Breaking up with your significant other after a long-term relationship is depressing. If you are a woman, you start crying your heart out, wondering what went wrong. For men, it can be harder for them to express their feelings, and they might go into rebound relationships to avoid complicated emotions.

Everyone has a reason why they have broken up with their partners. Sometimes, it's hard to figure these reasons, and it is hard to tell what's going on with someone when they decided to end the relationship.

But the good news is that not all goodbyes mean that you won't see the person forever. You can read more about this in this site here. There are times when people need time to be away from one another and think about themselves. They might be at the point of their lives where they are overwhelmed with their families, jobs, studies, and a lot of other factors that it's not merely the time to pursue a romantic relationship.
If you are one of the people who think that your ex still deserves a second chance, then you should look at these following signs.

Signs Your Ex is Coming Back

1. They Miss You and Admit that they Have Made a Mistake
If they are the ones who initiated the breakup, you will have a good chance of getting back together when they say that they miss you and they want to see you. They admit that letting you go was a huge mistake on their part, and you were the best thing that ever happened to them. 

Note that this is only applicable to those people who have thought things in a significant amount of time. You might not be in contact with your ex for months, and suddenly you receive a text message that they want to see you again. When they show you that they regret that they've ended things with you, that's one of the sure signs that you can get back together again.

2. They Want to Communicate
After months of silence, they suddenly want to hang out with you. They are looking for excuses to see you. They call you in the middle of your work to see how things are going. They say goodnight to you through texts. They come to you for advice on even the most mundane things.

If you and your ex are both walking down to memory lane together and reminiscing those happy moments that you've had in the past, then there's a good chance that he will come back. They are trying to outweigh the bad things that happened in the breakup by making new positive memories with you. 

3. They Want to Know if you are Seeing someone
They care a lot if you are seeing someone new. They ask about the new guy, and they feel jealous if you are. If you are not dating anyone, they make moves to make sure that your affection will not turn to someone new.

Your ex is looking for strategies on how you can get back together. They are present when you need a crying shoulder. They offer to advise if your new boyfriend did things that hurt you. They want to know how the other guy is doing because they want to make sure that they are better than the one you're dating.

4. They Notice Small Things About You
They compliment you with the new haircut. Other than your physical appearance, they see that you've changed for the better. Some want to address the issues of the relationship, and when they see the change, they want the person back in their lives. You can read more about the other signs that he wants to be with you again on this site: 
When a relationship ends, there's always a problem that's needed to be solved for the two to get back together. Once the two of them have finally thought things over and are willing to change for the better, then they can give their relationship another try.

The Bottom Line

 article about Signs and Feeling Your Ex Will Come Back

Every person is complicated, and you can't tell their motives if they don't want you to know them. But if your ex is showing subtle signs that you two should go back together, it's up to you to see if you both deserve a second chance. When you overcome obstacles in your relationship, such as getting back together after a serious breakup, then the bond will have more strength and will stand the test of time.