If you love finding new sports you'd enjoy doing, or maybe just watching, there are a few that you have probably never heard of. While bookmakers offer you the chance to earn money while watching your favorite sports, and sometimes even give you some extra to spend on your betting like this mansion bet bonus code 2019, those sports that we are going to talk about, are most likely sort of unknown even in the betting world.

Wife carrying

What's that about? The name pretty much says it all - teams of two (a man and a woman) run through an obstacle course, the obstacles being sand, water, logs, mud pits, fences, and whatever else. The male competitors need to run the course while carrying their female team mate. The pair that comes first, that gets the best time, wins. There are actually a couple of different types of carry, such as piggyback, over the shoulder, or Estonian-style (the wife hangs upside-down with her legs around the husband's shoulders, holding onto his waist [wiki]). And while there are rules, they are quite flexible - the woman is actually allowed to carry the man instead.

And as the sport comes from Finland, obviously the prize for the winning pair is the wife's weight in beer.


Kiiking is an fun sport from Estonia. It's just a type of swinging where the goal is to swing over the top bar. The catch is that the swings are very high, starting from around 3 meters, and going to the current world record of just above seven meters. And the longer the swings, the more difficult it is to get over the top bar.

Vodka drinking

As you might have already guessed, just based on the name alone, this sports has to come from Russia, right? And of course, it does. Although I'm not sure if that can be considered an official sport. But a few years ago a supermarket in Russia set up a challenge "Who can drink more vodka". The winner who drank roughly three liters of vodka, was pronounced dead before he was able to accept the prize of 10 bottles of vodka.

Sauna competition

This one comes from Finland. If you don't know what sauna is, you should look it up. But in the competition half a liter of water is added on on the rocks every 30 seconds, and the last one to survive is the winner. While nobody is supposed to die there, Russian competitors seem to take it too far independent of what's being done. In 2010 one competitor died and another was treated for sever burns. The event had been held since 1999, but according to current information, they stopped doing the annual competition after these accidents.

The world of sports can be weird, and it gets only weirder the closer you look.