Nowadays, at home a mother is not going to scold you for coming late at home, but rather when you demand her to change the channel to something good, first she denies you. When you change the channel yourself, stubbornly, testing her reaction, the experiment shows that she will recall upon all the verses from the Quran and all the ethical values from the Sunnah the way Muslims' Prophet (PBUH) lived his life for not denying what a mother says. In other words, she will do any thing possible to make you race from that room.

What was that interesting, was what she was watching? Yes, you guessed it: Star Plus, the channel which broadcasts all sort of specious cultural values which aren't even apparent from their real lifestyle.

All the dramas seem to be for Venusians, telling them how can they advert jeopardy in their houses, making them watch Copper (Graphite rather) dreams with Gold on it.

The country where a person can kill his hunger well for Rs. 5/-, where the highly paid Instructors salary is Rs. 800/-, where there is a shortage of cloth to cover the body not because of glamour but poverty, where people lives on streets considering those as permanent homes, all of this is common not exceptional in this country, talks about family businesses with monthly turnover of Rs. 50,000,000/-. Believe me I am yet to hear amount less than mentioned.

The financial condition of the country is what is really disturbing me. Pakistan was separated from India on the basis of Two Nation theory. The theory which every one obliged to, the theory that stated the cultural or rather religious (Muslim culture is based on their religion) differences between the two, and demanded separation, being in accord with the theory. I think that the differences still exist; had they been volatile, the separation wouldn't have materialized anyway.

These Indian channels, penetrating so called Indian cultural values in us, which we watch so closely: the dressing is nothing close to what is done in Pakistan too much glamour in things has been involved by virtue of which the local channels have to introduce the same effect.

The children are learning to question privacy. Hindu cultural and religious values have begun to grow in our culture as well. Young children are seen saying Namashkar instead of the conventional Muslim Salam. Also the factor of feminine love is taking growth (only telling you my observation after the channels started; women were already mad before this advent with due respect).

The major disadvantages it can bring you is by spoiling the generation and making them think irrationally. For example, if a child questions something from those dramas, then are we in the capacity to answer it. The daughters of this community have been given a wrong dimension by this cultural war. Its infiltrating in them the vulnerabilities of Hindu women. The censor board of India has different policies which strictly conflicts with our cultural values. The trouble is that the ethical education is fiduciary responsibility of a mother, and of course, the mothers are getting excited with this new adventurism. If the roots get excited like this, I wonder what leaves we are going to see in the near future.

It was by time that the government banned those channels in Pakistan but I dont know why that ban was abolished; I think that the ban should be re-imposed so the basis of Pakistan can be kept intact.