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British business leaders call for a second Brexit vote

 article about british business leaders call for a second vote
At least 60 British business leaders have signed a letter calling for a second Brexit vote. The letter that was published in the Sunday Times has signatures from James Daunt (Waterstones book store), Mark Selby (Wahaca restaurant).

The letter comes amid fears that the UK will exit the EU without a proper agreement. Or if there will be an agreement, they say that the current agreements that are being discussed are "not nearly as good as the current deal we have inside the EU."

According to Theresa May, Brexit deal is 95% settled. But the signees say that the "ultimate choice should be handed back to the public with a People's Vote." and that the uncertainty over the past two years has already hurt the UK, making it poorer. May's answer - second vote would be undemocratic as the people have already had their say.

In 2016 the Leave vote won with a small margin of 52% to 48%.

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