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Bali Airport closed due to volcano eruption

 article about bali airport closed to to volcano
Indonasian authorities have closed Bali's airport due to erupting volcano. Tens of thousands od travelers are stranded.

Yesterday, while there were already ash clouds affecting the air travel, it was still possible to use the airport, but today it's gotten too dangerous for the aircrafts as the ashes from Mount Agung are as high up as 3km and the explosions from the volcano can be heard around 12 kilometers away.

The National Disaster Mitigation agency has raised the volcano alert to the highest level and expanded the danger zone to 10 kilometers, and it's expected to increase.

Mount Agung's latest major eruption took place in 1963 and it killed roughly 1100 people.

Due to the airpot closure, 445 flights have been cancelled, and around 60 000 travellers have been stranded.

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