We've all been there, when it comes to summertime and the sun comes out you'll find that you're down the pub more than you're at your own home - it's understandable, we never see any sun for all the other months of the year! A habit you do not want to be getting into, however, is socially smoking.

It's tempting to light up with some of your friends when the venture out into the smoking area and you might think that if you only do it once in a blue moon that the effects are negligible, but you'd be wrong. Even when smoked irregularly, cigarettes still damage your lungs. Even casual smoking can still be classed as an addiction and it is something you should give up immediately.

If you're struggling with your willpower, don't worry we all do, then look at this guide to help you kicking social smoking into touch for summer.

Tell Everyone You're Quitting

This might seem a bit like you're trying to draw attention to yourself, but it needs to be, because if you're flying under the radar and somebody offers you a cigarette then you're more likely to take it. If you let everyone know that you're quitting not only are people less likely to offer you one, they're also less likely to judge you for being flaky on your word - hopefully your fear of a telling off outweighs your need to smoke!

Avoid the Causes in the Beginning

For the first month, it's advisable to avoid anything that causes you to smoke - this may be from the local pub to that certain friend - at least until you feel that you have broken the spell of nicotine over you. We're not saying cut friends out of your life, but maybe some up with a convenient excuse for why you can't make it out in that first month.

Replace Cigarettes with Smoking Aids

If you can't bear to stay in, then consider utilising the use of the next best thing to cigarettes: e-cigarettes. Despite some unwarranted controversy, these devices have been proven to be safe by various studies and can even come with variable nicotine levels so you can wean yourself off the addictive substance while still going through the motions of smoking. E-cigarette starter kits come in all shapes and sizes for a reasonable price, it might be just the thing you need to finally kick the habit once and for all.

Pay Your Doctor a Visit

If you're struggling to quit using normal means, then sometimes a trip to tour local GP will be needed. Your doctor can prescribe something to help you get over your nicotine cravings by providing you with drugs that alter the way your brain reacts to nicotine, thus making it unpleasant to you.

Be Confident in Yourself

Many people put themselves down because they feel like they don't have the willpower to quit, or beat themselves up when they run into a bump in the road and have one - the trick is not to spiral but take it one day at a time. Be confident of your own self-worth and be certain of how strong you really are - a bit of belief in yourself goes a long way to helping you make the right decisions in your life.