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Addictions Anonymous

Column by Julian I. Taber, Ph.D..

And That's the Way It Is

Column by Henk Luf.

Australia - Land of the Free?

Column by Reece Pocock.

Behind the Bush

Column by Gina-Marie Cheeseman. It seems that every time we pick up a paper or watch television news, new allegations or evidence of corruption in the Bush administration is revealed. The main stream media will not explore the allegations or evidence in detail, but The Cheers writer, Gina-Marie Cheeseman will take you on that exploration.


Column by Michael Caserno.

Great American Dumb Ideas

Column by Julian I. Taber, Ph.D.. Great American Dumb Ideas, monthly column published every first Friday.

Heads or Tales

Column by Mark Jabo. Heads or Tales is a weekly column that brings an amusing, if slightly cynical, perspective to world events. The column takes particular delight in skewering the pompous and championing the clever. Sure, the column has a problem with authority ...but at least it has a sense of humor about it.

Ignorance Inc.

Column by John Turner. Stupid criminals. Dumber cops. Crooked politicians, idiot CEO's, insane rock stars, worthless everyday one's safe here. Every week, we'll glimpse into a ludicrous corner of the universe and remind ourselves that hey, it could always be worse.

In Search of Laughs!

Column by Lue Deck. Weekly humor column by Lue Deck, the comedian in Red Shoes!

Jae Journal

Column by Michael Caserno.

Joe is Fine, Are you?

Column by Joe Cheray. Bi-weekly

Just Bee

Column by Melissa Gentile.

Life in Britain

Column by Andrea Lutz. Being German, I recently spent 1.5 years in the UK, from September 2005 until January 2007. I lived in Nottingham, East Midlands, for a year, studying an MA programme in linguistics and also working in a wonderful part-time job. Following that, I had the pleasure of spending another four months at the west coast of Scotland, working and cohabiting with a rather typical Scottish male. Both environments gave me an excellent opportunity to study British life and culture. This experience has been a real eye-opener for me, teaching me many things not only about the UK, but also about my own home country and my identity as a German. I would like to share all of this with readers of The Cheers.

Lifestyle and Humour

Column by David Smith.

Life's Like This

Column by Michael Fernando. The column will be related to Human Life, Fictional and Real. Even if it’s Fictitious Stories, it will carry Human Emotions that are real, because of which sometimes you will feel yourself into my Stories.

Masterpiece Mixtape

Column by Steven Lochran. Melbourne-based writer Steven Lochran pontificates on the nature of music, the media, and all manner of murky matters.

Necessary Roughness

Column by Trace Hacquard. "Necessary Roughness" is a look at life through the mind of a young, disgruntled pseudo-intellectual who finds himself knee-deep in insanity in most situations. "Roughness" looks at the worlds of entertainment, sports, and politics and finds where the lines that separate become blurred.

Off the Cuff

Column by John Deeds. When the politics of the world tend to overwhelm you into a tailspin of anger and bewilderment, and you feel a tie-raid coming on, you can always count on some inkling of a truth coming, just 'off the cuff.'

Pardon My American

Column by Bob C. Dear fellow citizens of the USA, we've completely and collectively lost our minds.

Psych In The City

Column by Dr. G. Elgin Davis Psy.D.

Running Your Own Business

Column by Dave Foreman.


Column by Stephen John Morgan. « SAVE LIVES » asks YOU to help people around the world who are threatened by or experiencing harassment, discrimination, maltreatment, abduction, imprisonment or torture because of their opinions and their activities to defend others and democratic rights. Each week « SAVE LIVES » features a key person who needs your help and shows you what you can do.

Shooter's War

Column by Caleb Schaber. Caleb "Shooter" Schaber calls his style of writing as a war correspondent "Ghetto Journalism", meaning he does not have a web of money behind him like other journalists. Not funded by corporate media, Schaber works mostly off donations by a community of friends and fans, uses donated equipment and more than half the time is not paid for his writing, but keeps up the work because few others cover the war from this angle. A cross between Ernie Pyle and Hunter S. Thompson, Schaber started his career as a Gonzo journalist over ten years ago in Seattle. He lived and worked in Afghanistan for eight months in 2005. This is Schaber's forth trip to Iraq in the last three years. He will be traveling around Iraq, meeting soldiers and the Iraqi people, for the next two months.

Sweet Grace

Column by Israel Jayakaran.

Technology Corner

Column by Humberto Rodriguez. To paraphrase Mark Twain, technology is advancing at such a fast pace that it is here and gone half way around the world before I have had a chance to get my pants on. So in self defense, I write this column to try and make sense of and to learn the highlights of those new things that so profoundly affect all our lives. I hope you will benefit from reading it as much as I do from writing it.

The Writing Life—The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Column by Margaret Gelbwasser. When I left my full-time teaching job to pursue freelance writing I knew only two things. One, I was unhappy teaching in a public school and two, I had always wanted to write. I was under no illusion that freelance writing would be easy but also did not know how to go about it or what this new world would entail. So, I made a plan. I took classes. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote and learned the politics of this field (yes, EVERY job has politics). Now, 2.5 years later, I am doing what I wanted. It has its pros and cons, but what doesn’t? My goal of this column is to help you on your writing journey and give you the support and answers I did not always have.


Column by Henk Luf.

Up and About

Column by Serban . We love to move around, we love to work, we love to meet new people, we even love to step in dog doo-doo on our way to work, even only because we are one step closer to the morning coffee, because all these show that WE ARE ALIVE. And we love to be alive. Moving around in the urban jungle always brings on new experiences and funny stories, sharp and inspirational conclusions and individual projections. This column will tell you about some of my experiences in the living jungle and some of the ways the animal in me moves about.

With a Grain of Piquant Salt

Column by Bhaskar Dasgupta. A weekly take on odd sod topics, trying to see both ends of a story, argued between a brother and his sister, and having the characteristics of a cactus. - PIQUANCY: 1. Pleasantly pungent or tart in taste; spicy. 2. Appealingly provocative: a piquant wit. 3. Charming, interesting, or attractive: a piquant face. 4. The quality or state of being piquant. (from Old French, present participle of piquer, to prick.)

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