Trump's legal team, together with the new addition to it, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, requested that special counsel Robert Mueller would allow Trump to answer questions from investigators in writing, a request that Mueller's office has rejected (for a good reason).

For Trump's legal team answering in writing would be preferred because it would help protect Trump from the possibility of lying, something that would be a criminal offense.

(Editor's note: If the president of the United States can't be truthful, or not misleading, for one interview, should he really, really be in office?)

Giuliani has said that it will take at least a few weeks to get up to speed on the facts and to start negotiations about the terms of a possible interview. Should the negotiations between Mueller's and Trump's teams not be successful, and Trump would be subpoenaed, Giuliani said that they would then fight it and the case would most likely end up at the Supreme Court.

In other news, people are wondering if Trump can actually write...