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The lazy man's guide to grooming

 article about The lazy mans guide to grooming
Whether we like it or not, there are grooming rituals that every man needs to carry out to look smart and presentable. But if you have a busy schedule and can't find the time, or you're just plain lazy, you might not think you have the time for a bit of self care. We're here to help even the most bone idle men stay feeling and looking sharp with hardly any effort at all with these quick and easy grooming tips.

Get an electric razor

If you feel you don't have the energy or patience for a good shave, opt for an electric razor rather than a blade. Electric razors make shaving less time consuming and require less precision. They can even be compact enough to use on the go, giving you the chance to have a sneaky shave on your coffee break in work to get ready before that big meeting.

Scrub your skin

Many men are in desperate need of some kind of skincare routine but don't do anything about it. But in reality, giving your skin some TLC can make a big difference to issues such as dryness, redness or occasional acne, and who doesn't want flawless looking skin? Invest in a quality face scrub or wash and keep it next to your shower gel or toothpaste, giving you no excuse not to incorporate using it into your daily routine!

Quickly conceal hair loss

If you're noticing a bit (or a lot) of hair loss as you get older, there are some super easy ways to combat this without the need for expensive surgeries. Products such as 3D hair are great for this, using fibres that once sprinkled over the affected area, give the appearance of a natural looking full head of hair. Best of all, using this product takes hardly any time at all, meaning even the laziest of men can benefit from thicker looking hair in an instant.

Clip your nails

Nobody wants to see your dirty, overgrown fingernails, but that doesn't mean you should dedicate time and money for a professional manicure. Buy a nail brush and some clippers and get to work tidying up your nails at least once a week. If you're a smoker, you may notice that your nails have been stained with a yellow tinge. There are some home remedies you can do to try and remove these stains, or alternatively visit your doctor to find out if discolouration is caused by an underlying medical issue.

Make yourself smell good

Lastly, one thing you'll notice about every well-groomed man is that he always smells great. Obviously using deodorant is a given - and hopefully something you're doing already! But to get the most out of your new grooming ritual, make sure you introduce a signature fragrance into your routine. Hunt for a fragrance that's subtle and not too overpowering, and keep it in your bathroom or next to your front door to remind you to quickly spritz before leaving the house.

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