Did you know that most likely many things you are doing daily you might be doing wrong? Of course, often it doesn't really matter which way you are doing them but keep reading for some food for thought.

Your printer cartridge is not empty!

Lots of time when it seems your printer has no ink left it's actually not 100% true. Often it's just your printer relaying this message although that's not the case. To get the most of your printer cartridge all you need to do is to remove the cartridge and use something sharp to press the reset button on the bottom to get the printer to reevaluate itself and start working again.

These slow elevators

Do you often get annoyed when using the elevator when people just keep stopping it from floor to floor, delaying your arrival at your destination floor? There might be a cure for that. Next time you get on the elevator, instead of pressing your floor button, press and hold the "door close" button until the doors have fully closed, and now, while still holding the door close button, hold the floor number you'd like to get to. The elevator will now go straight to your floor without making any stops on the way.

Do you know how to breathe correctly?

Most of us would think we do while at the same time not doing it correct. Most of us, including me, usually breathe through their chest, but this isn't the right way. If you're breathing through your chest you take in less oxygen. What you should be doing is breathe through your abdomen for more oxygen intake and increased energy levels. There might also be a connection between neck pain and wrong breathing.

Your resume is not about you

While it's very clear to a lot of people, there's even more people who still don't seem to get it. Your resume, your CV, it's not supposed to be s showcase of your accomplishments. Nobody really cares about them. Your resume should highlight what you can do for the company, how you can solve their problems. Only after you have addressed that you can also add some proof of how you've proved in the past that you're capable of helping them.

ASAP does not mean RIGHT NOW

Most people who want something from me right away use the term they want me to do something ASAP and don't get it if I have still not done it within and hour. Or if I tell them I will get something done ASAP and they are surprised if two days later still nothing has happened. ASAP does not mean RIGHT NOW. ASAP means As Soon As Possible. Maybe next year?