Casinos are becoming more and more popular, in particular, online casinos. Part of the reason for this is that you can log in and play anytime, anywhere. But one of the key reasons is that online casinos can offer a much larger selection of games. With that said, one of the classic games which remains popular to this day is Blackjack.

You'd be hard pressed to find a casino which doesn't have an abundance of Blackjack tables, such is the popularity of the game. What you will learn by playing casino Blackjack is that even those games that seem simple to begin with can have more layers to them.

Let's take a look at why Blackjack is such a popular casino game.


First and foremost, the fact that the game is easy to play helps it appeal to the masses. It's harder to draw people into something that's complicated, meaning its simplicity gives it the edge over some of the other casino games.

For those who don't know the rules of Blackjack, the aim is to beat the dealer's hand without going over 21, using a maximum of five cards and a minimum of two.

Speed is the key

Another appealing element of Blackjack is that it is a fast-paced game, meaning players can get more rounds in than other casino games. Even if one round takes longer than normal, it won't be as long as a round in a game like Texas Hold'em Poker.

Favourable odds

Unlike most other casino cards games, in Blackjack there is a low house edge. What this means is that the house has less of an advantage over the players. And if you feel like you're more likely to win at a game, it becomes more appealing to you. Players come back time and time again knowing that their best shot of winning against the house is in Blackjack.

Making the decision

Unlike in most other games, where, once the bet is made, the player is powerless to determine the result, Blackjack keeps the player involved for the remainder of the round. Even after the cards are dealt, the player has decisions to make regarding the hand itself. They can choose to hit, stand, or, if they have two of the same value cards, split.

A game to socialise

It's simplicity and the fact that everyone at the table is playing against the house means that Blackjack is a very social game. While a game like Poker is player versus player and can be more competitive than fun, Blackjack is more light-hearted. The players can interact with each other more freely, and can build some unlikely friendships.

Doesn't require too much tactical thinking

Unless you're a die-hard Blackjack player, you're unlikely to employ too much in the way of tactics when playing Blackjack. The simple rules mean that you can casually play without needing to delve further into the rules of the game.

For those who wish to become more advanced in playing Blackjack, they can read the rules in further detail, and learn about splitting your cards and doubling down.