Have you always wanted to change the world for the better? If so, then why not consider getting your master of engineering in biomedical engineering degree? Today, we are going to learn how this degree is helping to change the world in several different ways.

Non-Invasive Biopsy for Skin Cancer Detection

If you plan to get your online master of engineering in biomedical engineering, you might be working in the field of skin cancer. An important advancement that biomedical engineering has contributed to is the detection of skin cancer. In the past, the only way to tell if a patient had skin cancer was to take a biopsy using a scalpel or other sharp medical tool. But now, thanks to biomedical engineering, there is a non-invasive biopsy method that can easily detect skin cancer with no harm to the patient. With the help of an advanced microscope, doctors can directly look through a patient's skin and detect cancer right away. This is a very exciting advancement in technology and a real lifesaver.

Faster Production of Prosthetics Using 3-D Printers

In the past, producing a prosthetic took many weeks and even months. This meant that patients had to wait to get their prosthetics, which delayed their recovery. But with advancements in 3-D technology, these same prosthetics can be made in just a few days or less! This is great news for those waiting to be fitted. 3-D printing not only makes the production of prosthetics faster, it makes them cheaper as well. Because changes can be quickly made, the price of prosthetics should start to come down dramatically. In nations where people are suffering from a lack of healthcare, 3-D printing can be used during outreach programs to make prosthetics at no cost to those who need them the most. Please check out this website for more information on this subject.

Making Donated Organs Viable Longer

Together with doctors, biomedical engineers have been hard at work improving the viability of donated organs. Almost all donated organs have a short period of time before they can no longer be used, which is very frustrating. This is why some medical professionals decide to do something about it. With the technology created by engineers, these same organs can now be kept for up to 56-hours. This extended time will help save the lives of millions of people. The new technology will actually keep organs alive outside of the body. Each year, thousands of organs are lost because of tight time frames. Hopefully, this new technology will be available worldwide soon. To learn more about this exciting technology, please check out this article.

Now that you have seen how biomedical engineering is changing the world for the better, why not advance your education? You will be part of a larger team of engineers that are working hard to make life better for those in need. Who knows, the work you do just might even save your own life or the life of someone you love.