Cannabis is a plant known under different names: marijuana, pot, weed, etc. This plant's main characteristic is its unique properties that make it idoneal for medical or recreational purposes. Because of that, each day more and more people decide to grown their own Cannabis plants in order to avoid receiving an end product adulterated that could have a lower quality or damage their health. If you are thinking about taking a step in and start growing your very own Cannabis plantation, down below you will find all the information you should know before getting started.

Turning seeds into amazing Cannabis plants

The most common way of growing a brand new Cannabis plant is by planting a seed and taking care of it. But you may wonder, how do cannabis seeds work at all? Although the process of growing a seed may seem simple at first sight, there is a lot of things to take into consideration if we want to grow a big healthy plant.

Cannabis seeds are small and oval shaped. The seeds can be divided in two different parts, an outer membrane protecting it and an inner embryo that contains the genetic code of the plant. The embryo is surrounded by a substance named albumen that keeps it healthy until its germination.

It is important to take into account that seeds are just a small part of the plant and do not have the same properties that the grown plant would have. This means that if you wanted to smoke the seeds, not only you would not benefit from the Cannabis psychoactive or medicinal effects, but you would also end with a burnt barbecue taste in your mouth. Seeds can be eaten however, and include many elements that are healthy such as proteins like Omega 3.

When growing a seed, the first thing we need to make sure of is that our seed is mature enough to start the process. Seeds that look too green, white or their skin seems to be easy to peel off may be too young to be grown. You also need to know that the size of the seed does not matter at all. A seed being smaller just means that it has less protection, but it will also germinate more easily than its bigger counterparts. It usually takes between 3 to 18 days for a Cannabis seed to germinate, but it is important to note that the longer this process takes, the lower our chances of getting our seed germinating are. In order to make sure we get the best outcome, we need to make sure our seeds are in a fresh and dry area, and that the oxygen levels are adequate for the plant to grow up healthy.

Feminized seeds vs Regular seeds

When buying seeds online we will often encounter the term "feminized seeds" contrasting with just regular Cannabis seeds, so you may be wondering, what is the difference between both types of seeds? And what use do feminized seeds have at all?

First of all, if you are looking to grow this type of seed, it is important to acquire them from reliable sellers like the feminized seeds GrowBarato offers. This way we will avoid any possible scam and being sold regular seeds instead of feminized ones.

Feminized seeds were created due to the demand of female Cannabis plants, since male plants' psychoactive effects are significantly lower than their female counterparts. These seeds have been genetically modified to be only able to being grow into female plants, unlike regular seeds that can be either female or male.

The only downside of feminized seeds is that the plants growing from this method usually have less strength than regular female plants born from a normal seed, but it is a risk worth taking in order to avoid males plants.