonists were naked, including Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Considering the decay in today's society, this is just but a way of misleading people.

3. Peter Popoff

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He is one of the most famous televangelists. He made a name via his seemingly miraculous ability to communicate with God. In his shows, he would state specific types of illnesses affecting people and would cure them. However, according to the man who exposed him, Popoff was making $4 million per year through the miracles. It was later discovered that he used to wear an ear piece on stage and used his wife to transmit bits of information about the unsuspecting audience members.

4. Gerald Payne

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This head of Greater Ministries International is one of the five church officials who were charged with conspiracy, money laundering, fraud, and unlawful money transactions; after a federal investigation discovered that there was a pyramid scheme that was run by the church. It was discovered that Payne asked church members to donate to the ministry to be able to support the homeless, but the money actually went into the deep pockets of church officials.

5. Swami Nithyananda

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This young and charismatic Hindu mystic is one of the worst charlatans. He established an ashram near Bangalore known as Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam that claims to revive ancient Vedic traditions. Later, a video was released showing him making out with a woman on an Indian television show. Based on the video, he was charged with fraud and was jailed for two months before he posted bail, later on he was again accused of rape which he vehemently denied. These accusations caused some prominent holy Hindu men to withdraw their support and his assault and rape cases are still pending in court.

6. Sai Baba

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This Indian guru was widely known for his clairvoyance, miracle healing, and materialization objects. A British journalist, known as Mick Brown, investigated Baba and found that those people that he claimed to have resurrected from the dead are either still dead, or soundly alive and claimed never to have died. In a documentary he was accused of not only being a fraud but also a dangerous sexual abuser. However, despite all that, no charges were laid against Baba and he compared the accusers as the cawing of crows.

7. Jim Jones

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From the time he was born, his mother believed that she has given birth to a messiah. In the mid 1960's, Jim and his family moved to Brazil claiming that it was the safest place from impending nuclear holocaust. He stayed there for almost a decade and built a group of royal followers. There, he preached a belief called "Translation," meaning that he and his followers would die together and move to a better life in another planet.

These Individuals portraying love and dedication to God are mere criminals, they prey on the desperation and faith of people while filling their pockets with hard earned money from their congregation.

And then there's Vatican...

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