The LE-100 by Fluidnatek is a serious machine for serious research and development. It is an advanced tool built with customers in mind. It combines high quality construction and materials with flexibility to put itself ahead of the game in electrospinning and electrospraying equipment.

This electrospinning machine has all the features needed for some of the most advanced electrospinning processes and is suited to those ready to move on from feasibility studies and get into serious development.

The use of electrospinning and electrospraying in the production of nano materials is proving to have potential we have never seen before. Thanks to the availability of high quality machines, like the LE-100 R & D, it is now more accessible and requires less investment in comparison to the usual cost of research.

The difference is very apparent, especially in the field of pharmaceutical packages and delivery mechanisms.

Features and customisation to suit your project

As with every electrospinning machine in the Fluidnatek range, the LE-100 is an industrial electrospinning machine that puts ease of use and safety at the top of its agenda.

First, the user interface is built to allow ultimate control over every aspect of the electrospinning run. Training and set up the machines are made much simpler due to the user friendly controls.

When it comes to safety measures, this machine certainly has the protection of its users first. The built in safety interlock prevents accidental misuse while the exhaust function draws away the gases produced and disposes of them safely and securely.

Independent certifications just confirm it. Not only is the machine is UL compatible, it is CE certified too, with the additional potential to upgrade to a package that enables ISO 13485 and can enable GMP.

But what really makes the Fluidnatek range and the LE-100 standout from the crowd is the unbeliever features within the machine itself.

Not only is there a large experimental chamber, it can be adapted to almost any electrospinning task required.

As with all the Fluidnatek range it is possible to integrate the chamber with A.C. for full climate control during processing. This makes it ideal for carrying out those precise research activities as well as small scale production jobs.

The ultra advanced design is also hygienic for controlled environments and resistant to solvents which is ideal for keeping the cleanroom environment up to standard. Pressure sensors also can be made to regulate the exhaust system.

For the electrospinning process itself this machine knows what it is doing. Capable of both coaxial and triaxial configurations, there are up to 20 emitters than can increase output and productivity.

It is not just volume of production, this machine deals with complex 3D axis motions that are completely programmable for patterned deposition.

Add to this the option of adding a second spinning stage for processing two materials during the same time, but the rotators collecting the nanomaterials are exchangeable for quick turnaround.

The ultimate machine for the best quality production

This machine makes advanced R&D possible. It's flexibility is second to none and it easily copes with complicated and advanced electrospraying projects.

The LE-100 is not the only offering in the Fluidnatek collection. They also offer bigger production machines of the same precision and quality for pilot scale enterprises.

However for those more at feasibility stage and proof of concept I'm that have also thrown the same attention into design and execution of compact bench top models like the LE-10 and LE-50.

The process of electrospinning is changing the face of production and manufacturing, producing new materials with outstanding and amazing properties.

Just look at the way it is changing how drugs are delivered into patients in the pharmaceutical world through the use of medical implants. These implants and skin patches control the slow release of drugs to a patient making the management if chronic conditions so much easier. The packaging of drugs in general is changing. With the electro-spun casing keeping things fresher and high quality for longer with less degradation of the product.